Ant McPartlin car crash court case LIVE: Presenter ADMITS drink drive charges

TV presenter Ant McPartlin received a £86,000 fine and 20 month driving ban from Wimbledon Magistrates Court today following a drink-driving charge.

McPartlin was involved in a car crash on March 18 which left a three-year-old girl in hospital.

The 42-year-old was arrested at the scene in south west London after he took his dog for a walk in Richmond Park.

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Sketches of Ant McPartlin in court

Sketches have emerged of Ant McPartlin standing in the dock while facing a charge of drink-driving today at Wimbledon Magistrates Court.

Court drawing of Ant McPartlin at Wimbledon Magistrates Court
McPartlin's £86,000 fine eclipses previous highest ever penalty

Ant McPartlin's £86,000 fine for drink-driving eclipses the £54,000 imposed on footballer Yaya Toure for the same offence, reported at the time to be the biggest sanction of its kind in the UK.

In 2016, the Manchester City midfielder was convicted for driving up the M6 at 101mph in a turbo-charged Porsche while under the influence of alcohol.

He was fined £54,000 and banned from the road for 18 months in what was believed to be the largest financial punishment meted out by courts in the UK for drink-driving.

Video of crash outside court

A live report about TV presenter Ant McPartlin's drink-drive car crash was interrupted by a car crash.

Viewers on social media were swift to point out the irony, with one calling it a 'collector's item'.

A dark car could be seen stopped outside the court before a lighter blue car bumps into the back of it with a thud, pushing it forward into a white van.

All three then drive off, with the bonnet of the rear car crumpled, at 3.13 pm.

Reporter Alison Freeman said: 'They (his lawyers) did say that he has had a very difficult year and as was said by his lawyers he had ... already ... excuse me sorry just some cars have had a bit of a crash behind us there.'

Pictures of the car that crashed outside court

As reporters were waiting for Ant McPartlin to walk out of the court a car crashed on the road outside.

A damaged car that crashed into the back off another outside Wimbldon Magistrates
The car crashed as media gathered for Ant McPartlin to give a statement
Ant McPartlin speaks outside court

Ant McPartlin gave a short speech outside court to waiting reporters.

The full statement McPartlin gave to police

'I accept that on 18 of March 2018 I drove a vehicle on the lower Richmond Road whilst under the influence of alcohol.

'I'm very sorry I did this. I am ashamed and mortified that this happened.

'I accept full culpability for this and wish to apologise to all concerned.

'I appreciate that by being in the public eye higher levels of behaviour are expected of me and that it's important that I set a positive example to others.

'I am incredibly disappointed that I have let myself and so many others down on this occasion.

'I am addressing what I now recognise as problems with alcohol and emotional issues.

'I recognise that I need to deal with these.

'As a consequence, I have sought immediate professional help and support to ensure that nothing of this nature happens again.'

McPartlin looks downcast as he leaves court

Ant McPartlin looked downcast as he left Wimbledon Magistrates Court today after facing his drink-driving charge.

McPartlin appeared downhearted as he left the court building today
McPartlin looked down as he walked out of Wimbledon Magistrates Court
Twitter reaction to Ant McPartlin's sentencing

Social media users have offered their opinion on Ant McPartlin's sentencing with some arguing that his sentence was too lenient and others wishing him well.

McPartlin handed the 'largest ever' drink-driving fine

The TV presenter, who earns £130,000 a week, was handed a £86,000 fine which is apparently the largest ever drink-driving fine given, reports The Telegraph.


McPartlin is pictured leaving court

Ant McPartlin leaves Wimbledon Magistrates Court after being handed a £86,000 fine and 20 month driving ban. 

TV presenter Anthony McPartlin leaves The Court House in Wimbledon, London
McPartlin leaves after being fined £86,000 at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court
Car reportedly crashes outside court

As press waited for Ant McPartlin to make his statement on the steps of Wimbledon Magistrates Court rubber-neckers reportedly crashed their car outside in an ironic twist. 

Car crashes as reporters wait for McPartlin to leave court
McPartlin says he is 'truly sorry'

Ant McPartlin, who has been fined £86,000 and banned from driving for 20 months after crashing his Mini while more than twice the legal limit, has told reporters outside court he is 'truly sorry for what happened'.


