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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have arrived in Belfast as they make their first official joint visit to Northern Ireland. The couple were greeted by smalls crowds as they made their way inside the Eikon Exhibition Centre in Lisburn. Harry and Meghan touched down in Northern Ireland for an unannounced visit that follows on from high profile trips to other parts of the UK. They have been touring Britain ahead of their May wedding and the prince will introduce his fiancée to Ulster during a series of events. In keeping with royal visits to Northern Ireland details were not released in advance and the itinerary was not disclosed for security reasons. Harry and Meghan have arrived at the site of the former Maze paramilitary prison outside Lisburn where around two a half thousand young people from both sides of the Irish border have gathered for a peace building event. The American actress was wearing a Victoria Beckham sweater along with green skirt and grey jacket.

Trebes siege: 'ISIS gunman' takes hostages in supermarket in France

Shots were heard as the man stormed into a Super U at around 11.15am in the town of Trebes, south west France, screaming 'Allahu Akbar, I'll kill you all and 'vengeance for Syria'. Many of the customers and workers fled from the shop in terror but a butcher in the supermarket is believed to have been killed and another person is in a life-threatening condition. Shortly beforehand, an armed man shot and injured a police officer in the city of Carcassonne, about 15 minutes by car from Trebes.

Scotland Yard said officers were called to Westfield in west London at about 10.30am.


According to the New York Daily News , the former Suits star has persuaded the royal to abandon his Malboro Lights and cut down on alcohol consumption ahead of trying for a baby.

Liz Warner, CEO of Comic Relief, said the organisation had taken its 'first steps' towards change after an aid watchdog criticised a clip of Ed Sheeran offering to pay for a street boy's housing.

Schoolboy Keelan Groves was found found hanged at his home in Fleetwood, Lancashire, following a row with his parents about using his mobile phone at night, an inquest heard.

Kirsty Sharman who abused paramedics is kicked out of her home

The jobless mother-of-two who left an abusive note on an ambulance on a 999 call has been booted out of her home after neighbours complained about her 'horrendous' behaviour. Kirsty Sharman (pictured) branded herself 'the most hated woman in the world' after her vile note to paramedics treating a sick neighbour went viral. Sharman, 26, wrote: 'I couldn't give a s*** if the whole street collasped (sic). Now move your van from outside my house' (inset). Now she has been kicked out of her home in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, following repeated complaints about her behaviour from fed-up neighbours. Today, the house was boarded up and a policeman was stood outside (main image).

Britain is set for more bad weather with heavy rain and snow expected to arrive in time for the Easter holidays. Downpours expected to batter the UK with up to 40mm of rain due to fall.

Healthy eating isn't easy for everyone but one Australian dietitian and nutritionist have shared simple food swaps you can make. It's as simple as swapping flavoured yoghurt for Greek.

Yale University researchers based in Connecticut have discovered that older people are no wiser than their younger counterparts when it comes to social skills (stock image).

A British mother divided Mumsnet users with a post asking whether she should take her son on the seven-hour flight, or risk losing the £6,500 they had already paid for the trip.

Hammer gang break into millionaire's row family home before holding boy, 11, hostage, dragging teenage girl upstairs and squirting 'acid' in face of grandfather, 81, in terrifying jewellery raid

In the terrifying ordeal an 11-year-old boy was dragged through the house to the lounge of the home in Chislehurst,, where the gang threatened violence if they did not hand over their valuables. The four armed robbers, all in their mid-20s, squirted an 81-year-old man in the face with a liquid before a teenage girl was taken upstairs and forced to hand over her jewellery. During the 6pm ordeal on March 5 one of the thugs kept the family in the lounge and threatened to take their mobile phones as the other three ransacked the home, stuffing jewellery into the girl's black schoolbag.

Reeco Fernandez, 29, was sentenced at Bristol Crown Court for three years and four months, of which he must serve at least half, for stockpiling hundreds of explosive devices and military supplies.

EXCLUSIVE: Love and Relationship Coach Sami Wunder, who is based between the UK and Germany, refused to stop dating other people until her boyfriend Chris popped the question.

