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Last updated: 09:59 BST, 9 April 2018

From a nuclear bunker to a converted jet: Try these 10 wacky and wonderful Airbnb homes 

Airbnb certainly has an unrivalled choice of places and properties, from a nuclear bunker to a Pyrenean treehouse, converted jet and remodeled double-decker bus. Here’s our top ten… Pictured: A double-decker bus in Dorset that offers three-bedroom accommodation for up to six (far left), a private jet in Pembrokeshire that offers to nights in May for two people for £304 (main), a 16th Century Venetian palazzo near St Mark’s Square in Venice is yours for £816 for two nights (top right) and this treehouse in the Midi-Pyrenees in France has room for two adults and two children and costs £743.

A BED with a view! The world's best hotel panoramas that don't require you to move a

From gazing at hippos to watching the Indian Ocean lap towards your doorstep, these stunning hotel views don't require you to move from your bed. MailOnline Travel has scoured the world to find some of the best spots to wake up at, including the Royal Lancaster London (top left), the Loisaba Star Beds in Kenya (top right), the OZEN by Atmosphere resort in the Maldives (bottom right) and the Iso Syöte Hotel in Finland (bottom left).

Airbnb has more than four million lodging listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries, and has ‘facilitated’ over 260 million check-ins. Frank Barrett reveals how to get the best from the site.

Continuing our holiday memories series, this week Mariella Frostrup recalls her first trip alone, to Greece at 18, and honeymooning near a prison island in the Panamanian jungle.

Cape Horn is the most southerly inhabited place on Earth before Antarctica. and those brave captains who make it become Cape Horners. Sarah Gordon took a cruise that sailed around the landmark.

Goring’s Miller of Mansfield is an 18th Century coaching inn and its owners Nick and Mary Galer most recently worked under Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck Group.

Chew chew! The restaurants around the world in old train carriages 

If you're into trains and dining out, then these railway restaurants are certainly on the right track. MailOnline Travel has scoured the world for eateries housed inside old train carriages, with quirky spots in India, New York and Paris coming into signal. Pictured, from top left, clockwise: Le Wagon Bleu in Paris, The Spotgate Inn in England, the train diner at 1880 Town in South Dakota and the Sahib Sindh Sultan in India.

American Airlines has cancelled a major deal with Airbus, announcing it has instead purchased 47787 Dreamliners from rivals Boeing in a deal valued at $12 billion.

Photos captured from a helicopter reveal the world's highest 8,000m peaks in all their

If you've always dreamed of witnessing the world's highest mountains in all of their glory then keep scrolling now. Professional adventurer Jack Wheeler - who has visited every country in the world and broke world records for being the first to skydive on the North Pole and for being the youngest to climb the Matterhorn at just 14 years old - now runs expeditions around the world, with one of his most popular tours taking passengers through the Himalayas by helicopter. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Makalu, the Annapurna Sanctuary, views towards Dhaulagiri Base Camp and a chopper swooping in to land at Everest Base Camp.

The Painswick in Gloucestershire is under new ownership and when The Inspector visited, he discovered that it has been restored into a magnificent Palladian building sighing with relief.

Drivers in the Russian capital Moscow spend an average of 91 hours a year stuck in traffic making the busy roads there the most congested in Europe, a new study has revealed.

NHS cost-cutting measures will see jabs to ward off conditions such as rabies, yellow fever, Meningitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tuberculosis, no longer available on prescription from GPs.

Subject to availability, passengers who buy tickets before July 31 will get the discounted price for journeys from London to the Paris attraction between March 21 and November 6.

Vladimir Antaki photographs portraits of immigrants on streets of Paris

A heart-wrenching photography series captures the plight of refugees in Paris, with whole families living in the streets. French photographer Vladimir Antaki started investigating the migrant crisis in his hometown last October in a bid to capture the 'faces of men, women and children that the public doesn’t want to see'. His project, titled Family Portraits, shows peopled from Kosovo, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Syria who have fled their country for political or economic reasons.

This is the unusual World War Two bunker in Sennen, Cornwall which has been transformed into an amazing luxury holiday home featuring an open plan living area and four bedrooms.

California-based firm Orion Span has announced that its luxury 'space hotel' will be in orbit within four years, and able to welcome passenger within five years.

Bubble hotel on a remote Caribbean island has see-through walls

If you're looking to immerse yourself in nature, then an unusual hotel on a remote island in the Caribbean aims to tick that box. Le Domaine des Bulles, which is situated on Île Petite Grenade off Martinique, features four bedrooms housed in bubble-like sleeping pods. The spacious domed structures are transparent, allowing guests to gaze at the stars or leafy surroundings from the comfort of their beds.

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the shutdown of the popular tourist destination, which welcomes two million guests each year, after fears it is becoming tainted by dumped sewage.

Air New Zealand launched its Skycouch in 2011 but traditionally children were required to be seated on a guardian's lap when the seatbelt sign was on.

Russ Francis has been given the official job title of 'Instagrammer-in-chief' for the new Symphony of the Seas which will set sail with guests for the first time on Saturday from Barcelona.

