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Female driver is DRAGGED through the window of a silver Mustang after 'running over a police officer in a high speed chase with children in the backseat' in Perth

19/06/18 21:43

18/06/18 13:03

Flight QF72 from Singapore to Perth in 2008 was smooth until a sudden computer malfunction off the coast of Western Australia. Then the plane suddenly nosedived 200 metres in 20 seconds.

18/06/18 10:28

Using gender-specific language could see some university students in Western Australia failing assessments under an increased push to stamp-out stereotyping on the basis of sex.

17/06/18 16:57

Football fans have been left sorely disappointed after staff at the Balmoral Hotel in Perth reportedly refused to turn the sound on for Australia's opening World Cup game.

17/06/18 14:36

Man is charged with 'bashing a woman in the head with a piece of wood before knocking a neighbour unconscious when he tried to intervene' at Swan View Perth on Saturday night.

16/06/18 17:16

Two-year-old Lachlan Mitchell was only left alone for seven minutes at his Perth childcare centre before he drowned in the pool. Now the state's coroner is calling for a total ban.

15/06/18 14:22

Catherine Hughes, who lost her son Riley to whopping cough when he was just 32 days old, has slammed the billboard in Perth's CBD for promoting the anti-vaccine ideology.

15/06/18 13:54

The body of Matthew Fisher-Turner (pictured) was uncovered in the backyard of his family's Perth home in late October 2016 after his father Ernest Albert Fisher, 67, confessed to the killing.

15/06/18 13:22

A four-year-old boy and his great-grandfather, 69, have died in hospital after being pulled unconscious from the hallway of a burning home in the Perth suburb of Thornlie.

14/06/18 11:01

The airline consulted with Neil Perry for food, Australian industrial designer David Caon for the layout and decor, and the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre for sleep medicine expertise.

14/06/18 10:14

Bizarre DashCam footage has revealed one bold driver's ingenious hack to beat the traffic. The video, taken in Perth on Friday, shows the driver of a ute scooting through the centre of two lanes.

13/06/18 08:14

Greer, 80, murdered 14-year-old Sharon Lee Mason, whose body was found buried behind a shop in the Perth suburb of Mosman Park in 1992.

13/06/18 07:54

Jude Francis, 26, has been sentenced two seven years in jail for the manslaughter of 15-year-old Mitchell Chase. Francis pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March following the 2016 incident

13/06/18 06:19

Travis Adams says his home in Perth 's outer southern suburbs was trashed by a family who lived there for three years before they were evicted last week.

12/06/18 12:40

Yousef from Perth filmed the moment he confronted his landlord Mr Lau, about changing the locks - after he came home to find most of his belongings dumped in garbage bags.

12/06/18 00:48

Doug Vickery, 36, labelled police 'un-Australian' when he was slapped with the fine as he fished for octopus off a rock wall in Perth on Saturday. The Police Minister agrees the penalty was excessive.

11/06/18 22:48

The body of Matthew Fisher-Turner was found in late October 2016 buried in the backyard of the family's Parmelia home in south Perth. It's believed he was killed almost four weeks earlier.

11/06/18 15:36

Flat owner Michael Rodrigues, 24, battles to save his property as it floods in dangerous fashion in bad weather in Spearwood, Perth. After heavy rain water pours through the fire alarm.

11/06/18 09:24

A Perth man has filmed the moment he confronted his landlord about changing the locks - after he came home to find most of his belongings dumped in garbage bags.

09/06/18 18:29

Doug Vickery was handed the $200 fine one afternoon as he enjoyed his afternoon fishing for octopus off a rock wall in Perth.

07/06/18 08:23

A landlord has been left with an unliveable property and a $30,000 damage bill, thanks to nightmare tenants.Travis Adams was left greeted with a 'biohazard' dumping ground.

06/06/18 02:40

Terrified passengers on board the Perth-bound flight faced an anxious wait as the plane looped off the Queensland coast for three hours in a bid to burn fuel.

06/06/18 01:31

Neo-Nazi Melony Attwood, 37, insisted she was not involved in the killing of ex-boyfriend Alan Taylor, 42, inside his house in Girrawheen in Perth's north in April 2016 with her lover Robert Edhouse, 22.

05/06/18 16:14

Lois Loder was slapped with more than 50 charges, including stealing, for allegedly fleecing thousands of dollars from businesses across Perth.

05/06/18 13:49

Lois Loder and her boyfriend allegedly dined at lavish restaurants across Perth, racking up bills in their hundreds, before leaving without paying on more than 12 occasions.

