This web site was prepared as a tribute to Dr. Theron Randolph.

Scientifically Based Research:

In 2009, Dr. Martin Pall published a 50 page chapter on MCS in the book "General and Applied Toxicology, 3rd Edition" (John Wiley & Sons)". Thanks to Dr. Pall's work, summarized in the following review, we now have scientifically based research to support Dr. Randolph's work.

Read Dr. Pall's Review -- about MCS Epidemic.

Letters and Testimony Describing Clinically Based Research:

Read 1993 testimony of the Chemical Sensitivity Alert Committee for the Desert Storm Illness Hearings (these demonstrate some of the clinical work supporting the teachings of Dr. Randolph)

  1. Testimony of the Chemical Sensitivity Alert Committee. (PDF, 43KB)
  2. Letter from Natalie Golos to General Norman Schwartzkopf. (PDF, 37KB)
  3. Response letter from Col. James D. Bales, Jr, MD. (PDF, 29KB)
  4. Letter from Natalie Golos to LTC Robert F. DeFraites. (PDF, 50KB)
  5. Statement of the Chemical Sensitivity Alert Committee. (PDF, 37KB)

On this site you will find information on the following topics:

  • Balancing the Energy-Environment-Connection.
  • Helpful suggestions for victims of massive toxic exposures: Veterans of Vietnam, Desert Storm, 9/11, Katrina and Sick Buildings… to name a few.
  • A study guide to help mildly allergic people learn to live comfortably without over-the-counter drugs.
  • Lessons for chronically ill patients and senior citizens with short term memory loss.
  • Access to currently valid information taken from Natalie’s out-of-print books.
  • A health protocol study guide simple enough for children and for those adults impatient to get a fast start.
  • “Making life easier” : hints for the chronically ill.
  • A tribute to Theron Randolph, M.D., as promised by Natalie.

The photograph used for this site shows one of the many rocks that mysteriously move along the "Racetrack Playa," a dry lake bed in Death Valley National Park, California. Although this phenomenon has been studied for many years, there still exists no complete explanation of the cause of their movement.

"These rocks, some as heavy as 700 pounds, are inexplicably transported across a virtually flat desert plain, leaving erratic trails in the hard mud behind them, some hundreds of yards long. They move by some mysterious force, and in the nine decades since we have known about them, no one has ever seen them move." (Taken from

On many levels, these rocks provide a powerful glimpse into restoring and maintaining optimal health, the subject of this site. Natalie will teach novel methods for breathing, meditation, relaxation and behaviour modification to "ground" or balance the autonomic nervous system, the silent regulator of symptoms in most disease patterns.

These techniques have been validated by the research of Richard Gerber, M.D., author of Vibrational Medicine.  Dr. Gerber's basic premise is that all living things generate energy and integrate with their environment by transmitting and receiving energy. Much like our understanding of the moving rocks, there is growing evidence of the effectiveness of these techniques, although it is not always easy to scientifically evaluate why they are effective.

The original photograph was taken by Jon Sullivan and is available at It is used here with permission where it has inspired all other aspects of the design.

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