The findings were made by experts from the Pew Research Center in Washington DC, a nonpartisan think tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

Stockholm's Metro is the world's longest art gallery

The public transport system in the Swedish capital is often referred to as one of the world's longest galleries with 90 of the 100 stations displaying colourful public works of art. Now over one million trips are taken on the Stockholm Metro everyday with most passengers able to appreciate the public art. Pictured are stations T-Centraalen, top left, Stadion, top right and Kungsträdgården, bottom.

British diver Alex Mustard traveled across the world in order to capture these images of life beneath the waves, from a jellyfish bloom in the ocean near Palau to cuttlefish off the coast of England.

Originally used to unload ships in the city's port, Figee crane 2868 has been converted into a three-storey apartment decoarated by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet.

How Hurricane Irma helped carve new island off the coast of Georgia

Scientists have discovered a 100 acre island off the coast of Georgia which was carved by last autumn's deadly Hurricane Irma. The furious storm ripped through the Atlantic last September, leaving a trail of destruction behind. And recently-recorded drone footage reveals that the strong winds - which reached a high of 185mph - helped shift a sand bar to create a new isolated piece of land which has been christened Little Blackbeard Island.

Cruise ship P&O; Aria has been battling tropical Cyclone Iris off the coast of Queensland. Passenger Jessica Grace has shared videos that show the rough waters turning the ship into chaos.

Photographers capture 'untold stories' to score top prizes in prestigious contest

Shots exposing the age of excess in Dubai and touching portraits of shunned LGBTQ residents in South Korea, are among the winning images that have been announced in the 2018 ZEISS Photography Awards.The contest , now it its third year, challenged photographers to tell 'untold stories' through the use of imagery. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Body building in India by British photographer Mark Leaver, excess in Dubai by Belgian photographer Nick Hannes, acts of Americanism by U.S. photographer Sarah Blesener and being LGBTQ in South Korea by Gowun Lee.

Nick Burchill, who lives in Nova Scotia, had checked into the four-star Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia, with a suitcase stuffed with pepperoni which he'd picked up for his friends.

The new direct rail link between the UK and Holland departed from St Pancras International station bang on time at 8.31am today and carried the first paying passengers.

EXCLUSIVE: Timelapse footage offers a glimpse of MSC's new £700m mega cruise liner taking shape in French shipyard

Never-seen-before timelapse footage reveals what it takes to build a mega cruise liner, with lengths of steel painstakingly moved into place and hours of welding to make the vessel fit for the water. The two-minute-17 second film shows the construction of MSC Cruises' new mammoth boat, the MSC Bellissima, at a shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. To start the 4,500- passenger ship - which is costing around £700 million to build - is just a couple of decks high, but gradually the sped up clip shows how engineers work around the clock to add more rows of cabins with the help of cranes.

The entire contents of Heathrow's old Terminal 1 will go up for auction on Saturday, April 21. Buyers will be able to bid on a piece of 'iconic aviation history,' according to the auction house.

Sesame Place, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and based on the long-running children's television show, features quiet rooms and a sensory guide.

Fascinating maps reveal the literal translation of every county in the UK 

The infographics show how early pioneers in the British Isles left their mark through county place names that are still in place today and reflect Roman, Celtic and Anglo Saxon language. One interesting translation is Cornwall, which literally means 'People of the Horn. While in Northern Ireland, Derry can be translated into Oak Grove, and in Wales, Denbighshire literally means Little Fortress.

The vulnerable holidaymaker, who was filmed walking with a bad back, is seen emptying his pockets into the red trays on rollers at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Sydney Opera House has declared that 'non-motorised' vehicles such as bikes, skateboards and segueways have been banned from the area in a chance to promote safety.

Stunning portable holiday cabin that cost just £20,000 to build

The self-built prototype, called Trailer, is located in Bath and also has a spacious interior with an open plan room taking up the whole ground floor while a ladder leads to a second living space. The building is designed to be legally transported on public highways and has been made using recycled materials including doors from a skip and scavenged insulation.

Dom Joly loved Miami when he filmed Trigger Happy TV there. He revisited with his family (inset) in the hope that they'd love it as much as he did. And it proved to be a winner.

The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore's £800 hotel suites for CHILDREN

Swapping champagne glasses for plastic beakers and glossy magazines for board games, one luxury hotel in Singapore is offering a range of suites specially geared towards children. The five-star Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has five rooms which have been decorated in different themes for their pint-sized guests, with inspiration including 'safari' (pictured bottom right), 'space' (top right), 'castle' (top left), 'treetop' and 'underwater' (bottom left). The rooms, which average £815 (1,500 Singapore dollar) a night, include a range of child-friendly perks such as kids TV, stuffed toys, specialised bath products and miniature bathrobes.

Airports across Europe warned of disruptions after a technical problem at Eurocontrol, the agency that runs the EU's air traffic control system.

Cruise company Silversea has added a 140-day trip to its 2020 schedule, with scheduled stops in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and the icy wilds of Antarctica.

