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David Warner has broken down in tears (centre) while apologising for his role in the ball tampering scandal that has tarnished the reputation of the Australian cricket team. Warner spoke to media on Saturday, saying sorry for being the main instigator of the plot to cheat against South Africa. 'To the fans and the lovers of the game... I want to sincerely apologise for betraying your trust in me. I have let you down badly,' he said before breaking down in tears. Warner was supported at his media conference by wife Candice (arriving at the press conference left, kissing top right, and crying bottom right while supported by friend Roxy Jacenko). Warner was one of three players involved in the scandal, along with captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft.

Fed up man's extreme lengths to name-and-shame dog owners goes viral

Brisbane resident David Deaned was so frustrated by the animal faeces he kept finding in his garden that he set up surveillance cameras to nab the suspect (pictured). 'Day after day we pick up the mess,' he captioned the video, Courier-Mail reports. Mr Deaned admitted guests to his house had trampled in the offending poo when trying to get inside, as had he, and would love to have a 'little chat' with the man. In the video, he appears to be wearing a red t-shirt and blue shorts, apparently completely unawares his black dog is leaving a trail of destruction behind. Nonetheless he walks away without cleaning up his pet's mess.

Financial experts suggest that everyday Australians can double their money in a decade through smart choices and savvy investments. Healthcare and robotics are tipped as promising areas of growth.

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Despite Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull earning $527,000 last year, the principal of Brisbane Grammar School topped it. The average principal salary is $121,998.

Myrthe Koning was swimming at an ocean bath at Dee Why on Sydney's Northern Beaches on February 18 when she was suddenly dragged through a hole.

The $20 amount, which is to be paid at the time of booking, was introduced at Omeggio at The Spit in Mosman and has seen 400 diners opt for the surcharge since.

80s heartthrob from one of Australia's best films is unrecognisable today

In 1992, he put on a steamy performance in a film that remains in the top ten highest grossing Australian productions ever. But these days, he doesn't steam, he smokes - meat that is.  After the movie grossed $80 million worldwide, the now 54-year-old didn't get paid a cent, quickly shifting focus to his second love: smoked meats and condiments. 

Dale Williams, managing director of recruitment specialist, Yolk, and Sinead Bunting, VP Marketing Europe at Monster have shared the topics best avoided in interviews, and they may surprise you.

The bus-sized space station, weighing 8.5-tons, is predicted to reenter Earth's atmosphere at 3pm BST (10am ET) on April 1, according to the latest estimates. It's still unknown where it will hit.

A Brisbane food blogger posted the photo online after claiming she discovered the shard in her delivery meal from PappaRich - a Malaysian chair store in Australia.

Flights, accommodation, meals and even tickets to the theatre are on offer for some experts who will take part in a planning workshop next week in Sydney for a research grant.

'We're just like any couple in love': Trans newlyweds give the first interview about their

The UK's highest ranking transgender soldier, Captain Hannah Winterbourne, married her actor partner Jake Graf last week in a beautiful ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall (right) this week. Hannah, 31, and Jake, 40, speak to Femail about their day and how they fell in love. Left: Hannah and Jake, inset: the couple before they met and transitioned.

A mother cried when she saw footage of students being bullied at a school (pictured) near Perth, Western Australia. Kids are seen fighting and throwing punches at each other in a classroom

An anonymous Uber whistle blower has spoken out about an alleged worrying culture among some Australian drivers to scam passengers to gain extra money including fake cleaning fees.

Marguerite Henderson, 54, of Fife, noticed she had suffered a minor cut on her index finger which quickly became infected. Her condition rapidly deteriorated and she had to be rushed to hospital.

Research by bath and shower experts Showerstoyou.co.uk has revealed which perfumes and aftershaves men and women find most alluring on each other, according to their star signs.

