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  1. 8 hours ago

    . Pence will swear in Jim Bridenstine as our new administrator at 2:30pm ET tomorrow. Following the swearing-in, three out-of-this-world currently living & working aboard will speak with the two of them. Info:

  2. 9 hours ago

    For us, every day is ! We have a fleet of spacecraft orbiting our home planet 24/7, 365 days a year, always collecting data to help us better understand our dynamic world:

  3. 10 hours ago

    We use spacecraft and other technology to study and observe our planet. This , see how these same tools enable self-driving tractors, monitor forest fires and predict when a monsoon will hit. Learn more about tech:

  4. 11 hours ago

    We pioneer and support an amazing range of advanced technologies and tools to help us better understand our home planet, the solar system and far beyond. This , check out 5 ways our technology improves life on this planet:

  5. 12 hours ago

    This isn't an actual picture of planet Earth next to our Sun, but it does give you perspective of how massive our closest star really is. If the Sun were as tall as a typical front door, Earth would be the size of a nickel! More facts for :

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    16 hours ago

    Happy ! The provides us with unparalleled Earth views. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty and majesty of this wondrous planet that we share.

  7. 12 hours ago

    Our spacecraft, satellites & even astronauts have seen our home planet from afar. For the Earthlings who have kept their feet on the ground, don't worry! This , we're sharing some of our favorite images of this pale blue dot taken from space:

  8. 13 hours ago

    Six new citizen science projects will provide even more ways to engage w/ science research. Over the next 3 years, the projects will transition to support observations from the public that'll be shared w/ scientists as free, open data:

  9. 14 hours ago

    This , we invite you to create your own shareable views of our home planet, help combat mosquito-transmitted diseases and watch our fleet of Earth-observing spacecraft as they circle the globe! Use to join the celebration:

  10. 15 hours ago

    Celebrate by participating in our citizen science projects! Join the effort to better understand our home planet by helping us collect scientific data on air quality, cloud observations, landslides & more! Details on getting involved:

  11. Retweeted

    We work so that someday soon all of you can enjoy seeing our Spaceship Earth from this view on .

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    16 hours ago

    Happy ! From a distance, our planet looks like just another pinprick of light in the night sky. But what makes it special is it’s the only planet in our solar system we know of so far that harbors life. 10 more things to know about Earth:

  13. 16 hours ago

    This , watch the growth of tropical storms, the movement of icebergs & more on our web-based app: Worldview. This easy-to-use map allows you to pan-and-zoom into any area of the globe & make an animated GIF to share on social media. Try it out:

  14. 16 hours ago

    Our eyes in the sky are helping spot flames on the ground! Imagery from our -observing satellites is being used to spot fires across wide swaths of remote territory & forecast the risk of fires starting or spreading. Get the details:

  15. 17 hours ago

    "Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us." - Carl Sagan Dubbed the 'Pale Blue Dot', this image is part of the 1st ever 'portrait' of the solar system taken by 1 from more than 4 billion miles from Earth: Happy !

  16. 17 hours ago

    We get nonstop “Earth selfies” 🤳 on , and every day, thanks to ’ small satellites. Inspired by smartphones and created by a team at , the high res imagery is helping conservation efforts worldwide! Details:

  17. 18 hours ago

    Earth's atmosphere contains the perfect balance of ingredients for life to breathe and exist: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% other. See how we use spacecraft, airborne missions & research on the ground to understand & protect the air we breathe:

  18. Retweeted

    Life would not exist if it weren't for our planet's protective atmosphere. Humanity is able to explore the cosmos only because we're safeguarded on this spaceship we call Earth. Learn about the ways NASA studies & protects our home planet: Happy !

  19. 19 hours ago

    Want to celebrate with the perfect GIF? In your device’s GIF keyboard, type ‘nasagif’ + ‘earth’ to see our collection of Earth GIFs! Try it on mobile or check out all our GIFs on : Which of our GIFs is your favorite? Reply with it here!

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    21 hours ago

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