Is this the scariest ski run in Europe? Pro sportsman takes to a near-vertical snowy slope

Vertigo-inducing photos have emerged of a pro skier bombing down a terrifyingly-steep slope in Italy. Markus Eder, who lives in Austria, appears to be a small dot on the near-vertical run found in the Italian alpine commune of Alagna Valsesia. Hurtling along at high speed, the nimble sportsman had to navigate his way down the narrow snowy pass, avoiding the craggy rock sides.

The Irish-based carrier has the widest pay gap between its male and female staff compared to other large airlines that have had to disclose the difference in earnings under new regulations.

Inbound flights at Heathrow are expected to be delayed by an average of 20 minutes (Steve Parsons/PA)

The London airports will both suffer disruption from tomorrow as Nats replaces paper flight information strips with a digital system at its national control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire.

A woman has sparked fury on an Air Asia flight after taking a whole row of premium seats despite booking economy. Footage shows a fellow passenger scream at woman after rowing with cabin crew.

A tiny mobile hotel has launched in Arctic Finland, with the dinky inn fixed to a sled. Inside, the cabin is decked out with all of the necessary facilities, including a comfy bed and dry toilet.

It takes planning, resilience and stamina to reach Fogo Island, says Kay Burley. But the rewards, she explains, are worth it. It's a wilderness lover's wilderness that you'll never want to leave.

The Mail on Sunday's George Davies got to see a 'small but exhilarating part' of the annual wildebeest migration while on safari in Tanzania recently.

Ibiza was a mecca for partygoers in the nineties but now they are grown up and returning to the island with their children. Carol Driver headed there with her family to experience it for herself.

Kiev's first themed 'love hotel' is now open

New hotel, Cherry Twins, in Kiev, Ukraine, offers seven different themed-rooms, developed with the help of sexologists, with hopes of encouraging guests to explore their most erotic fantasies. Pictured: the 50 Shades of Grey-inspired Domination Room (left), the Torture Room (top right) and the Medical Room (bottom left).

The picturesque park in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto is home to more than 1,000 deer, with some even roaming in the streets in search of special crackers that are fed to them by tourists.

Flybe, the independent airline, has predicted that its full-year results will be eroded by the cold snap known as the Beast from the East. Flybe lost £4 million in revenue after 994 flights were cancelled

A recent investigation has found that airlines have failed to pay holidaymakers £4 million in compensation for delayed and cancelled flights – despite court ruling.

Over 1,600 newly-hired employees of the country's second-largest airline celebrated the start of their new careers in a hangar at the Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

Inside Richard Branson's luxury safari lodge and nearby Johannesburg

Ted Thornhill is pleasantly surprised by Johannesburg's hipster credentials. For instance, excellent eateries such as Marble and Che (bottom right), the latter serving up a steak sandwich of his dreams. He is just as taken with Richard Branson's nearby luxury safari lodge, Ulusaba (the other three pictures). Here he explains the joys of combining an urban safari with a truly wild one...

The Mail on Sunday's David Whitley zooms up to Iceland's biggest glacier in a Zodiac boat, which can shed chunks of ice 600ft tall.

British commercial airline pilot Jonny Knowlson – aka Jonny the Pilot, as he’s known on social media – reveals the best seats for a smooth ride, a good night's sleep, a quick exit and more...

Die-hard film fans will love these excursions. These are the 10 best film set tours going, from the locations used in The Sound of Music to the bits of Tunisia where Obi-Wan Kenobi lurked.

The Danish capital is one of the top Scandinavian destinations. It's renowned for its royal palaces, Viking history, gorgeous, colourful houses and the enduring appeal of a certain little mermaid.

Adjacent to York railway station, The Principal York hotel is now part of the Principal group that aims to breathe new life into venerable British hotels. Sarah Turner has the inside track.

The Welsh opera singer recalls her life of adventures, including the first holiday she can remember, to the South of France, and her favourite trip, to Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

‘I snuck onto Concorde after its 1976 maiden voyage’

EXCLUSIVE. Rare pictures have emerged of Concorde in a hangar at London Heathrow after it returned from its maiden voyage to Bahrain in the Middle East in 1976. What makes them extra remarkable is that they were taken by someone who snuck into the hangar dressed as an engineer. In her disguise, Rosalind Griffiths, who was 20 at the time, excitedly posed next to the history-making supersonic airliner and snapped the cockpit and cabin.

The Halfway Bridge is on the busy A272 between Petworth and Midhurst. But The Inspector finds that it's 'wonderfully quiet' in his room and enjoys its fried egg and sausage sandwich.

Here top sommelier Yurick Gualeni, from Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel in London, decants his advice for a fret-free wine-list perusing experience.

Professor Alasdair Rae, who specialises in Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield and writing for The Conversation, reveals the truth about population densities in Europe.

Bill Coles discovers the joys of celebrating cheap thrills, such as vegetable soup after a morning in the rain, as he follows in the footsteps of Alfonso the Chaste on the Primitivo pilgrimage.

The latest from Rich McCor who remodels landscapes with paper cut-outs are as brilliant as

It seems that Rich McCor’s imagination knows no limits. He’s the paper artist and photographer who creates intricate cut-outs to re-imagine landscapes around the world. And his latest work is as brilliant as ever. MailOnline first reported on his work in 2015 – and he’s still producing superbly crafted scenes, as these images show.