Teacher accused of having affair with 17-year-old pupil in Russia

Irina Ibragimkhalimova, 41, a deputy head, is shown in alleged intimate images (inset) with Valeria Fedorova (right alone and left with her teacher), now 18, and 'messages between the pair' have been revealed. Police said: 'If the information about a love affair between the teacher and the teenager is proved, a decision about launching a criminal investigation will be made without delay.' The case has been handed to the Investigative Committee which examines serious crimes. 'Valeria and her teacher Irina are suspected of having a true sexual affair and this is supported by the evidence picked up in the social networks of both,' reported a local news website.' Valeria claimed the pictures were altered by Photoshop, but a full scale investigation was launched into the conduct of Ibragimkhalimova, also a biology teacher, who has not commented on the scandal in Borovichi, 275 miles northwest of Moscow.

From fear of being disowned by their family to dating someone who's twice their age, people from around the world take to Whisper to share the reasons why they didn't share their good news.

Created to allow people to connect and share any information 14 years ago, Facebook is increasingly not trusted by Australian users with the fear their information is being hacked.

Former Australian Federal Police Officer Grant Warriner allegedly emailed documents containing secret information to his now ex-wife in order to 'increase her view of him.'

Two vehicles went up in flames leaving a number of people seriously injured, including young teenagers. A number of people had to be airlifted to hospital following the horror crash at Woodbine.

Shocking dash cam video shows the moment a Texas cop shoots dead a driver who pulled a gun on him during a routine traffic stop

WARNING: Graphic content. A Texas police officer shot a driver dead after he pointed a gun at him in a shocking incident caught on camera. Officer Marc Adams, 40, made what he thought would be a routine traffic stop after a driver ran a stop sign in Pasadena on Thursday. But things took a fatal turn when the driver of the white Nissan, who drove six blocks before stopping, got out of the vehicle with a gun in his hands. Police have said it's unclear if the driver ever shot at the cop, but a witness said the man did indeed fire.

MAFS' Sarah Roza accuses Telv Williams of 'hooking up with randoms'

She finally confirmed their split last Saturday after weeks of speculation. And things appear to be turning ugly between former Married At First Sight golden couple Sarah Roza and Telv Williams. On Friday the buxom red head took a swipe at her 'ex-husband', accusing him of 'hooking up' with 'countless fame hungry insignificant randoms', after he appeared to debut a new relationship with blonde bombshell Maddie Carolan.

Anthropologists looked for differences in behavior when the marmosets were in a group or when no audience was present. For the study, they conducted 2,581 trials with 31 adult and 14 baby marmosets.

President Trump rejoined first lady Melania Trump for Easter weekend in Florida, with CNN reporting that the two were spotted sitting at a two-top together Thursday night at Mar-a-Lago.

Mother-of-one who had never written a poem before last year reveals how she found success

A mother-of-one who had never written a poem before last year is now enjoying huge success. Gemma Troy, 36, (left) is Australia’s most popular Instagram poet, and while she only started writing last year, she now has a book deal to her name. The mother's poems focus on love, loss, life and heartbreak and she is expected to follow Canadian Rupi Kaur's success. 'I tell the truth in my writing, it's honest and it's raw. I've discovered things about myself I didn't realise were there,' she said. She also told FEMAIL that she is using her poetry (right) to 'learn to love myself'.

Meet the 23-year-old engagement ring designer who learnt how to run her business via

Layla Kaisi (inset) was just 21 when her father encouraged her to start a jewellery brand (pictured). Now the Auckland-based owner of Layla Kaisi Collection is making proposals come to life. 'I hand select each precious stone and work with two New Zealand based jewellers to bring the vision to life,' she told FEMAIL. 'But aside from an intern who helps me out it's just me running the brand, social media content, marketing and meeting with clients.' Most of her bigger business comes in the way of bespoke engagement pieces, with her latest one of the most ingenious pieces yet. 'The whole process can take up to two months. For this particular ring it was four or five consultations and hundreds of emails,' she said of the incredible marquise tourmaline, peridot and diamond ensemble worth over $20,000. The client had actually been inspired by a different ready-made ring in Layla's collection and wanted to customise it to suit their individual taste. 'The best part about designing jewellery is that you feel as though you're a part of history. This is someone's story,' she said.

