LGBTi rights

EU court bars 'gay test' for asylum seekers Reuters
Indian police extort transgender sex workers, increasing HIV risk Roli Srivastava
Forgotten twice: the untold story of LGBT refugees Antonio Zappulla
Taiwan mulls third gender option on passports, IDs Beh Lih Yi
Gay and intersex asylum seekers find place to call home in Britain Astrid Zweynert
First LGBT safe house for asylum seekers in Britain Cormac O'Brien
EU court adviser backs EU-wide recognition of same-sex spouses Reuters
British Vogue features first transgender woman Varsha Saraogi
Shunned and homeless LGBT Ukrainians find shelter in Kiev Umberto Bacchi
An Oscar to church weddings: Five big wins for LGBT rights in 2017 Beh Lih Yi
Tunisia's first LGBTQ radio station keeps playing despite threats Heba Kanso
LGBT hate crimes double in Russia after ban on 'gay propaganda' Daria Litvinova
Amid Egypt's anti-gay crackdown, dating apps help stop entrapment Heba Kanso
Gay sauna fights HIV in Britain with test vending machine Umberto Bacchi
FACTBOX-State of same-sex marriage around the world Lin Taylor
Finding Syria's Mr Gay: film exposes abuse of LGBT Syrians in war Anna Pujol-Mazzini
In first, U.S. man sentenced for transgender hate crime Sebastien Malo
Catholic schools in Canada pull plug on play with cross dressing Sebastien Malo
Canadian activists urge visas for LGBT from Chechyna Sebastien Malo
EXPERT VIEWS-Transgender rights under new Trump policy Ellen Wulfhorst
Indian prince throws open palace doors to vulnerable LGBT people Rina Chandran
UK army adverts tell recruits they can be gay, pray and cry Kieran Guilbert
Boy Scouts of America welcomes first transgender member Reuters
Britain pardons thousands of gay men convicted under defunct laws Astrid Zweynert
Intersex activist urges ban on "genital mutilation" on children Emma Batha
Absence of LGBT page from White House site worrying sign Sebastien Malo
Thai transgender activist breaks barriers to education Alisa Tang
Harsh laws and hatred thwart fight for gay equality in Nigeria Astrid Zweynert
Pakistan to count transgender people in national census Waqar Mustafa
Transgender Saudi man speaks out publicly for first time Ellen Wulfhorst
Rise in transgender children in UK fuels identity fears Lin Taylor
Trump win prompts US transgender people to legally change gender Sebastien Malo
Crisis hotlines see surge in LGBT calls after Trump win Sebastien Malo
U.S. LGBT community fears backlash after Trump victory Sebastien Malo
World Bank appoints first adviser to tackle LGBTI discrimination Sebastien Malo
U.S. decision bans LGBT discrimination in foreign aid Sebastien Malo
U.S. transgender hockey player takes aim at being role model Sebastien Malo
New survey finds more U.S. cities protecting LGBTQ rights Ellen Wulforst
Filmmaker reveals struggles, triumphs with transgender parent Ellen Wulfhorst
US hospital sued for discriminating against dead transgender boy Sebastien Malo
There she is, the first openly gay Miss America contestant Ellen Wulfhorst
Lesbians sue US state for saying sex with a man proves infertility Sebastien Malo
U.S. comic book starring transgender superhero to hit shelves Sebastien Malo
Estimate of U.S. transgender adults doubles amid debate on rights Sebastien Malo
Murders of gays, lesbians in U.S. increased last year, group says Sebastien Malo
Half of gay black men in U.S. likely to be diagnosed with HIV, CDC Sebastien Malo
Lebanese court lets transgender man change legal status to male Sebastien Malo
In Uganda, police use torturous method to 'prove' homosexuality Peter Lykke Lind
Gay rights groups brave abuse, violence to fight HIV in Cameroon Anne Mireille Nzouankeu
After attacks, gay Bangladeshis retreat into closet and exile Alisa Tang
India centre to get transgender school dropouts ready for jobs Rina Chandran
In Uganda, parents seek genital surgery for 'intersex' babies Yasin Kakande
UN's new gay rights advocate unfazed by anti-LGBTI opposition Ellen Wulfhorst
Americas' top human rights body hears first LGBT torture case Anastasia Moloney
Myanmar's abused LGBT people long for acceptance James Nickerson
First US soldiers make gender transition after policy shift Sebastien Malo
2016 deadliest year for U.S. transgender people Sebastien Malo
Tanzania suspends some HIV programmes for gay men-health minister Kizito Makoye
French law scraps sterilization for transgender people Sebastien Malo
Anti-gay sentiment threatening Indonesia's AIDS goal Beh Lih Yi
Oscar Wilde's home gets special status in tribute to gay figures Pietro Lombardi
Mexican police turn blind eye to murders of transgender women Stephen Woodman
U.S. military repeals ban on transgender service members Reuters
Philippines LGBT group accuse police of failing to protect Alisa Tang
Pakistani transgender woman shot for refusing sex with attackers Zeeshan Haider
Women's football "lesbianism" row reflects homophobia in Nigeria Kieran Guilbert
Nauru legalises homosexuality, criminalises marital rape & slavery Alisa Tang
Chinese court rejects landmark same-sex marriage case Reuters
Lesbian hip-hop duo from Havana fights homophobia with music Magda Mis
U.S. Supreme Court sides with lesbian over parental rights Reuters
In Vietnam, an unlikely haven for gays - and a lucrative market Reuters
Indian MP vows to fight on after failure to decriminalise gay sex Nita Bhalla
Half of U.S. states have towns, cities scoring high on LGBT index Sebastien Malo
New York lays out transgender protection on dress codes, bathrooms Ellen Wulfhorst
Twitter bans blood drives in offices until gays can donate Sebastien Malo
Number of transgender murders in U.S. hits record high - activists Sebastien Malo
Global physicians group promises respect for transgenders Sebastien Malo
New Irish law recognises existence of transgender people Kieran Guilbert
Landmark US Supreme Court ruling legalises gay marriage nationwide Reuters
"Love Wins" as Americans celebrate gay marriage outside court Stella Dawson
Transgender police officer: becoming woman "wasn't even a thought" Magda Mis
Gay marriage vote marks a quiet revolution in Ireland Reuters
Asia's LGBT people migrate to escape violence at home Alisa Tang
Kenya's transgender warrior: from suicide bid to celebrity Katy Migiro
One step forward two steps back for Colombia's gay couples Anastasia Moloney
Sterilisation darkens Europe's transgender quest for identity Kieran Guilbert
FEATURE-Blackmail and abuse: Gay sex ban in India stirs violence Nita Bhalla
Transgender activist: "There is nothing to be ashamed of" Kieran Guilbert
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