According to Berlin-based chart-making website Datawrapper, Chinese and African cities are among the fastest growing in the world. The map lists 500 cities with over 1 million people.

The bus-sized space station, weighing 8.5-tons, is predicted to reenter Earth's atmosphere at 3pm BST (10am ET) on April 1, according to the latest estimates. It's still unknown where it will hit.

Incredible castles you can stay in from Le Collectionist and Airbnb

If you thought living a fairy-tale life was only possible in fairy-tales - think again. That's because there are castles by the moat-full that it's possible to stay at, from spooky 19th-century Cumbrian fortresses to glamorous French chateaus. Here MailOnline Travel rounds up some of the most wished-listed castles on Airbnb and others available from luxe rental service Le Collectionist that you can spend the night in. Pictured are Dairsie Castle, Scotland, top left, Thornbury Castle, Bristol, top right, Chateau des Songes, Bordeaux, bottom left and Castello di San Fabiano, Italy, bottom right. Plus, inset, Langley Castle in Hexham.

Tickets for the Taj Mahal, India’s most popular tourist attraction, will only entitle holders to a three-hour visit from April 1.

Research led by the University of Maryland has found that the Sahara desert has grown as climate change has gradually heated our planet over the past century.

Inside the world's biggest cruise ship Symphony of the Seas

The world's biggest and most expensive ever cruise ship is just days away from setting sail on its maiden voyage. Royal Caribbean's 'Symphony of the Seas' is currently docked in in Malaga, Spain where it dwarfs nearby apartment blocks, The ship, which weighs 228,000 tonnes, is at 1,188 feet long just 20 metres shy of the length of the Empire State Building. It boasts a total of eight decks, with enough room for 8,000 guests, featuring 20 restaurants, six bars, an ice rink, surf simulator and zip wire.

Cathay Pacific's female  flight attendants have won the right to wear trousers

The Hong Kong flag carrier said it would be re-evaluating its cabin crew uniform after some female staff complained about wearing the skirts they feel are too short and uncomfortable.

Mountain chalet in rural Alaska you can only reach by helicopter

This is the incredible mountain chalet that is set in rural Alaska and can only be reached by helicopter. Stunning shots show the Sheldon Chalet against the snowy backdrop of the Denali National Park as the Northern Lights linger in the night sky. Other striking images show the spacious interior with a large open fire as a centrepiece while expansive windows offer perfect views, worthy of the $2,330 (£1,658) per night price tag. The Sheldon Chalet is perched on a ridge 6,000ft above the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, ten miles from the summit of Denali National Park.

Here we round up ten of the best family spring breaks. Go potty for Beatrix Potter in Windermere, stay the night in a church, or have an equestrian Easter in Carmarthenshire.

Enchanting photographs of the stunning beauty of the Slovenian landscape

Romanian photographer Aurel Paduraru visited the country last autumn with his wife and toddler and was blown away the colours of the scenery and the churches dotted on the landscape. And luckily he had his camera with him to capture these images of the country, which has a mixture of alpine mountains, green countryside and a small dramatic coastline. He said: 'I will remember Slovenia for all of my life because I feel like a part of my heart remained there.'

In this March 4, 2017, photo, tourists enjoy the popular Maya bay on Phi Phi island, Krabi province. Authorities have ordered the temporary closing of the beach made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach" to halt environmental damage caused by too many tourists. (AP Photo/Rajavi Omanee)

Maya Bay, on Phi Phi Leh island in the Andaman Sea, will be closed to all visitors for four months annually starting from June to allow for the recovery of the island's battered coral reefs.

Villa De Madre, which is located just 20 minutes from Napa in California, is spread across 24,000 square feet and also boasts a four-bedroom caretakers cottage and 63 acres of carbernet vines.

California home shaped like a pyramid on the market for $3.1million

Set on top of a hill in Malibu, California, the three-bedroom two bathroom pyramid-shaped property looks out over Malibu Canyon as well as Point Dume and is located in a gated community. The home can also command high-daily rental fees and it's in high demand with production companies and event planners with many movies and TV shows requesting permission to shoot scenes there.

Airlines just as Jet2, Ryanair and EasyJet have been accused of charging inflated prices for food and drink onboard flight, including as much as £2.70 for a cup of tea while at 38,000 feet.

Inside the extraordinary deserted replica of Paris in China 

EXCLUSIVE. How would you like to have the Champs-Elysees all to yourself? Or to peer down from the Eiffel Tower on to the City of Love, but without the hordes of tourists? Well, you can. All you have to do is fly to Hangzhou in south-eastern China, writes Leigh Mcmanus. There you'll find 'Sky City'. A replica of Paris that was built for 10,000 - but no one turned up. Pictured is the city's 350ft replica of the Eiffel Tower (inset and top left), its grand apartments (bottom left), its French-style shops (top right) and farmers tending to crops in the development (bottom right). 

In a bid to see a different side to Brazil, The Mail on Sunday's Emily Perry ditched the Rio, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls triangle and ventured to the country's north-east region.