05/06/18 12:18

The 18-year-old model, who is the daughter of flamboyant makeup mogul Napoleon, looked sensational as she turned all heads in a custom-made Ioannis Roumeliotis dress.

04/06/18 10:20

A Perth man is selling 'medical brownies' that promise customers a 'great night sleep' over Facebook marketplace. There are strict rules about what users can sell but they're often ignored.

02/06/18 17:32

Parents of Australian girl Annabelle Nguyen (pictured), who is stuck in Mexico with a brain tumour, claim they have run out of money to bring her back home.

02/06/18 00:52

A Perth burger joint has come under fire for naming a patty the 'Ching Chong' burger. After locals complained, saying the name was offensive many customers have defended the burger name.

31/05/18 02:54

Todd Allsop, 22, has pleaded with people to step in and help instead of filming on their mobile phones after he was pulled from his car and beaten unconscious in Perth on Saturday.

30/05/18 12:51

An extensive investigation by fire authorities has dismissed Telstra's claims that a lightning strike caused a major disruption to services for 10 hours across five states earlier this month.

30/05/18 11:06

Noel Gallagher was far from impressed by the history of the site, which is in Perth, Scotland- and scoffed at its regal heritage. He joked about its size when signing its visitors book.

30/05/18 09:17

Iris Smit, from Perth, has turned her incredible eyeliner hack into a $310,000 business - and the Shark Tank investors are on board with it.

24/05/18 09:45

The Perth restaurant has a new way of keeping seagulls literally at bay. The image was uploaded to Reddit with users sharing their horrid experiences with seagulls.

23/05/18 14:46

An elderly Perth man is in intensive care after a robbery in his home early on Tuesday.

23/05/18 09:31

The girlfriend of a triple killer who hacked his South African family to death and then denied he was the axe-murderer sobbed in court as he was found guilty of the slaughter.

22/05/18 18:52

Millionaire property tycoon Martin van Breda, his wife Theresa, daughter Marli and two sons Rudi and Henri lived in the $2.35million home in Buderim, Queensland from 2012 to 2015.

22/05/18 10:02

Ian Collett, 65, has been missing from home in Canning Vale, Perth, since midday on Saturday. His panicked wife Deborah believes he went for a walk but got disorientated.

21/05/18 16:50

Troye Sivan's career is going from strength to strength.

21/05/18 14:45

Two young boys, 10 and 11,  have gone on an alleged burglary spree across Perth. They are facing 11 charges between them after allegedly stealing cash and jewellery.

21/05/18 12:37

Western Australia Police have stepped up their frantic search for a grandfather with dementia, who has now been missing for 48 hours. Ian Collett, 65, was last seen on Saturday afternoon.

20/05/18 18:26

Ian Collett, 65, has been missing from home in Canning Vale, Perth, since midday on Saturday. His panicked wife Deborah believes he went for a walk but got disorientated.

17/05/18 17:28

An Australian gelato shop has become the coolest place in town with a sweet deal that has everyone licking their lips with excitement. But the $12 all you eat gelato deal is only for a limited time.

17/05/18 16:52

The Durrant family were returning to their car after having dinner at Darch Plaza Shopping Centre, Perth, when they heard loud explosions.

17/05/18 00:47

Toby Evans, the owner of seaside restaurant 3Sheets in Perth, said he has resorted to giving customers water guns after the bird population in the area 'exploded'.

15/05/18 16:53

A Perth man was sexually harassed by his Uber driver after the trip ended. The driver allegedly sent a text message asking if he was interested in sex and attached his number.

15/05/18 07:38

A woman who lived in a harem arrangement in Perth with a religious cult leader who disappeared with three other people in 2007 believes the quartet are still alive.

15/05/18 01:51

Winter has arrived early and isn't going away. As Darwin and Adelaide recorded their chilliest mornings so far in 2018, parts of Australia have already blanketed by snow and more is on the way.

14/05/18 23:02

Denishar Woods, 11, miraculously survived the 240 volt shock in the backyard of her Perth home. But her family can't afford to take her home from hospital.

14/05/18 12:49

The mystery brunette seen dining in Perth with Bachelor star Blake Garvey has been identified as Crown Towers employee, Tania Mondon. 

14/05/18 10:11

The mother-of-four showed off her very trim pins in a pair of tight skinny jeans while promoting her new tome, The Baby Bible.

14/05/18 10:08

He's the publicity-shy former Bachelor who was last seen in public in early March.

13/05/18 13:16

Tracey Jewel was constantly embroiled in drama on Married At First Sight.  