'Sex on the first date, unprotected romps many dozens of times and treated like a prostitute': Playboy Playmate lifts the lid on her '10-month affair' with married Donald Trump and why SHE ended it

Karen McDougal (right and bottom left inset), the former Playboy Playmate who alleges she had an affair with President Trump, says she was in love with the former reality television star with whom she had unprotected sex dozens of times over the course of 10 months after they met in 2006. In her first television interview, McDougal, 46, told Anderson Cooper of CNN that she developed feelings for the then-Apprentice host during their 10-month relationship. Trump and McDougal are seen left in an undated photo.

Bournemouth student dead in her halls after she put off going to GP

Victoria Hills, 20, had asked her friends for painkillers before deciding to get an early night, but died in her bed at Bournemouth University in February this year. The music and sound production student put off visiting the campus GP because her student loan had not come through and she could not afford a prescription, it is claimed. The talented musician was not discovered more than a day after her death as most of her housemates had gone home for the weekend. It is believed the young students ear infection may have developed into sepsis.

Ross Taggart, from Dunfermline, killed his mother, Carol (pictured together), days before Christmas 2014 - but the 33-year-old remains executor of her estate, despite serving life in jail.

Woman is flogged 100 times by her husband as punishment for adultery before collapsing unconscious in front of baying mob who sexually assault and try to rape her in India

The terrified woman, tied by her hands to a rope hanging from a tree, can be heard screaming in pain as her husband repeatedly whipped her with a leather belt in northern India. A group of men and boys standing around in a circle watched as she collapsed unconscious after the frenzied beating yesterday in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. But her ordeal did not end there with reports claiming some of the villagers then sexually assaulted and tried to rape her. The savage punishment was carried out after a kangaroo court found her guilty of eloping with her boyfriend.

Detectives have issued a picture of a man they are trying to trace (pictured) following the assault outside Parliament in central London, which police are now treating as a hate crime.

JAN MOIR: Ant ISN'T the real victim, whatever his celeb pals say, because he nearly ended the lives of an entire family 

On a chilly afternoon, on the edge of spring, Ant McPartlin saw the world as he knew it slip from his grasp. It wasn't just his car the television star lost control of when he crashed into two oncoming vehicles in West London last Sunday (left). It was everything else, too: his career, his future, his good standing, the affection and respect of the public. Some diehard fans still see the troubled McPartlin, who has had problems with depression and addiction, as the victim in this sorry saga. However, the fact that he reportedly drove a car while over the drink-drive limit and nearly ended the lives of an entire family (Shilpa Dandekar and Faheem Vanoo, seen right, were travelling with their four year old daughter in the other car involved in the crash) shows a recklessness that will be hard for most to forgive.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle´s official wedding china goes on sale

The Royal Collection souvenir crockery is cornflower blue and white, and feature the couple´s gold monogrammed initials and detail inspired by their wedding venue. It is based on the stylised tree ironwork of the 13th century Gilebertus door of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, where the couple will marry on May 19.

John Lewis has proved its posh credentials by including a 'smoked salmon shelf' in one of its appliances. Mumsnet users have joked the shelf is so thin it can only be used to store salmon.

Top British surfer Sophie Hellyer, 30, has ditched her bikini for a wetsuit after condemning her sport as 'hyper-sexualised'. She hit out at the impractical nature of the clothing for sports.

The next SuBo? Great-grandmother, 81, leaves Ireland's Got Talent judges in tears with her amazing voice (and she's even been nominated for her first style award)

Evelyn Williams, 81, from Dublin left judges, including Denise Van Outen in tears with her rendition of Send In the Clowns during the first round of the TV talent show and was sent straight through to the semi-finals. The great-grandmother has also been nominated for a style award, up against women 50 years her junior.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, found that even smokers who just occasionally use e-cigarettes are 67 percent less likely to ditch their cancer-causing habit.

Kristopher Cook, of South Shields, was told by Judge Amanda Rippon (pictured) that he was free to enjoy the holiday despite facing a potential jail sentence for attempting to engage a child under 16.

Prince Charles demanded the Queen get rid of her favourite courtier

The Queen's right-hand man Christopher Geidt (inset) was ousted following ten years' loyal service after a row with Prince Charles, a new biography by TOM BOWER reveals. Mr Geidt demanded a call for loyalty to Her Majesty as he announced to royal staff that Prince Philip was retiring from public duties last year. But Charles felt that Geidt's intervention was a calculated snub and implied criticism of him. Geidt had to be reined in, he told his mother, and demanded her private secretary's resignation, and very reluctantly, the Queen agreed. But to show her personal gratitude she made him a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order (right).