The Walking Dead: The Ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey has fitted kinetic energy harvesting technology units to its carriages to capture energy made from screaming and vibrations.

Filmed in Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Bangkok the video shows the calf happily playing in the water while his mother keeps a careful eye on the playful scamp

Rock in China's Shandong Province that's classified as a mountain

In the UK it has to measure more than 2,000 feet while in the US the peak usually has to be over 1,000 feet. But in China, 60cm (1.9ft) is apparently enough for a rock to be classified as a mountain. Welcome to Jing Mountain in Shandong Province. It's China's smallest mountain and can be conquered with just one step.

What will you be singing in the car when you hit the road this Easter? Research has revealed that it's Queen's classic that most people will be belting out, followed by a certain Bon Jovi classic.

What it was really like on Qantas non-stop Perth to London flight

Qantas made history for the first 17-hour non-stop flight from Perth to London. The trip is the fastest route from Australia to Europe and passengers have shared their in-flight experience after the historic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner landed in Heathrow on Sunday morning.

Nerve-wracking footage shows a passenger's-eye-view of a journey on the world's steepest train, which tackles a 48% gradient

It transports passengers 6,800ft to the top of a mountain at a maximum gradient of 48 per cent. And the world's steepest train ride has been caught on camera - and it is enough to make your stomach churn. The Pilatus Railway has been running safely for nearly 120 years and transports about 300,000 passengers a year from the Alpnachstad station at Lake Lucerne in Switzerland to a terminus near the top of Mount Pilatus. The stunning views en route include Lake Lucerne (inset).

The Mail On Sunday's Alice Bianchi-Clark decided to take her six-year-old on a long-haul trip to explore the calming wonders of Japan, with Around The World In 80 Gardens the inspiration.

Buying budget travel insurance policies is tempting, but it may well turn out to be a false economy, says The Mail on Sunday's Fred Mawer.

Heathrow trials a driverless vehicle with fascinating footage revealing what the robot cargo car 'sees'

Fascinating footage has been released of a robot’s-eye-view (right) of a driverless vehicle trial at Heathrow Airport. The clip comes from a ‘cargopod’ vehicle that spent three and a half weeks running autonomously along a cargo route around the airside perimeter. The trial collected over 200km of data for Heathrow, cargo operator IAG Cargo and the software firm providing the self-driving tech, Oxford-based Oxbotica.

The Mail on Sunday's Jennifer Cox ventured to Seattle, the city she says 'pretty much invented modern life as we know it', with it being the birthplace of Amazon, Starbucks and Microsoft.

Robert Nelson, a senior researcher at the Arizona-based Planetary Science Institute said the particles of salt will reflect the sun's energy back into space, preventing it from heating the Earth (stock image).

AA reveals Cornwall as the family-friendly holiday capital of the UK

Cornwall has been revealed as the number one destination for family holidays in the UK by the AA. Research to mark National B&B; Day showed that the county on England's rugged southwestern tip is home to the most number of B&Bs; catering to children of all ages, with 72 family friendly lodges in total. The AA also ranked the top nine B&Bs; across the country for parents to take their children. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Trecarne House in Cornwall, The Commercial Hotel in Aberdeenshire, Double-Gate Farm in Somerset and Stoke Gabriel Lodgings in Totnes, Devon.

In a bid to get a taste of Rio's decadent past, The Mail on Sunday's Emily Perry visited the Copacabana Palace. When the venue opened in 1923, it was the first luxury hotel in South America.

It isn’t every day you come face to face with a sea lion but, The Mail on Sunday's Wendy Driver found herself eyeing one up just inches from her snorkelling mask on a recent trip to Mexico.

These pictures are a tonic for anyone who’s struggled to open a carton of milk. They’re a reminder that there are, actually, lots of very useful inventions out there, from the U.S to Spain.

Bloggers Mona Jones, 24, and Aaron Gibson, 25, have gained a legion of online fans with their breathtaking pictures that capture the spectacular beauty and unique of the British Isles.

The world's most lust-worthy islands you can BUY

These are the perfect properties on which to live out your castaway fantasies - private islands for sale in some of the world's most exotic locations. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, Jumbo Island in Ontario, Lataro Island in the South Pacific and Iguana Island off Nicaragua.

The Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie reveals some of the best new boats and cruise itineraries to book, from trips down the Amazon to sojourns in France.

The Mail on Sunday's David Rose says that in the two weeks he spent in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec with his family, he came across no other British tourists.

Dreams can come true, as Disney keeps telling us: but making a Florida dream come true requires rather more effort than waving a magic wand, says The Mail on Sunday's Kay Johnson.

The incredible images have been submitted from photographers in 240 countries and territories across the world and have been grouped into six categories.

Located in a disused slate quarry on the North Cornwall coast, these brand new boltholes are elevated high above the ground and accessed through a ladder.

Best-value European breaks for Brits revealed

Krakow has emerged as the cheapest European city for a bargain break for Brits this spring. That’s according to Post Office Travel Money, which surveys the price of 12 typical city break items annually – including food and drink, accommodation and must-see attractions – across 36 European cities to produce a ‘City Costs Barometer’. Eastern Europe continues to dominate the list of best-value capitals for UK tourists, taking the top seven places. London comes 25th on the list, with Amsterdam offering the very worst value for money.

