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Russian heiress, 18, who is a family friend of Roman Abramovich marries in £1.2million

Irina Chigirinskaya, who has described flying commercial planes as a 'horror' and getting a diamond Rolex aged ten as normal, married partner Moris Mirelli, 23, (pictured inset with the bride) in a lavish £1.2 million ceremony in front of 1,500 guests, held at a golf club near Moscow owned by a friend of Donald Trump. Chigirinskaya is the daughter of billionaire construction tycoon Alexander Chigirinsky, 55, a friend of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. The cost of her wedding dress, by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, has been estimated at £165,000, and the food alone is thought have cost more than £350,000.

German Chancellor Merkel is facing a battle to cling onto power after her coalition partners threatened to start turning away migrants already registered in other EU states.

A UNHCR report showed 16.2 million people were freshly displaced last year, equating to some 44,500 people being pushed out of their homes every day -- or one person every two seconds

By the end of 2017, the number was nearly three million higher than the previous year and showed a 50-percent increase from the 42.7 million uprooted from their homes a decade ago, a UN report said.

Nikita Nearonov is being probed over claims he groomed ten 'underage' girls for death operating mainly from his home near Russia's capital, Moscow.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi is shown in an orange jumpsuit, kneeling before a masked jihadist near the centre circle of a packed stadium in Russia.

The Sweden Democrats' leader Jimmie Åkesson branded the EU 'a large web of corruption', and said Sweden should hold a referendum on membership after the September elections.

The General Court of the European Union ruled Le Pen wrongly used EU funds to pay an aide based in Paris, stating she had provided no evidence the aide carried out parliamentary work.

Chinese President praises Kim Jong-un as the North Korean leader visits Beijing

Xi Jinping heaped praise on Kim Jong-un on Tuesday for his summit with President Trump last week, saying he is dedicated to improving relations between China and North Korea. The two leaders were pictured meeting alongside their wives in Beijing (left) and warmly shaking hands (top right) after Kim had earlier flown into Beijing airport and taken a motorcade to the venue (bottom right), in contrast to his first trip to China when he went by train. This was also the first of Kim's China trips to be announced beforehand, with the other two only being announced once he had left the country.

Monkeys rescue leopard from drowning in a well after alerting Indian villagers to the animal with chattering and jumping

The troop of monkeys were spotted incessantly chattering and jumping on the edge of a well behind a temple in Sikar, Rajasthan, western India, early last Monday. Temple visitors were drawn to the well by the monkeys' unusual behaviour, and found the leopard swimming at the bottom. Forest officials were called to the scene, and after lowering a ladder into the well, the leopard was able to climb out and run back into the woods.

Manufacturer Revell, based in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia, says the toy will no longer be produced amid 'absolutely justified' criticism from those who pointed out such a craft never existed.

Three men aged 18, 29 and mid-20s, died and three others were injured after unknown assailants opened fire on an internet cafe in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, on Monday evening.

The man said he did not see his bride's face or hear her voice before they were married in the city of Ahmedabad, India, and only discovered afterwards that she had facial hair and a deep voice.

Abdul Mobin Dawodzai is accused of stabbing Mia Valentin, 15, seven times in the heart with a 20cm kitchen knife he bought minutes earlier in the German town of Kandel.

Engineer Gino Marchal claims the missing panel of the Ghent Altarpiece is under Kalandeberg square in the city's centre after deciphering clues left by the robbers in the 1934 heist.

The 19-year-old woman confessed to kissing Reeco Hackett-Fairchild on a sofa before the alleged sex attack took place at a hotel in Cala de Bou on the Spanish holiday island.

'Dead' man stuns grieving family when he turns up at his own wake

Juan Ramon Alfonso Penayo (left and inset) had been missing for several days after leaving his home in the village of Santa Teresa in the eastern Paraguayan department of Amambay. Police then discovered the gruesome remains of a charred body that could not be identified - and eventually concluded it must be Penayo. The devastated family held a funeral - only for the 20-year-old to turn up at his own wake to find loved-ones mourning his 'death'.

Syrian migrant, 19, admits attacking an Israeli man wearing a Jewish kippa in Berlin but claims he 'only wanted to scare him'

A Syrian migrant named locally as Knaan al-S. has appeared in court in Berlin charged with dangerous assault and hate speech for whipping Israeli Adam Amrish, 21, with his belt for wearing a kippa. Knaan admitted the attack, which was caught on film, but said he was stoned at the time, not thinking straight, and had only meant to scare Mr Amrush rather than hit him. Mr Amrush is not Jewish but wore the kippa as part of a social experiment to see if it was safe to do so in Berlin.

The man, described only as British, was disarmed by officers, thrown off the train and detained at Yelets station en route from Moscow, according to reports.

Maria Sofia Sliwa, 78, was physically assaulted during a burglary of her house in the plush area of Ranelagh in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, which caused her to choke on her dentures.

There was outcry in Venezuela over the death of elephant Ruperta, a starving animal that had come to represent the country's hyperinflation crisis that has caused widespread hunger.