Prince Philip pulled out of a rare public engagement yesterday because he was feeling unwell. He had been expected to travel to Windsor Castle to see Prince Andrew take over his role with the Grenadier Guards.

Not many know that as well as providing sexual pleasure, sex toys are good for women's health. An Australian sex expert and toy manufacturer has revealed the best selling product.

British Embassy staff applaud fellow diplomats as they are kicked out of Moscow in tat-for-tat expulsions after Salisbury nerve agent attack

British diplomats stationed in Russia have begun leaving Moscow (pictured, main, today) after being kicked out of the country in the row over the Salisbury poison attack. UK embassy staff gathered outside in the snow (pictured, inset, top left) and applauded their colleagues as vans carrying staff left the British embassy. It comes after the EU dramatically recalled its ambassador from Moscow overnight in a new show of support for Britain over the nerve agent attack. Kremlin spies face being purged from across Europe as five nations prepare to follow Britain's lead in expelling diplomats over the attempted murder on Britain's streets.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud bang as the package, later found to be a discarded microwave (pictured left) was destroyed in a controlled explosion near the Gherkin in central London.

Putin deputy Igor Sechin 'destroyed mansion after his wife left him'

Igor Sechin, 57 (centre bottom), used an excavator to destroy part of the mansion he was building for wife Olga Rozhkova, believed to be 32, after she left him for Italian racing driver Francesco Provenzano, also 32 (together bottom right), documentary makers claim. Aerial images show the property under construction on Moscow's billionaire's row (left) before later images show part of the property destroyed with an excavator parked nearby (top right). Sechin, who knows Putin from their KGB days and runs energy giant Rosneft, also reported renamed two yachts that he had named after her following the split.

In a video posted to Snapchat, the aircraft's first officer is seen completing some paperwork as Ms Castellucci starts filming him 

EasyJet captain Michel Castellucci filmed his un-named first officer dancing with a Snapchat owl as the aircraft cruised at 38,000 feet between Paris and Madrid earlier this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Love and Relationship Coach Sami Wunder, who is based between the UK and Germany, refused to stop dating other people until her boyfriend Chris popped the question.

Transgender taxi driver who won £4million on a scratchcard

Melissa Ede, 57, from Hull, wanted to buy a five-bedroom home in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, but claims the sale was blocked by local Nimbys. Ms Ede wanted to move in with her fiancee Rachel Nason, 37, and her five children. Ms Ede admitted she pulled out of the sale after she heard about a meeting of local residents to discuss the sale.

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock set out plans today to end the 'Wild West' of the internet in which the biggest social media firms set the rules on how they collect and use private data.

The social media giant gave details of 'every friendship formed in 2011 in every country in the world at the national aggregate level' to Aleksandr Kogan's Cambridge lab.

User logins for many of the most popular apps sell for next to nothing on the dark web, a shadowy corner of the internet that's frequented by criminals, drug users, arms dealers and other bad actors.

Self-proclaimed Wing Chun master is battered by MMA fighter who vows to prove 'Chinese kung fu is a scam'

An outspoken MMA fighter has caused a yet another outcry in China after apparently humiliating an opponent who claims to be a descendant of kung fu master Ip Man. 39-year-old Xu Xiaodong, an MMA fighter and teacher, knocked down Ding Hao, said to be a Wing Chun practitioner, six times in a three-round live game. The game sparked a heated debate over whether or not modern combat tactics are superior than the traditional Chinese martial arts.

EXCLUSIVE: Ruth Hinds, 30, from Durham earns £4,000 to £7,000 a month from endeavours such as blogging, selling on eBay and matched-betting and will never return to the traditional world of work.

Shocking images show filth and squalor endured by pets at clinic

These shocking images show the filth and squalor family pets and rescued dogs were being kept in before a huge raid by animal welfare officers and police. The images show dogs and cats being kept in cages full of excrement and urine at the 4 Paws centre in South Killingholme. One shows a dog penned into a tiny cage while others show a horse with painful sores on its head and legs. The disturbing pictures emerged after RSPCA official supported by Humberside Police launched an early morning raid on 4 Paws. The centre's owner, Jodie Fairbrother (inset) was pictured being consoled by a family member during the raid.

