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A 64-year-old male staff member at the Kobe City Waterworks Bureau on the outskirts of Osaka, Japan, took approximately 78 minutes of lunch break over the course of seven months. But his employers took a dim view of his antics, arguing that he had frittered away company time in the pursuit of food. The trips a nearby store, which took three minutes each time, took place a total of 26 times between September 2017 and March 2018.

Sessions considers forcing asylum-seekers with kids to take DNA tests to prove children

'We know for a fact that many adults taking children along are not related to them. Could be smugglers. They could be human traffickers,' Sessions said Tuesday in a radio interview. The host, a conservative Christian leader, said after the radio interview that Sessions and members of Congress have 'talked about making sure that these really are the parents of these kids. They are looking at how to use DNA tests in the field to verify they are parents and not traffickers.' Sessions said the number of family units crossing the border together has grown from 14,000 in 2013 to 75,000 last year. 'It became well-known that if you came with a child, an adult with a child, you weren't going to be deported or prosecuted. This has created a massive loophole for us,' he explained.

NEW Longtime Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has hired a new defense lawyer who once ran criminal prosecutions in the New York district where he is being investigated.

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NEW The Department of Homeland Security is drafting an order to end the child separation policy that's become a political albatross for the Trump administration.

Zoom Video founder and CEO Eric Yuan, a Chinese immigrant, was named the American CEO who employees say makes their lives great everyday according to a new survey issued by Glassdoor.

President Trump ratcheted up his attacks Wednesday on Democrats opposing his immigration agenda as they continued to pummel him as cruel and inhumane for splitting families up at the border.

A 15 mile long formation on the San Andreas fault could be responsible for the next 'big

Researchers from the Geological Society of America used detailed geologic and structural mapping of the southern 20 miles (30km) of the San Andreas fault zone in southern California. They found the Durmid ladder structure (left), a highly faulted area of rock that is 0.6 to 2.5 miles (one to four km) wide, found in the upper 1.8 to 3.1 miles (three to five km) of the ground and named for the Durmid Hill region it is located in. Experts say this could be ground zero for the next major earthquake to hit the fault (aerial view, top right), colloquially known as 'Big One'. Researchers have been warning since early last year that the state is overdue for a highly destructive earthquake (bottom right, destruction after Northridge earthquake hit Los Angeles in 1994)

Researchers from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, found people suffering from alcohol-use disorders are more likely to have two compounds in their hair. This could diagnose alcoholism.

Researchers at the Institute for Research and Health Care Hospital San Raffaele in Milan have discovered bacteria living naturally in men's testicles for the first time, and say they are linked to fertility.

Lakeland, Florida couple Larry Golden Jr. 26, and Breonna Wren, 21, are facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Golden's six-year-old daughter Honesty Curry.

How an American tourist wowed the world with his zany take on life in Scotland

U.S photographer Christian DeBaun (right) visited Scotland and made a Facebook post on cultural observations that went viral. He noted how there are no bathrooms in Scotland on the roads, no billboards, hardly any police cars (he saw two) and that it's 'ridiculously windy'. The Scottish Daily Mail's Gavin Madeley reports.

Starbucks will close 150 poorly performing company-operated stores next year, about three times as many as it typically closes. The affected stores are located in mostly urban areas.

'Supervise your child!' Kansas mother who was fined $132,000 after her five-year-old son knocked over a sculpture is slammed by TV viewers - as she STILL refuses to take the blame

Sarah Goodman (left) was hit with a $132,000 (£100,277) fine when Troy knocked over a sculpture called Aphrodite di Kansas City, which was on display at Overland Park community center in Kansas City, Kansas (right). Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Goodman said that other artworks were kept secure and it was only that sculpture that wasn't behind glass or rope. However, viewers (inset) didn't accept her arguments, and said she should have kept control of her son better.

Tito and Shannon Felix, 50 and 51, were arrested at their home in Richmond, Kentucky on Friday and charged with unlawful imprisonment and criminal abuse.

Emergency dispatchers in Halifax, Canada received a call from the 12-year-old complaining about the salad and as the matter was being dealt with, he then called up again to register his displeasure.

Defiant Corey Lewandowski scoffs at calls for him to say sorry for his 'womp womp' slur against Down syndrome child separated from family at the border - then says it's people whose relatives were murdered by illegals who need an apology

Corey Lewandowski denied he was mocking a 10-year-old disabled illegal immigrant girl and said he didn't owe her an apology for his 'womp womp' remark that sparked online outrage. The former Donald Trump campaign manager claimed he was really mocking 'a liberal who attempted to politicize children' with his biting comment.  He went on to say an apology was really owed to children whose parents were killed by illegal immigrants.