Illinois health officials have warned of a new symptom linked to synthetic marijuana after 22 users visited the hospital with severe bleeding from the eyes and ears in recent weeks.

SpaceX has launched the latest batch of Iridium satellites to orbit today atop a reused Falcon 9 rocket. It will attempt to recover one half of the fairings using the Mr Steven ship.

David Warner Sydney property empire at risk after ball tampering scandal

Warner (inset with wife Candice) may be forced to liquidate part of his $10million Sydney property empire (pictured) to prepare for a financial crisis, after he received a year-long ban for his involvement in the ball tampering scandal. Warner's $900,000 Cricket Australia contract has been suspended and his $2.4million Indian Premier League deal torn up after he masterminded a plan to cheat against South Africa last Saturday. The 31-year-old and his wife Candice have invested heavily in the lucrative Sydney property market with six addresses in Maroubra, on the city's eastern beaches. It's understood Warner has channelled most of his wealth made from playing cricket into properties, ensuring his family would be financially protected by a career ending injury - or suspension.

David Warner's seemingly emotional press conference has elicited scepticism on social media, with many calling the Australian cricketer's tears fake and blasting him for evading questions.

As Candice Warner sat and watched her husband David apologise to cricket fans for his role in the ball tampering scandal during Saturday's press conference, she wiped away a tear.

He won't be needing that! Steve Smith's father packs away his cricket bag and says the disgraced captain 'will be fine' - as he flees to Dubai after grovelling apology over cheating saga

After facing waiting media in Sydney and addressing the ball tampering scandal Steve smith flew back out of the country and to Dubai. His father Peter said his son would be 'fine' and will 'survive'. It's not known how long Smith will be out of the country for, however David Warner is expected to finally front the media tomorrow to address his role in the cheating saga.

Neighbour takes golfer  court over claims of threats and intimidation because of a barking

Alexandra Kipouridis (inset), the owner of a barking pet Maltese shi tzu dog (pictured right), alleged she had been threatened by former leading golfer Brett Ogle (pictured left). She wants Ogle to be banned from coming within 2m of her property. The defence for Ogle argued in the Melbourne Magistrates Court that the dog was interrupting the golfer's sleep and described the dog as a 'small white ball of fluff'.

The U.S. military announcement on Friday came after a Syrian official said a roadside bomb had exploded in the Arab-Kurdish town of Manbij near the Turkish border.

Pippa Middleton's father-in-law is charged with rape of a minor

The multi-millionaire father-in-law of Pippa Middleton has been released on bail in Paris after he was accused of raping a minor. David Matthews (circled), 74, is alleged to have carried out the attacks on a teenage girl between 1998 and 1999. He is accused of one attack in Paris and another in St Barts. A spokesperson for the family said: 'David Matthews categorically denies the allegation and unequivocally contests the untrue and scandalous accusation.' He is being investigated by French authorities and is currently 'mis en examen', a procedure whereby authorities will have six months to decide whether he will be brought to trial. There is no equivalent in the British legal system but it is similar to a charge. Pictured right: David Matthews and his wife Jane attending the royal wedding. Inset: The Eden Rock hotel in St Barts, which Matthews moved into and revamped.

Brigitte Macron, the 64-year-old wife of President Emmanuel Macron, 40, was said to be 'hugely upset' by the scandal, which was aimed at 'severely damaging her reputation'.