MPs from across Parliament called on the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to intervene, after it was revealed a Franco-Dutch firm will be handed the lucrative deal from October 2019.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd gave the green light to Gemalto - a European firm listed on the French and Dutch stock exchanges - to win the £490million contract over UK company De La Rue.

Don't get in the water: 150 beached whales lure deadly sharks

At least half of the beached whales are estimated to be dead. Images of the animals (pictured) were captured by distressed locals who rushed to the scene to help. Leaarne Hollowood from Margaret River jumped out of bed to the scene when she heard about the whales on Friday morning. She described the scene as 'horrific' and said at first she thought they were all dead. When she got closer, she realised some of the whales were still alive.

Prosecutors are refusing to charge London black cab rapist John Worboys with a second rape despite fresh evidence allegedly showing that one of his victims had been drugged, it was claimed.

Sao Paulo woman spent $500k on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Pamplona, 25, from Sao Paolo, Brazil, has spent a staggering $500,000 (£350,000) transforming close to every inch of her body, from having four ribs removed to four pints of fat injected into her buttocks. She believes she will be able to model way into her late 60s thanks to the alterations and finally likes posing naked, as seen in her shoot imitating Kim Kardashian-West's photos for KKW Beauty. Pictured: Before (left) recovering (top inset) and after surgery (right) and the real Kim K (bottom inset).

The Seattle-based firm has filed a patent to embed sensors in its drones that allow it to pick up and react to voice commands and hand movements from customers during a delivery.

Jade Nightscales, from Bristol, was left shocked after her small boom pole was delivered by Amazon in a box (pictured) measuring 4ft by 2ft. She said the box also contained 30 feet of paper.

Adam Lindley, 23, was found hanged in the New Forest, in October 2017. His father said he believed he had imposter syndrome, a condition where people see their success as luck.

The collapse of final salary pension schemes, a rising state retirement age and longer life expectancy mean that most of us will have to carry on working well into our 70s, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

Rich Kids of Instagram flaunt their first-world problems

Heiresses, entrepreneurs and offspring of the rich and famous from around the world have taken to Instagram to share snaps of their 'problems' - and they're enough to make you green with envy. Clockwise from top left: Back to school on a private jet; living a 'hard life' on daddy's yacht, a Lamborghini crash; struggling to choose which luxury car to take for a spin; and spilling champagne all over the passenger seat.

Doctors at the IMSS Paediatric Hospital in Guanajuato City in central Mexico successfully separated conjoined twins after a grueling all-day operation when the babies were less than 6 weeks old

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Stomach churning footage shows Dena Llynette Brizzi, 48, from California having the abscess on her back drained - while the puss squirts across the room

The world's most lust-worthy islands you can BUY

These are the perfect properties on which to live out your castaway fantasies - private islands for sale in some of the world's most exotic locations. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, Jumbo Island in Ontario, Lataro Island in the South Pacific and Iguana Island off Nicaragua.

As bemused motorists watch on, the man can be seen pushing his arms and legs through the side of the van (pictured) before leaping onto the tarmac of the A120 near Coggeshall, Essex.

Former Huddersfield bus driver Graham Oswin, 65, made contact with the youngster on Facebook and even after he told the defendant his age, continued to lavish him with compliments.



Syrian government warplanes rain fire on Eastern Ghouta

Bombs containing what appeared to be white phosphorous, a banned weapon, exploded over the town of Douma overnight, one of the last rebel strongholds in Eastern Ghouta, as government forces pushed to retake the region. It comes as a Russian airstrike killed 37 civilians sheltering in an underground bunker in another rebel enclave in Arbin, according to observer groups, just hours before a ceasefire was supposed to come into effect. Failaq al-Rahman, the rebel group which controls the town, said that ceasefire never materialised and bombs continued falling in the early hours of Friday. However, in the town of Harasta, insurgent fighters and their families were evacuated on government buses, effectively closing one of the last pockets of resistance.

In his new book, British author Peter Laws says 'morbid entertainment' prevents real aggression to build up. During past 30 years, movies and TV shows have become more bloodthirsty.

