Musical scales, keys and modes explained

How to draw a Geneva drive using a compass and straightedge

Website usability checklist for dummies

How to make your own 3D Minecraft font logo in GIMP



« Songs From District 12

June 2012 ~ September 2013 A couple of songs inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy. My first foray into songwriting.


« FishyPi

August 2012 A £0 case for the £30 mini computer.

« The Woolly Reader

November 2010 A custom homemade felt case for my Sony Reader.

« The Athens Awards 2010

November 2010 Folded paper models of Mediterranean vegetables mounted on stands.

« 3D Floorplan

October 2010 A 3-dimensional floorplan of my house, made from one cut and folded sheet of paper.

« Cardboard Broomstick

March 2009 A prop made for the Wicked Witch of the West during the 2009 24 Hour Charity Musical.


« Mingyu's Project Box

April ~ August 2012 A website for my recent projects with coded-from-scratch stylesheets and templates.

« SUCV website 2012

September 2011 ~ May 2012 A brand new design and CMS for the Sheffield University Conservation Volunteers website.

« SUCV website 2011

March ~ August 2011 An updated version of the old Sheffield University Conservation Volunteers website.

« The Daily Geographer

February ~ September 2010 A blog about day-to-day geography and undergraduate life.


« Lyrics from the Song Dynasty

October 2011 ~ January 2012 Accentual-syllabic English translations of Classic Chinese poetry.

« 水莲集

2007 ~ 2008 十九、二十世纪英文诗歌选

« My Pasture

2006 ~ present My poem archive going back to 1996.


« Light Painting

January 2011 Pictures painted by waving a light source in the air and capturing its path with long exposures. Collaborator: Sally Zhen

« Lost in Sheffield

2010 ~ 2012 Portraits of objects found abandoned in Sheffield, collected over the course of three years.