Woodbine crash witness describes 'people scattered everywhere' after eight-car Good Friday

Two vehicles went up in flames in Woodbine, south-west of Sydney, just after 7pm on Good Friday. Alan Charlton told Daily Mail Australia he heard the sirens and fire trucks blasting their horns before he went outside to find the nightmare pile-up. 'It was horrific ... quite a lot were injured,' he said. 'People were getting treatment everywhere - they seemed to be mainly 60 to 100 metres apart on the median strip area.

Salim Mehajer's estranged wife reveals she's 'most definitely not' in love with him

Aysha Learmonth (right and left with Mr Mehajer) made the admission in Burwood Local Court on Monday, with Mehajer 'keeping his head low' as she denied having any feeling for her estranged husband. She then proceeded to wipe away tears as she admitted a message allegedly sent by the controversial property developer made her consider closing her fledgling business. Aysha said the message - purportedly sent by Mehajer to her business's Instagram account in November last year despite him being subject to an apprehended violence order - made her feel 'very uneasy'. Mehajer has pleaded not guilty to breaching his AVO.

Noor Salman, 31, smiled and posed for a rare public photo with her attorneys on Friday after a federal jury in Orlando, Florida found her not guilty of helping her husband Omar Mateen

Jennifer Kohl, 27, was riding the lawnmower with another man along the side of a hill on December 8 when it rolled over on top of her. The accident happened near Tamborine Mountain, west of Gold Coast.

New biography claims Tiger Woods' sex-obsessed father passed on womanising habits

The damning new biography - titled Tiger Woods - claims the golfer's father (pictured left with a young Tiger) turned the family's California home into a 'horror house' with sex toys in every drawer and pornography always on the television. Woods Senior (bottom right, in blue) apparently degraded his wife by hurling insults at her, and the book claims the father verbally abused Tiger (top and bottom right) to toughen him up and improve his golf. Which may explain why, according to its authors Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian, his wife decided to have Woods Sr buried in an unmarked grave. Tiger Woods' family man image was ruined one night in November 2009 after Tiger's wife Elin Nordegren had looked through his mobile phone messages and found out he’d been lying when he denied media claims of an affair with Rachel Uchitel (inset), a New York nightclub hostess. It turned out Uchitel was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Tiger's cheating scandal.

Organisers for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games are making one last ditch effort to find security personnel for the event. Across the nation job adverts have popped up for guards.

A California judge has ruled that sellers must warn of a carcinogen in coffee, but the science suggests we will never drink enough to make us sick, and may miss out on benefits by quitting coffee.

The hidden speed camera that is catching unsuspecting motorists out this Easter

Chris Christofi from Logan in Queensland noticed the familiar yellow trailer base that tends to prop up a camera on our nation's highways - and was baffled as to why it was hiding behind a road sign (pictured). 'Watch out for the hidden speed camera just after exit 23, Chatswood Road exit, heading south to the coast,' he wrote on Facebook alongside pictures. 'Could make for an expensive start to Easter in the new 90 speed zone, so don’t do 100.' The post has gone viral with many residents in the surrounding area sharing their disgust and dismay in the comment section.

The 70-year-old actor-turned-politician (and cigar lover) has openly discussed getting regular physicals to monitor his heart after his years of steroid-taking. Some fear it has caught up with him.

Karamel lost his front paws after they got stuck on a wild animal trap in Batman, Turkey, but he has now been fitted with a new pair of wheel at Istanbul's Aydin University.

Woman, 33, who blamed indigestion on stress diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer

Diana Zepeda, 33, has just finished chemotherapy (center) for stage 4 colon cancer after spending nearly two years thinking her symptoms were just results of her poor diet and stressful life in Washington, DC. She is one of an alarming and growing number of young adults being diagnosed with colorectal cancers and had to have all or part of several organs removed to eliminate the cancer (left). Now, she is advocating that more people take their symptoms earlier and demand to be screened for the life-threatening disease (right)


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Model model turned bikie boss now heading up Comanchero gang

A male model turned bikie boss has been revealed as the new commander of the outlaw Comanchero bikie gang in Victoria. Hasan Topal, (pictured left with his wife and right) who was one represented by Chadwick Models, rose as an emerging force in the motorcycle club following his alleged involvement in a strip club brawl in Fishwyk, Canberra last year. The 28-year-old has now taken control of Comanchero (logo inset) following the imprisonment of former national president Mick ­Murray, the Herald Sun reports. Topal has been established as the replacement commander in Comanchero's Victoria chapter with the approval of Murray, officers from Victoria Police anti-bikie Echo Taskforce believe.