The University of Central Lancashire is set to launch a BA (Hons) in Continuing Drama Production in September this year, giving students chance to break into the soap opera industry.

Astronomers from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Cambridge analysed nearly 340 objects with hyperbolic orbits found in the solar system.

Mark Smith, 40, from Norfolk, was handed a two-year suspended sentence and fined £900 after he was found guilty of molesting a five-year-old girl while vice principal of a school in Cambodia.

Let's be honest, Biden vs Trump boxing would be a perfectly fitting finale for a presidency that to many has seemed increasingly like a particularly turbulent season of Celebrity Apprentice.

President Trump shot back at former Vice President Joe Biden who had told a high school crowd that he would have physically pummeled anyone who disrespected women like Trump.

Dramatic moment shelves go flying as a car crashes straight through the WALL of a convenience store into hallway where a woman and child were standing just seconds earlier

Frightening CCTV footage shows a red Peugeot crashing through the front window after colliding with a silver Kia off-camera, sending shelves flying across the White Lee shop in Batley, West Yorkshire. A mother and her child had luckily left the shop just sixty seconds before the smash. Devastated owner Kiran Patel, 61, said it is the fourth time an incident of this type has occurred in his 27 years there.

The show has been nominated for Outstanding Entertainment News Program and Best Directing Team. The nominations were announced on Wednesday afternoon.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide found that previously active sufferers of the condition show symptoms almost immediately even if there is no evidence of a biological effect.

Tributes have poured in for Tyrone 'Sylvester' Silcott, 42, a father-of-two, who was stabbed to death during a week of bloodshed in the capital that saw eight people murdered.

The Culture Secretary, Matt Hancock, yesterday accused Labour deputy leader Tom Watson of wanting to see Max Mosley involved in the regulation of the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

Texas TV station employee is fired after a live newscast was interrupted by vulgar audio of a reporter saying 'F*** it, lick it, smell it'

A KRIS employee was fired and another was suspended after the audio played during the 9pm news on Monday. KRIS confirmed the voice on the audio belonged to a reporter at the Corpus Christi station. Anchor Stephania Jimenez (pictured) apologized to viewers after her report was disrupted by the audio.

The Spanish retailer's £40 black leather sliders, which hit stores across the country last month, are selling out fast after being snapped up by style bloggers and cropping up all over social media.

The Ata skeleton, found in the Atacama region of Chile, has multiple mutations in genes associated with diseases such as dwarfism and scoliosis,researchers at Stanford University found.

Reverend John Foley, 72, from Berkshire, was beaten by wife Linda seven times. Magistrates heard she also threatened to gouge out his eyes amid claims he was having an affair with a parishioner.

Annual profits at retail giant Next have slumped by 8.1 per cent to £726m, despite online revenue growing by 9.2 per cent to £1.88 billion

Convicted murderer David Sweat, who performed a Shawshank Redemption-style prison escape was caught getting frisky with his girlfriend, Frances Malanik, during a recent visit.

Natwest has picked 300,000 customers at random to pilot a refer a friend scheme offering up to £500 to recommend it's current accounts. New customers also benefit from £100 cash incentive.

Styal father jailed after Facebook photos revealed his car scam

Businessman Sohan Malik, 42, was jailed for more than three years at Manchester Crown Court on Thursday. The father-of-five led a lavish life off an underworld scam involving the disappearance of luxury cars. He posted photos on Facebook posing with his daughters and wife at top class hotels and restaurants, which led to him being exposed for fraud.

The advice is part of guidance issued by Nice to help local authorities improve residents' health. But critics said the quango should focus on frontline healthcare rather than issue 'nanny state' orders.

Consumers across the UK face the shrinking of some of their favourite chocolate snacks this Easter as effective price hikes offer yet another example of 'shrinkflation' hitting the shelves.

Joan Bakewell reveals how she fell victim to an online 'scam' which offered a free trial of face cream. She later found £160 had been taken from her account when she didn't opt out of the scheme.

Just an hour of daily exercise in short bursts throughout the day can slash your risk of dying prematurely by 57 per cent, a study from Duke University School of Medicine found

The Parsons Green tube bomber never saw de-radicalisation experts despite referrals from his worried teacher and a charity worker about his links to Islamic State, it has emerged.

Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus has passed away - the same day the company he built was scheduled to begin its liquidation sales after going bankrupt.