There isn’t a Glastonbury this year but don’t despair, says The Mail on Sunday's Wendy Gomersall, as there are plenty of alternative festivals in the UK and Europe.

Nidd Hall in Harrogate is now part of the Warner Leisure Hotels group but it was once a party venue, where Edward VIII was rumoured to have met Wallis Simpson.

A three-hour flight from the UK, Malta features year-round sunshine, delicious food and an amazing history, says The Mail on Sunday's Miranda Seymour.

National Geographic Travel reveals the best destinations for spring 

If you're looking to beat those winter blues and are yet to book a break, National Geographic Travel has revealed its Best Spring Trips for 2018. If you're a nature fanatic, the travel site recommends heading to the wilds of Sri Lanka, where the gnarled mangroves are abundant with lizards, macaques, water buffalo, crocodiles, and the occasional elephant. But if you're looking to explore a culture, then going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during Easter is tipped as a 'once-in-a-lifetime experience'. Pictured: A local woman cruising down the Amazon River (main), cherry blossom in Tokyo (bottom left), an ice wall in Svalbard (top left), Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher (bottom right) and the Namibian desert (top right).

Manohar Lal, captured the sweaty-palmed moment he travelled through the Spiti Valley on 35km journey from the village of Khab in India to the community of Nako.

If you've been searching for that dream paradise island, The Mail on Sunday's Sarah Lucas says you should consider heading to the Western Indian Ocean.

Majorca continues to remain a popular holiday place with the rich and famous, says The Mail on Sunday's Frank Barrett. And after a recent visit to the Spanish Balearic island, he discovered why.

From the Queen to Prince Charles and Camilla, the Daily Mail's Roderick Gilchrist says that St Mawes in Cornwall has long been a favourite spot with the royals.

By night, the 37 Beefeaters - who live with their families in the fortified complex - can change out of their uniforms and enjoy a drink at the secret Yeoman Warders' Club.

The US-based carrier is changing its employee workwear for the first time in 10 years and Posen has spent three years designing the outfits and making sure they are practical for staff.

Rachael Talibart's stunning wave photographs

With waves being whipped by gale-force winds and giant swells forming, a stunning photography series captures a violent storm at sea. Surrey-based photographer Rachael Talibart ventured to Newhaven Beach in East Sussex when Storm Imogen hit on February 7, 2016, and started clicking away. Her powerful images capture the true force of nature, and she told MailOnline Travel that 'witnessing the sea at its wildest is so inspiring - it is frightening and exhilarating in equal measure'.

Anna Friel checked into Cap Maison on St Lucia, drawn to the fact it was a small and family-run hotel. She says the place has a glorious location above a sandy inlet called Smuggler’s Cove.

Nothing beats chilling out in a private hot tub. Nothing, that is, except chilling out in a private hot tub that has jaw-dropping views. Like these in Tuscany, Crete, Iceland and beyond.

Incredible photos reveal the Statue of Unity taking shape

Incredible photos reveal the progress being made on what is set to be the world's highest statue. The £226.9million Statue of Unity in western India will be 597 feet tall when it's finished in October - that's almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty and nearly 100 feet higher than the current record holder, China's Spring Temple Buddha. It's being built on Sadhu Island in the state of Gujarat, with the waters of the Narmada river surrounding it. Images reveal that the foundations have been laid for the structure along with central support pillars but there is still a bit of work to do before it takes on the form of the late political and social leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whom it will honour.

The wine-making prowess of England and Wales is fully revealed by website, which lists the vineyards you can visit and the 70 or so where visitors can help with the harvest.

The latest Mini adventure on offer is a two-person AirTop tent that fits neatly into a conventional roof box on top of the car. The Mail on Sunday's Bridget Mcgrouther decided to check the concept out.

164ft hybrid-powered superyacht Home boasts a silent mode

A new cutting-edge superyacht boasts a silent mode in a bid to offer guests the ultimate luxury - peace and quiet. The 164ft-long aluminium-constructed Home, built by Dutch shipyard Heesen, is decked out with a hybrid diesel electric propulsion system, which minimizes noise pollution and fuel consumption without sacrificing speed. London-based professor Barry Smith, who founded the Centre for the Study of the Senses, helped guide the boat's development and he said that Home runs at 'a sound of around 46 decibels - the level of softly falling rain'. Pictured: Home in action (main), one of the yacht's bedrooms (inset left) and a lounge area (inset right).

Barcelona comes to life in spring when the bougainvilleas burst into bloom. From Modernist architecture to the Mediterranean Sea, the capital of Catalonia has something for everyone.

From breakfast by the river to late-night drinks above the rooftops, to intimate boutique hotels and more culture than you can ever hope to explore in one visit, Berlin is a great destination for couples.