Conservationists issued a grave warning about America’s wildlife in a worrying report released by the National Wildlife Federation, the American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society.

The 70-year-old Terminator star developed complications after undergoing a scheduled catheter valve replacement on Thursday, leading to the emergency surgery.

Byron Bay cop is slammed by the police watchdog for 'intentionally inflicting pain' on a naked teenager he hit with a baton 15 times in shocking incident captured on video

The police officer involved in the beating of a 16-year-old boy with Asperger's in Byron Bay has been slammed by the independent conduct commission. Office E beat the teenager 15 times with a baton as he lay screaming on the ground in pain. They have said his motive appeared to be to inflict pain.

Lucia Perez Diaz, Pa postdoctoral Researcher at the Fault Dynamics Research Group, London's Royal Holloway, explains how Africa could split in two of tens of millions of years. .

Sergeant Gary Hamrey, who heads the Gold Coast Police Dog Squad, last year received a bravery medal for his police work in the Arndel Tavern hostage situation in 2013.

Shocking images of VW cars dumped in Californian desert

The German automaker has been forced to get creative when it comes to responsibility storing the hundreds of thousands of vehicles they had to buy back. Storage lots include a shuttered suburban Detroit football stadium, a former Minnesota paper mill and the desert site near Victorville, California. VW spokeswoman Jeannine Ginivan said in a statement on Wednesday that the storage facility in Victorville, California, is one of many 'to ensure the responsible storage of vehicles that are bought back under the terms of the Volkswagen' diesel settlements.

Researchers at NYU found that EDM partygoers have a higher risk of opioid use. Nearly 10 percent of them have used the drugs in the past year, higher than the national prevalence of just four percent.

Sydney beachgoers soak up the Autumn sun on Good Friday

Thousands of eager beach-goers have flocked to Sydney's popular beaches to kick start the long weekend (bottom right). Many people soaked up the warm sun rays (left) as they laid on the golden sands of Bondi Beach, in Sydney's east. The Good Friday celebrations were enjoyed by many as they went for a dip or laid in the sun as temperatures hit 30C (top right).

EXCLUSIVE: For rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson, his epic battle with injury is almost as famous as his breathtaking performance that led England to Rugby World Cup victory in 2003.

Amy Wilson, 27, from Burton-upon-Tent, Staffordshire, saw her weight balloon to more than 17 stone after years of gorging on her favourite Galaxy bars, Lindt truffles and Hotel Chocolat treats.

The 400 illegal miners hurled abuse at former Zimbabwean first lady 'Gucci' Grace Mugabe when she confronted them demanding they leave, saying 'you no longer have any power to remove us'.

Stunning new evidence has emerged which suggests Facebook was sent terms and conditions of the app which ripped data that was eventually leaked to Cambridge Analytica (CA).

'He isn't walking yet, but he can ride!' Paralysed BMX champion Sam Willoughby back on his bike 17 months after shattering his spine in a freak training accident

An Olympian who was paralysed in a freak accident has shown the heart of a champion by riding a BMX for the first time since he broke his back, despite not being able to walk. BMX rider and Olympic silver medallist Sam Willoughby was paralysed from the chest down after he broke his neck in 2016 at the Chula Vista bike track in California.  He was told he may never walk again, but a video posted to Facebook shows the 2012 Australian Olympian riding a BMX on a quite cal-de-sac in San Diego - just 17 months after the tragic accident. 

