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Tesla’s latest Autopilot crash is just one of many problems it is now dealing with

A fatal crash, production problems and now a recall.

Full transcript: Chris Kirchhoff, formerly of the Pentagon’s Silicon Valley office, on Recode Decode

"I’m from the government, I’m here to help."

The co-founder of self-driving trucking startup Otto has left Uber

Lior Ron co-founded Otto with Anthony Levandowski before selling the company to Uber.

A top executive at GM’s self-driving car company Cruise is out after six months

Susan Fowler, who worked under AG Gangadhar while at Uber, criticized the hire at the time.

Why flying cars are the future of military transportation

Christopher Kirchhoff, who until recently worked at the Pentagon’s Silicon Valley office, says the tech is almost ready for primetime.

Uber will not reapply for its permit to test self-driving cars in California

The company’s permit expires next week.

Chipmaker Nvidia is suspending its self-driving testing after Uber’s fatal crash

The company says it needs to learn more about the Uber accident.

Alphabet will operate a fleet of 20,000 Jaguar cars for its driverless ride-hail service by 2022

This will be the first part of a long-term partnership between the two companies.

Uber’s retreat from Southeast Asia makes India, the Middle East and Latin America the next battlegrounds

Uber is whittling down the international markets it operates in so it can focus on core regions it feels like it can win.

Uber says a single metric isn’t a clear indication of an autonomous car’s safety

Drivers still had to take over once every 13 miles in Arizona, according to new documents the New York Times obtained.

LimeBike, the dockless bike-share startup, wants to pay people to charge its scooters

The company is looking for people who will collect and charge its electric scooters.

Police have released the first video from inside the Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrian

Here’s what the car — and its operator — saw.

Uber has withdrawn a job offer to a top Amazon exec after discovering a discrepancy

Amazon’s voice-shopping VP, Assaf Ronen, was set to replace Daniel Graf as product head.

Uber has hired Tammy Albarran, who helped lead the investigation into the company’s culture, to replace its deputy general counsel

Uber’s current deputy general counsel Angela Padilla is leaving the company after close to three years.

Travis Kalanick is buying a new company that rehabs real estate and will run it as CEO

The company was formerly called CloudKitchens and was led by Diego Berdakin, an early Uber investor.

Some, but not all, self-driving car companies are pausing their tests after an Uber car killed a pedestrian

Uber’s fatal self-driving crash causes some automakers and regulators to exercise caution while others push forward with their autonomous-car efforts.

A self-driving Uber car has killed a pedestrian in Arizona

The car was operating in autonomous mode when it crashed into a woman.

Ride-hail apps like Uber and Lyft generated 65 percent more rides than taxis did in New York in 2017

Ride-hail drivers now pick up more passengers in a month than taxi drivers ever have in a month.

Lyft says it passed $1 billion in revenue last year — and is growing faster than Uber

Uber is still much bigger — but Lyft is still alive.

Alphabet’s Waymo is entering the self-driving trucks race with its first test in Atlanta

Waymo is shipping cargo for Google.

Bird, the dockless scooter-sharing startup, is looking for $100 million just a month after raising money

The company said it raised $15 million last month.

Uber’s self-driving trucks have been hired to deliver freight in Arizona

The company provided little detail on the scale of the operation.

Pennsylvania is suing Uber for up to $13.5 million in penalties for failing to disclose its data breach quickly enough

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the company violated Pennsylvania’s Breach of Personal Information Notification Act.

Uber called an MIT study concluding drivers make less than $4 an hour ‘flawed’

"MIT = Mathematically Incompetent Theories (at least as it pertains to ride-sharing)," Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi tweeted.

This is what it’s like to ride in a Waymo driverless van

The company put out a new video that shows consumers what its self-driving cars see.

Ford is setting up for an autonomous ride-hail and delivery business in Miami

The company is testing its cars in a delivery service, mapping out the streets for a driverless ride-hail service and setting up a fleet-management center.

Driverless cars can operate in California as early as April

The California DMV passed regulations that allow for the public testing and deployment of autonomous cars without drivers.

Uber’s new ‘Express Pool’ is all about getting more riders to share rides

The new UberPool option requires riders to walk a little before and/or after their ride.

Uber needed to settle Alphabet’s lawsuit

Putting this messy legal battle to rest was in the best interest of the company as it tries to go public.

Uber and Alphabet have settled their self-driving lawsuit with a $245 million equity payout

Uber agreed to pay Alphabet 0.34 percent of a late stock offering that values Uber at a new high: $72 billion.

Bill Gurley contradicted Travis Kalanick’s testimony at the Uber-Waymo trial

The former Uber board member was called as a witness in the trial for Alphabet’s trade secret complaint against Uber.

Lyft considered buying the startup at the center of Alphabet’s suit against Uber

Otto co-founder Lior Ron said selling to Uber was not guaranteed.