09/05/18 19:07

Arthur Greer, who is now 80, was convicted of murdering 14-year-old Sharon Lee Mason, whose body was found buried behind a shop in a Perth, Western Australia, suburb in 1992.

09/05/18 14:29

It's been more than 24 hours since police were able to pinpoint the exact location of Patrick Lennard Narrier, 45, after he was last seen on Tuesday night in Forrestfield near Perth.

08/05/18 15:28

A child sex offender has been sentenced to jail for exposing himself while secretly filming children at a string of fast food restaurants and playgrounds in Perth.

08/05/18 15:28

A young boy will grow up without his parents after his Neo-Nazi mother was jailed for murdering his father with a hammer as he slept in their home before she went to the movies with her lover.

06/05/18 14:40

Swiss euthanasia advocate Ruedi Habegger said on Saturday that it's an 'atrocity' David Goodall, 104, must travel to Switzerland to end his life because of Australian laws.

05/05/18 09:09

The daughter of Australia's oldest scientist David Goodall, who has chosen to end his own life in Switzerland at the age of 104, has explained how her father came to the difficult decision.

04/05/18 07:11

Telstra said a lightning strike hit a cable box in central-west NSW about 2am on Friday, causing some Triple 0 calls to drop out for 10 hours across five states.

04/05/18 05:31

A lightning strike destroyed a Telstra cable between Orange and Bowral in NSW overnight, triggering outages in Australia's capital cities.

04/05/18 05:17

A nation-wide Telstra outage was triggered around 2am after an 'unknown party' cut a cable between Orange and Bowral in NSW.

03/05/18 23:18

David Goodall does not have a terminal illness but his quality of life has deteriorated and he has secured a fast-track appointment with assisted dying agency Life Circle in Basel, Switzerland.

03/05/18 19:01

Australian Philip Nitschke, the founder of voluntary euthanasia advocacy group Exit International agreed that it was disappointing Professor Goodall was denied the right to a peaceful death.

03/05/18 10:24

Western Australia Police has suspended 11 mobile speed cameras after a woman was wrongly fined for supposedly driving at 160km/h.

03/05/18 09:38

Tony Ciuppa, 72, is in a critical condition after suffering a heart attack during the fourth race earlier this week at Gloucester Park in Western Australia.

02/05/18 14:31

Dr David Goodall, a 104-year-old British botanist and ecologist, prepares to fly to Switzerland to end his life and 'greatly regrets' living so long due to his deteriorating quality of life.

02/05/18 11:29

The scrounger, from Perth, went to their local Centrelink to demand extra money, claiming their wallet had been stolen. When they were refused, they posted an explicit tirade on Facebook.

02/05/18 05:56

Australian high-class escort Bella Laroue charges wealthy men $550 an hour - and earning up to $10,000 a week. Here, she reveals why she swapped her office job for sex work.

02/05/18 02:40

The Perth mother accused of raping her eight-year-old daughter along with her husband and one of their friends has been charged with a 81 more sex abuse offences against three children.

01/05/18 14:25

Women and their children have been evacuated from a Perth hospital after it was reported a chemical smell was coming from the air conditioning vents. 

01/05/18 04:53

Perth-based Millionaire Matchmaker Louanne Ward recently teamed up with New York life coach, Guy Golan and discussed some of the biggest mistakes professionals are making in the dating world.

01/05/18 02:42

Mehreen Ahmad, 32, was found unconscious in the stairwell of Perth apartment block with serious head injuries after a night out with friends on May 20 last year. She is recovering in Pakistan.

30/04/18 17:53

A man has been caught on CCTV camera trying on disguises before allegedly robbing a Perth service station.

30/04/18 04:32

Perth's own millionaire matchmaker, Louanne Ward, has surveyed 425 women to find out what physical and character traits they desire most in a man - with very interesting results.

29/04/18 19:15

Seven youths as young as 11 were taken to hospital after the allegedly stolen car they were travelling in crashed. CCTV footage captured the moment the Honda CRV crashes into a fence and a parked car.

29/04/18 14:02

Police spotted a Honda, that had been reported stolen on Friday, driving north on the Kwinana Freeway about 12.50am on Sunday morning.

29/04/18 13:32

Aung Su, 17 (pictured) was injured when he was hit by a train in Perth, Australia, while running for a train coming in the opposite direction. He attended his school ball less than 24-hours later

29/04/18 13:17

A car was travelling south along the Kwinana Freeway last week when it crashed north of the Safety Bay Road exit in Baldivis in Perth's southern outskirts.

27/04/18 18:45

Jennifer Kennison, 31, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment that she will carry out in her Perth home. Last year pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her 14-week-old baby boy.






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