Police were called to the Pat Morton Lookout near Lennox Head in New South Wales after a woman's body was found on the rocks below the popular lookout.

EXCLUSIVE: In a letter to the MailOnline, London-based naturalist David Attenborough said people should elect people who are supporting ‘measures reducing plastic use wherever possible’.

Dudolf creates seek-and-find puzzle in time for Easter

Somewhere in this vibrant flower patch there is a single bee buzzing around for honey - but only the most eagle-eyed players will be able to pick it out. The springtime seek-and-find puzzle was created by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, who is behind some of the internet's best-loved visual puzzles. Last year's Easter offering, a single egg hidden in a busy garden, was challenging, but this one is undoubtedly more difficult.

Parts of the ceiling of St. Peter's Basilica rained down over worshippers on Thursday, just hours after an Italian newspaper quoted Pope Francis as saying 'Hell does not exist', which the Vatican denied.

Grandfather Peter Robson was granted his final wish to be reunited with his border collie Shep while on the respiratory ward at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Photos gives a glimpse into the freak shows of Victorian England

The Jubilee Collection was amassed by one of the first specialist antique photographic dealers and collectors in London, Beryl Vosburgh - who was also a present of the BBC's children's show, Play School. The crystal-clear and sharp images were captured by many pioneering photographers of the time, including Julia Margaret Cameron, William Fox Talbot - one of the founders of modern photography - Angus McBean and Cecil Beaton. But at the heart of the collection are several thousand cartes de visite - precursors to to photographic postcards - which are just as popular among collectors today as they were with Victorians. The collection focuses largely on the glorious early years up to the mid-1860s, including some by London-based Frenchman Camille Silvy.

A vile cat abuser who was caught on video hurling his neighbour's cat over a fence in Ipswich, Queensland has been found and is expected to be charged with animal cruelty.  

A rare Picasso believed to be a self-portrait created when he was under threat of deportation to a Nazi concentration camp is expected to fetch US$70 million at auction in Hong Kong.

Sean Cole (pictured) and Khadeijah Moore are facing life in prison after a jury in Alabama convicted them of the rape, sodomy and sexual abuse of his 11-year-old son, who Cole believed was gay.

Street where mum, 22, was found 'brutally murdered' is home to violent ice addicts and

The street where Teah Rose Luckwell was found murdered in South Tamworth has been described as a crime haven by those who live there. Ms Luckwell was found murdered on March 28. Police are still investigating her movements before she died and are appealing to the public for information.

Australian politicians disqualified from parliament during the national dual citizenship reckoning won't be made to pay back a single cent of their taxpayer salaries or expenses.

The drunk driver, known only by the surname Zhang, fled the scene of the accident without stopping after colliding with his wife's electric scooter at night in Zibo in East China.

Plastic surgeons reveal the looks men are asking for 

The number of cosmetic surgeries performed on men has increased more than 325 percent between 1997 and 2015. Speaking with Daily Mail Online, plastic surgeons said more and more men are requesting nose jobs, lip injections and eyelid jobs. Some are even bringing in pictures of Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Tom Cruise for inspiration. Pictured: This is a fusion of Brad Pitt's eyes, Harry Styles' lips, Jude Law's nose and Henry Cavill's chin.

Police in Birmingham have found parts of supercars including Ferraris during a raid on a storage site in what officers say is a 'serious blow to organised crime' in the area.

The Pontiff led Good Friday services amid tight security and the storm created by comments attributed to him that hell did not exist - the Vatican said the Pope was not quoted properly.

According to horticultural expert, Thomas Leo Ogren landscapers have been increasingly planting male trees and plants, due to their ‘litter-free’ nature, meaning they don’t shed seeds, fruits, or pods.

A reenactment of Christ's final day went awry on the Gold Coast after 'Jesus' was attacked by a man wearing beige cargo shorts. He pushed The Lord the ground and threatened him.

