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Dying to be Heard

Maya Dusenbery discusses why women can have such a hard time getting the medical care they need.

Real Estate

How to Budget for Multiple Home Projects

Everyone's got renovations on the brain. Here's how to spread your budget to freshen up your home.

Best States

States Disagree on Regulating Legal Marijuana

Across the United States, many states are struggling to establish a system to regulate legal marijuana.


How Friends Can Hinder Your Health Goals

Experts explain pyschology-backed tips for getting the support you need to achieve your aspirations.

Best Countries

In Syria, Macron Finds Pride for France

Amid widespread protests at home and an absence of international leadership, the young French president seeks a unique position for France.

Stock Market News

7 of the Best Tech Stocks to Buy for 2018

Last year's picks beat the S&P by 24 percent; the best tech stocks to buy for 2018 look cheap, too.

Eat + Run

Stress Isn't Killing Us, But This May Be

Research shows that stress can be used to your advantage – or at least not your detriment – if you change your perspective.

Investing 101

A Crash Course for Investing Novices

A new survey reveals big gaps in investors' knowledge. Consider this a crash course.

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Remembering Barbara Bush

By U.S. News Staff April 18, 2018


Remembering Barbara Bush

U.S. News Staff April 18, 2018

Healthiest Communities

The Courage to Be Seen

Toya Sarno Jordan April 11, 2018

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What Do Civil Rights Mean to You?

Brett Ziegler April 3, 2018