16-year-old who weighed 24 stone has lost half his body weight

Mahesh Bhubathi (pictured right after the surgery), from Anantapur in southern India, who suffers from Prader Willy Syndrome, was so severely obese (left) he was unable to walk, change his clothes or shower unassisted. His mother Sathala Sulochana, who works in a hospital, was desperate to help her son but unable to afford treatment. A bariatric surgeon therefore offered Mahesh (pictured inset with a doctor) free bariatric surgery in January last year.

Barrymore, 65, enjoyed great success with ITV, presenting shows like Lucky Strike and Blankety Blank. But he was dropped in 2002 after Stuart Lubbock, 31, was found dead at his Essex home.

The Conversation's Adam Taylor explains some the unusual signs that you could be suffering from heart disease, which range from clubbed nails to a 'fatty ring' around your iris

Rebekah Knight, now 25, from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, reveals what it is like to live with a rare condition called Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

A Boeing 737-800 aircraft, operated by Air China, was struck by a bird and left with a gaping hole in the nose cone during a three-hour flight from northeast China to Hong Kong.

Margarita Grachyova had her fingers crushed before her arms were severed at the wrists by her spouse Dmitry, 26, a trained psychologist, near Serpukhov, in western Russia.

It looks like Instagram is finally listening to frustrated users' concerns. On Thursday, Instagram announced that it would be tweaking its algorithm to make sure that you see newer posts first.

Horrific moment angry diner throws a bowl of 'BOILING SOUP' at woman after her long hair brushes him by accident

A female diner in Taiwan has been seriously burnt after a man sitting next to her threw a bowl of boiling soup at a restaurant. The male diner, 57, and the woman, 33, had had an argument because she flicked her long hair towards him, according to reports from Taiwan media. The man insisted the woman's behaviour was unhygienic. CCTV footage shows the man grabbing a bowl of liquid before tossing it towards the woman's face in Chiayi on March 20.

HR McMaster, a three-star general who had clashed with Trump, will end his White House service early next month and be replaced by George W Bush's U.N. ambassador, Trump says.

During a turbulent session in parliament, opposition MPs accused the government of 'voting for death' and betraying Austrian children.

Mark Penn, who served as a pollster for Bill Clinton in the 1990s and chief strategist for Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign, says that the couple's open marriage was possibly 'not by choice'.

Grammar schools and private schools created just a tiny increase in the results of boys and girls studying at GCSE level in England and Wales.

Two women had just stepped out of a truck after being given a lift in Bulacan, Philippines, on Wednesday afternoon at 5.30pm when a tree plunged down and knocked one of them out.

Wigan woman and Texan husband's mobile home may be most stylish ever

Debbie Mayes, 33, and her Texan husband Gabriel, 35, swapped their 5,000sq ft home for an Instagram-friendly converted school bus for them and their four children; 10-year-old Gracen, Darby, seven, five-year-old Deacon and Jovey, who is almost two. The Mayes family plan to head to either Mexico or Alaska in their stylish mobile home this summer, before snapping up some land in California to build a permanent home - but Debbie says they'll never let go of the bus.

Dog lovers and owners across London have taken to Instagram to record the lives of the canine commuters who brighten up their journeys under the hashtags #mindthedogs and #dogsonthetube

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: These barbaric pictures show dogs tearing into a boar during a sick death match police say was attended by hundreds of spectators in a field near Hanoi in Vietnam.

Staff were left stunned as the man (pictured) trotted up to the cashier's window of the chain in Beccles, Norfolk. Onlookers said the chain's boss was called and the cheeky diner was sent packing.

Scottish couple Jon and Kirsty Nelson named their West Lothian business Macys after their daughter (pictured), little imaging they would shortly face the wrath of corporate America.

Peter Madsen's claim that he had stabbed Kim Wall's body to release gases was rubbished by the coroner in a Copenhagen court today, who said the stab wounds to the torso were not deep enough.

Would you hop in this light plane? Incredible moment a pilot takes off from a tiny bumpy grass runway that gives way to a sheer cliff face

A New Zealand light plane has left its counterparts in the dust by landing, refilling and taking off in less than a minute. In the footage, the Aerowork brand aircraft is shown making a steady landing on the runway before its pilot slowly drives up a steep hill to be refilled. The plane's soft descent is onto the grassy make-shift runway which has no perimetres and appears to be no more than 100 metres long.