The quietest roads across America revealed by Geotab

The American road trip is one of the quintessential bucket list getaways - and here's how to do it without being surrounded by honking horns. Thanks to Geotab, a company specializing in GPS and vehicle tracking services, the quietest roads in the U.S have been revealed. Using the latest traffic count data available from the Highway Performance Monitoring System, its analysts went about pinpointing the least travelled highways. Coming in at first place was Alaska's deserted State Route 11, followed by Utah's US Route 50, Maine's US Route 201 and Arizona's US Route 160.

We round up the best hotels in the heart of the Scottish capital, some located in incredible buildings, and others boasting amazing décor and offering some proper luxury.

Singapore's Changi is named the world's best airport for ninth time

Boasting the world's tallest airport slide, a free 24-hour cinema, rooftop swimming pool and butterfly park, Singapore’s Changi has been named the best airport in the world for the sixth consecutive year. It is the ninth time Changi has claimed the top gong at Skytrax’s World Airport Awards, thanks to the enthralling amenities on offer in its four terminals. South Korea's Incheon International Airport and Tokyo Haneda rounded out the top three, while London Heathrow cracked the top 10, rising up one place to number eight.

The West Sussex airport is trialling 'electric-powered autonomous vehicles' (pictured) for workers and says that if it's successful it could lead to driverless transport buses.

The Silver Spirit, launched at the end of 2009 by Silversea, was photographed at a dry dock in Palermo, Sicily, with her giant body split in two and her innards exposed.

Research, conducted by UK cruise agent Bolsover Cruise Club, set out to find the most annoying holiday Instagram poses filling our social media feeds.

When MailOnline asked nervous flier Kay Burley to go to a distant Canadian island and report back she nearly wimped out as it involved five flights. But Air Canada's business class worked its magic.

Making it involved a painstaking process. Maragos first spent 90 days capturing Athens from different angles. He then went about crafting a film out of the 60,000 raw images.

The lost wonders of medieval Britain mapped

From Droitwich salt springs to Loch Lomond, a geography professor is using a millennium-old manuscript (right) to hunt the UK's ancient and mythical features (see left).  Andrew Evans has found 26 fantastical features documented in an ancient book called Wonders of Britain that was written by a monk between the 9th and 12th centuries. Many of these 'wonders' - which range from a lake with 60 islands on it to a shape-shifting burial mound - have been forgotten or only recorded in legends. Since then, Dr Evans has been travelling around the country using this manuscript to hunt down and locate these ancient features. Anglesey, the island situated off the north coast of Wales (inset), is home to four of the wonders described in the script.

No matter what time of the year you visit, there is always plenty to do in Amsterdam, whether you like traditional sightseeing or something a little quirkier. We’ve picked our best nine activities.

Edinburgh Castle is the darling of the tourist industry in Edinburgh and it’s at the top of most visitors’ to-do lists when they visit the city. So why not stay at a hotel in the area?

Thousands of remarkable images were submitted for the annual Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year contest competition. Here are the winners and highly commended shots from it.

The Enchanted Manor, formerly called Windcliffe Manor, dates back to 1838 and is nestled in the pretty seaside resort of Niton Undercliff on the Isle of Wight. It enjoys spectacular views.

Thrilling point-of-view footage shows Blackpool's £16m 'Icon' roller coaster in action for the first time with newly unveiled copper-gold carriages zooming around the track at 50mph 

Newly-released point-of-view footage shows Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s much-anticipated £16.25million 'Icon' roller coaster in action for the first time, with its carriages unveiled as stunning 16-seaters with a copper-gold design. The clip was filmed using a GoPro attached to the front of one of the carriages, resulting in a thrilling rider's-eye-view of the twists and turns. Those who have the courage to step on board will zoom around the track at up to 52mph and will experience acceleration four times that of a Lamborghini Gallardo super car, or around the same amount of G force felt by Formula 1 drivers.

The Mail on Sunday's Amy Watkins hopped on board Norwegian Breakaway, cruising south from New York to find winter sunshine in the Bahamas.

Widespread industrial action is set to take hold across the country this Thursday and four Eurostar services between London and Paris have already been called off.

Vienna once again defended its position as the city offering the best quality of life in the world in a survey by Mercer. London slipped one place to 41st while Vancouver is No1 in North America.

Whale has historically been a staple part of the Faroese diet, but an eye-opening new film reveals how the islanders are facing severe health risks from mercury poisoning.

The vintage pictures form the basis of a new book called Anglo-Scottish Sleepers by Church of England priest and author, David Meara.

The UK Heritage Awards honours Britain's finest attractions such as historic houses, gardens, museums and heritage sites across the UK as well as the best places to stay.

Inside the hotel TripAdvisor users say is Turkey's best

It’s Fred Flintstone’s dream destination. These are the stunning cave pool suites at the Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey – the last word in prehistoric-style glamour. The caves were used as shelters and houses from the ninth century right through to 1961, but now they’re luxurious lodgings that come with plunge pools, air conditioning, iPhone docking stations, Wi-Fi and Nespresso machines. The hotel ranks 12th in the world on TripAdvisor.

The study by German-based apartment search engine Nestpick looked at factors such as housing affordability, quality of nightlife, the economy, immigration tolerance and youth migration.

Here MailOnline Travel has scoured the hidden pockets of the internet to bring you suitcases that amuse, baffle and raise eyebrows.