World's oldest human Barbie is on the hunt for her 'perfect Ken'

Rachel Evans, from South East London, has spent over £25,000 on surgery in 17-years in a bid to be the UK's oldest Barbie, aged 47 and she is now on the look out for her perfect 'Ken'. Rachel, who has been single for six years says that her dream man must have a six pack and she won't settle for a man with wrinkles. Pictured: Rachel before surgery in her 'goth' stage (far left) during a procedure (inset) and today (centre and right).


Easter campers were left stranded on a Teewah beach at Double Island Point after a massive high tide left no where else to drive on. Locals are furious about the incident and are calling for fines.


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Jeremy Meeks' estranged and heartbroken wife speaks out after Chloe Green reportedly

Melissa Meeks (pictured centre) first found out about Topshop heiress Chloe Green's reported pregnancy when her eight-year-old son Jeremy Junior innocently put a basketball up his top and said 'Look, I'm pregnant.' Her estranged husband Jeremy Meeks - known as the 'hot felon' - began a relationship with Green last summer. The pair were photographed cavorting on a £118,000 super-yacht in the Mediterranean off the coast of Turkey in June (left). Meeks has since been a constant presence at Chloe's side (pictured together top right). The former gang member is stepfather to Melissa’s two elder children, Eliana, 17, and Robert, 12 (bottom right: Melissa and Meeks in happier times). He and Green are yet to comment on her rumoured pregnancy.

James Gifford, 41, caught the touching moment zoo keeper André Bauma, who works at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was cuddled by the affectionate apes.

Gemma Fraser, from Edinburgh, was shocked to discover one of her long blonde locks had become twisted around baby Orla's toes, cutting off circulation and leaving them 'bulging and bright red'.

The girl had the object removed at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust when she returned to Britain, after doctors in Bali noticed it during a ear, nose and throat exam.

Identical twins capture their individual personalities

Photographer Peter Zelewski, from Detroit, has spent the last few years photographing pairs of twins on the streets of London in a bid to explore what binds them together - and sets them apart. The resulting photos capture twins of a range of ages, races and backgrounds. In each, the difference in posture, expression and intention reveals something of each twin's individual identity, even when they are dressed same. Pictured clockwise from top left: Devontay and Dijon, 23; Sharmeena and Ridhwana, 23; Toby and Bill, 14; Violeta and Irina, 25; Joe and Duke, 15; and Delilah and Tullulah, 13.



Mother of former Lloyds banker who died from heroin shares story

Donna Hackett's son Danny, who ended up addicted to drugs and homeless in Birmingham, (right) died from a heroin overdose in January 2016. Danny (pictured as a schoolboy, left, and with his family, inset) had a promising career ahead of him when he worked at Lloyds TSB (centre) but he fell in with the wrong crowd. Ms Hackett has now decided to make her story public so other children can see how drugs destroy lives. She said: I think this is the only way to stop them following the same path my son did.'

The jail, believed to be Metro State Prison in Atlanta, Georgia, was closed in 2011, saving $19.1million. It was home to almost 1,000 elderly and ill inmates - many of whom would die inside.

Cat lover Juliet Chidlow, from Gorleston in Norfolklover posed her pet up next to a bunch of tulips for a perfect picture - only for the flowers to kill it less than 24 hours later.

World's fastest growing cities mapped: From Delhi to Beijing, interactive atlas reveals the speed at which people are moving to urban areas

According to Berlin-based chart-making website Datawrapper, Chinese and African cities are among the fastest growing. The chart, which uses UN data from between 2000 and 2016, shows some smaller Chinese cities such as Suqian in the north east and Putian in the east growing at around 6 per cent every year. This is six times faster than London's growth over the same period and 20 times than New York, which is growing at just 0.3 per cent per year. US cities of Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit (inset) are starting to see people leave. Percent growth corresponds with darker shades of teal, while orange shows negative growth over the time-frame.