Heavy rains and flooding can cause crocodiles to become displaced, popping up in unusual places

The massive crocodile took up position outside the main gate of a hospital in the northern town of Hwange and charged visitors, creating panic among residents (file photo of a crocodile).

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University found assessing cervical fluid collected in smears for DNA mutations accurately detects 81 per cent of endometrial and 33 per cent of ovarian cancers.

Cutting calories by 15 percent over two years can reduce disease-causing oxidative stress by slowing metabolism, according to a new study from Pennington Biomedical Research.

Photos reveal some of the oddest morning meals at UK bed and breakfasts - and they are not to everyone's tastes. One guest house serves up a fruit, muesli and yoghurt 'sundae'.

British scientists have developed a lightweight and highly sensitive brain imaging device that can be worn as a helmet, allowing the patient to move about naturally.

Fascinating video shows rescuers going to incredible lengths to disentangle whales trapped in man-made equipment at sea

Since 2002, the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary has freed more than 20 large whales from the North Pacific Ocean, removing more than 9,500 feet of line in the process. As well as fishing gear, the likes anchor lines, scientific apparatus, marine debris and moorings are responsible for trapping the large mammals.

Footage captured the moment a man from Taylors, South Carolina, tried to improve his already remarkable nunchuck skills by starting the weapon sequence with a kick flick.

Food fanatics share flawless photos of ingredients on a Reddit thread - and they are truly striking. The snaps are of everyday foods that have been transformed into works of art.



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Couple reveal they globetrot for FREE taking care of people's pets

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Harris, 26, who is originally from Virginia, and Mariano Rebattini Capurro, 28, from Argentina, spent six months travelling before they realised they needed another way to fund their wanderlust. Now, the couple have house-sat for 19 people, taking care of their pets while they're away (Inset: Mariano Rebattini Capurro, left, and Ben Harris, right, on their travels around the globe).

Groundhog Otis and Harvey the cat cuddle, play-fight and lick each other in a kitchen in New Orleans. Owner Mattie Sanders uploaded the clip to his Instagram account dedicated to nine animals.

The incredible footage was shot on Thursday afternoon, showing the kookaburra perched on a backyard fence in Tewantin, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, enjoying a meal.

Mac on…Britain’s new blue passports being made by an EU firm 

'NO, NO! Not bra support...PASSPORT! Je wants a new British passport. NO, NOT CARPORT! Parlez-vous Anglais, you moron? Wait. Don't hang up!...HELLO, HELLO?'

The elephant who DID forget... that smoking's bad for you! Naughty Nellie appears to enjoy a smoke 

An elephant was captured on camera appearing to smoke a crafty cigarette in the woods.  The five-ton beast in southern India can be seen in a video clip picking up ash left behind by smouldering blocks of wood with her trunk and placing them in her mouth.  She then closes her mouth before blowing out a puff of smoke, making it look like she's smoking. 


Showbiz extra

Ice guys finish last! Joker hilariously slips, slides and sprints on the spot in desperate battle to climb frozen hill

Funny footage shows the man marching along the streets of Rostov-on-Don in Russia before encountering the steep hill. He sprints on the spot, slides backwards and clings to a pole as he battles with the frozen-over pavement. As he walks into frame his feet start to lose grip and he slides back out of frame almost instantly in one fluid motion. Knowing what he's up against, he decides the best tactic is to sprint at the pavement head-on to try get past the slippery patch.

A young boy was hit by a SUV as he was left unattended on a busy road while his mother was looking at her phone at a crossing in China. The boy did not suffer any major injuries.

Blood vessel impairment lasted three times longer after researchers at the University of California, San Francisco exposed them to secondhand marijuana smoke than with tobacco smoke.

Perthshire hillwalker snaps 'Trump's head' on side of a mountain

Hillwalker Brian Lawrence (inset) snapped a picture of a shadow of what looks like Donald Trump's profile (left) on Sunday in Scotland. The giant shadow cast by a corrie buttress on Glas Tulaichean appears to show a silhouette of the president. The shadow showcases the pointed tip of Trump's eye-catching yellow-orange hairdo and even has his chin, making the resemblance uncanny.



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