Tourists involved in rowdy scenes in Magaluf will have to pay 400 euros instead of the 100 euros of 2017 and 500 euros (a five-fold increase) for any breach of the peace involving alcohol.

Loose Reins is a ready-made glamping business in Dorset that comes with American ‘cowboy’ Quarter horses, 13.3 acres of land, cabins and canvas lodges, paddocks and a barn with 11 stables.

Winning shots of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards 

From leopards staring into the camera lens to stunning storms, these are the incredible winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. They are the top shots in the 'open' competition and 'national awards' and come from photographers in the U.S, Australia, Argentina, Cambodia, China, Kenya, Saudi Arabia and beyond. Pictured: A flash of lightning over the Ecuadorian Amazon (top left), women walking over a bridge in Myanmar (top right), light shining over Tokyo post-typhoon (bottom right) and an upturned car attracting attention in the Czech Republic (bottom left).

Brands morph from country to country – sometimes due to legal requirements or often just because of local tastes. Here’s how your favourite brands change depending on where you are.

Elsie Eiler is the sole resident of Monowi, Nebraska, and has lived there by herself since her husband's death in 2004. She raises taxes from herself to keep the town's three lampposts flickering.

Just as beautiful as Paris or Florence but considerably cheaper, Prague is one of the most romantic and best-preserved cities in Europe. Here's our guide to enjoy the city on a budget.

If want to explore the best of Dublin but only have a couple of days to do it, we’ve got just the guide to help you out. Here’s how you can pack as much as possible into a 36-hour whistle-stop tour.

Fantasyland in Edmonton, Canada, has dozens of themed rooms

From sleeping in an igloo to spending a night in outer space, one hotel is helping guests live out their wackiest travel fantasies with a range of immersive suites. Fantasyland in Edmonton, Canada, has dozens of themed rooms with no expense sparred when it comes to detail. Pictured from top left, clockwise: The 'igloo', 'truck', 'space' and 'Victorian coach' themed rooms at Fantasyland.

The trend was kick-started by Oregon Zoo, using the hashtag #rateaspecies. Now dozens of parks have joined in, with tongue-in-cheek write-ups of vultures, lions, otters, owls and many more.

Video clips and photos captured by biologists from Georgia in the U.S. show the large carcass floating in the sea and attracting a swarm of ravenous predators.

The magical moment a 45ft gray whale and her calf have a close encounter with a diver and a boat full of tourists, who touch her 'incredibly soft' skin

The magical moment a diver and a boat full of tourists had a thrilling close encounter with a 45ft gray whale and her calf in Mexico has been captured on camera. The thrilling encounter was filmed by diver Andrea Izzotti, 49, who said that he thought the whale's skin would be hard because of the barnacles, but when he touched the adult female's body, he said it was 'incredibly soft'. The nature lover, from Genoa, Italy, captured the memorable scene last week with his GoPro camera.

Adventures ashore and entertainments on board, days by the pool and dancing into the small hours... nothing beats a cruise for variety. Here’s our pick of the best ocean cruises to book now.

The Mail on Sunday's editor Frank Barrett looks at how cruise companies are raising the bar on river cruising, with an extra touch of luxury. He embarked on a trip down the Rhine with Crystal.

Paris and London top destinations in 2018, says TripAdvisor awards

London has been named the second-best rated destination in the world and number one in the UK in TripAdvisor's tenth annual Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations. Paris takes the world title this year, with Rome rolling in at third place and Bali bouncing in in fourth. Interestingly, New York, a long-time favourite with travellers worldwide, slips down from fifth in 2017 to tenth place. The award winners were determined using an algorithm that analyses the millions of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions collected in a single year from TripAdvisor travellers worldwide.

The Scarlet hotel in Cornwall is nestled on the coast and proves to be the perfect place to relax along with a spot of indulgence.

Landing in Tenerife, just over four hours away from a grey UK, is like 'arriving in the Technicolor Land of Oz', says The Mail on Sunday's Anna Melville-James.

Inside Qatar’s double-bed ‘QSuite’ cabin on the new A350-1000

‘It’s the best in the world, hands down.’ That’s aviation expert Alex Macheras’s verdict on the QSuite business class cabin – which features double beds (main) - on board Qatar Airways’ brand new A350-1000. Mr Macheras (right) flew on the delivery flight of the hi-tech aircraft from Airbus HQ in Toulouse, France, to Qatar’s HQ in Doha, at the end of February. And he had a very comfortable flight indeed.

The Mail on Sunday's Giles Milton says his wife Alexandra loves Provence and he decided to take her to a new area for her special birthday.

This week TV presenter Penny Smith, 59, recalls her life of adventures, which has also included going to France in 'a glorified ice-cream van'.

A peek inside a Samburu tribe hut, where traditions still continue

Ambrose Letoluai welcomed MailOnline Travel's Sadie Whitelocks into his grandmother's home in a remote part of north Kenya. The 24-year-old wildlife conservationist comes from the colourful Samburu tribe. Women in the cattle herding community are known for wearing bright jewellery that carries great significance. Meanwhile, the men traditionally have more than one wife and the families can become very large.


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