Ant McPartlin talking to reporters outside court
Judge refers to McPartlin's previous 'exemplary character'

District Judge Barbara Barnes told McPartlin 'you are a well-known and successful entertainer,' whose weekly income is around £130,000 a week.

Sentencing him, she said: 'At the time when it happened you were struggling with various personal problems and also alcohol issues for some months.

'This incident happened, sadly, when it seems you suffered a brief relapse.'

The judge described McPartlin's previous 'exemplary character' adding: 'I think it will have quite an impact on you to know you're no longer a man of good character.'

Fining him, she said: 'Because of the seriousness of this offence, the financial pain must be imposed on you as on any other offender.'

McPartlin was also told to pay £255 in costs.

Statement expected soon from McPartlin

Ant McPartlin is expected to read a statement on the court steps in the next few minutes.


McPartlin banned from driving for 20 months

Ant McPartlin has received a driving ban of 20 months during his court appearance. 

TV presenter Ant McPartlin has been fined £86,000

TV presenter Ant McPartlin has been fined £86,000 after admitting driving while more than twice the legal alcohol limit.

McPartlin had been seeking help for 'alcohol and emotional issues'

At the time of the crash, the TV presenter had been seeking help for emotional and alcohol issues, the court heard.

His mother was in the car when he crashed last month and the court heard the star is 'doing everything he can to ensure this never happens again'.

Ant's lawyer told the district judge the incident was down to 'a brief relapse unbeknownst to his passenger'.

Ant McPartlin arrived at Wimbledon Magistrates' Court on Monday and admitted drink-driving
A nine-year-old in one of the cars hit screamed: 'I'm dying mummy'

The court was told that a nine-year-old boy was in a car which was hit in the collision screamed out: 'I'm dying mummy, I'm dying.'

After the crash, his mother told officers she was 'horrified' someone could have driven so dangerously'. 

In Ant's statement, he also acknowledged the consequences of the crash 'could have been much worse'. 

McPartlin is 'ashamed and mortified' and 'accepts full responsibility'

A letter from Ant McPartlin was read to the court, which heard that he had let himself and 'so many others down'.

He added that he is both 'ashamed' and 'mortified' of his actions and that he takes 'full responsibility' for what happened when he was driving his Mini.

The court also heard that today was a 'turning point' for the star who is hoping to recover following a stint in rehab, reports the BBC

Ant McPartlin appeared to be stressed before his court appearance on Monday afternoon
TV star was more than twice the legal limit when he was arrested

McPartlin spoke in court to confirm his name, address and nationality just after 2pm.

Moments later he pleaded guilty to a single charge of drink-driving.

The charge stated he had 75 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit is 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath.

McPartlin pleads guilty to drink-driving

The TV star admitted drink-driving just after 2pm. 

He immediately pleaded guilty to the charge after standing in front of magistrates.

The Britain's Got Talent presenter had been due to appear in court on April 4, but the hearing was adjourned.

Ant McPartlin arrives at Wimbledon Magistrates Court
TV star looks ashen-faced outside Wimbledon Magistrates' Court

The 42-year-old looked ashen-faced when he arrived to face a charge of drink-driving on Monday afternoon.

He is expected to appear before magistrates at 2pm today and had a sombre look on his face as he made his way up the steps.

The star has pulled out of work commitments so he can focus on his recovery. 

Ant McPartlin arriving at Wimbledon Magistrates Court in London
Friends say the star is likely to admit drink-driving

Ant McPartlin's friends are said to believe he will apologise and admit the charge so he can continue his recovery in rehab.

They told The Sun that he knows 'he has to face the music' after he was arrested. 

A source said: 'The plan at this stage is for him to plead guilty. He is obviously gutted about the whole thing and wants to focus on getting better.' 

Ant McPartlin faces a scrum of photographers

The I'm A Celebrity host had to walk past dozens of photographers and reporters who had gathered outside the court on Monday.

McPartlin was wearing a black suit and black tie and was escorted from the vehicle up the stairs and into the court.

At least seven police officers were guarding the entrance to the court, where McPartlin is expected to enter a plea. 

Ant McPartlin arrives at court on Monday afternoon to face a charge of drink-driving



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