The Easy Rider star also said 'we should hack the system' and 'get the addresses' of US border agents to 'surround their homes' and surround the schools their children attend to frighten them.

Donald Trump addressed business leaders in DC with a speech that blasted border security, repeated claims about gangsters and drugs coming into the US, and blamed the Dems for family separations.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow breaks down in tears while reporting news that immigrant babies are being held in 'tender age' shelters after being forcibly separated from their parents at the border 

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow broke down in tears on-air while reporting breaking news that the Trump administration has been operating 'tender 'age' shelters for immigrant babies and toddlers forcibly separated from their parents.   Maddow teared up on Tuesday night near the end of her program as she read a report from the Associated Press that revealed young children were being held in three facilities in Texas. She repeatedly tried to read a description of the shelters but was forced to abruptly end her show minutes earlier then planned. Maddow took to Twitter after the show to apologize and share the script she was meant to have read.

Seth MacFarlane and Judd Apatow attack 20th Century Fox

Modern Family producer Steve Levitan (right) was joined in his outrage by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (center), 'Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig and prolific filmmaker Judd Apatow (left). MacFarlane had slammed Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson over his statement to viewers about Fox News rivals. Tucker said: 'If you're looking to understand what's actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they're telling you on the big news stations.' MacFarlane tweeted in response: 'In other words, don't think critically, don't consult multiple news sources, and in general, don't use your brain.' Feig wrote on Twitter that while he loved those working in the movie and TV divisions of Fox, 'I too cannot condone the support their news division promotes toward the immoral and abusive policies and actions taken by this current administration toward immigrant children.' Apatow said: 'Imagine if it was your kids. Who has a movie, TV show, sporting event, news show at Fox? How can you remain silent when they promote these policies?’.

Pope Francis spoke out amid an outcry over plans to prosecute all immigrants caught crossing the Mexican border illegally, holding adults in jail while their children are sent to government shelters.

Talia Lavin, a fact-checker for the New Yorker, tweeted the tattoo on ICE worker Justin Gaertner's arm was a Nazi symbol, when in fact it presents the platoon her served in Afghanistan.

'If kids don't eat in peace, YOU don't eat in peace!' DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is driven out of MEXICAN eatery by furious protesters after defending zero-tolerance border policy

Nielsen was dining with a colleague at MXDC Cocina Mexicana by Todd English when protesters descended on the restaurant, yelling 'Shame!' and 'Abolish ICE'. They lambasted her for eating Mexican food while thousands of children are separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border due to Trump's policy. Nielsen ignored the demonstrators and looked down at her phone during the protest as they asked how she could sleep at night.

Since the start of the year thousands of unaccompanied migrant children have been locked up by the Trump administration, but the same thing happened under Barack Obama.

The Prime Minister said images of vast detention camps housing young children who had been separated from their parents after illegal border crossings were 'deeply disturbing' and 'wrong'.

Asia Argento fires back at troll who criticized her for not looking grief-stricken in

NEW The actress, who described Bourdain as her 'rock' and 'lover' in a statement of grief after his shocking death, has been posting morosely about grief on social media since he died in France on June 8. Argento went back to work in Turin on Wednesday to film auditions as the latest judge on The X Factor Italia with the Italian rapper Fedez (seen left).

Police in Tennessee have arrested Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson on a charge of domestic assault. He was released from jail on $4,500 bond, but further information is unavailable.

NEW White people in America are dying at a faster rate than they are being born, according to a new study. The demographic shift could make white people a minority sooner than previously anticipated.

Eva Longoria gives birth to her first child as she welcomes baby boy

Eva Longoria, 43, has given birth to her first child, a son she has named Santiago Enrique. The actress and her husband Jose 'Pepe' Baston shared the happy news with HOLA! USA, after confirming the pregnancy in December.

Geneva Ayala attended a vigil at the spot where the rapper was murdered on Monday. She left behind a globe, roses, lit candles, and a sign that said 'RIP Jahse'. She then posted a photo of the torched globe.

They point to an old video the Florida rapper posted to Instagram last year, in which he reassured his followers he was still alive. It came after a stunt where he made it seem he had hanged himself.

Spurned girlfriend gatecrashes her boyfriend's wedding to his new love - wearing her own bridal gown and veil as guests scream in shock at South African ceremony

The unidentified woman reportedly walked down the aisle in a wedding dress and veil in the middle of the ceremony in the town of Benoni in South Africa's north-eastern Gauteng province. Video footage shows the groom arguing with the unexpected guest, while his bride-to-be stands by the altar, waiting to be wed. The video has been widely shared on social media, where the woman is being described as the groom's 'side chick', a slang word for mistress.

Dr Hazel Wallace, the Food Medic, has shared a snap of a very well-balanced meal on Instagram that follows the advice of the British Medical Journal following a recent study.

Harrowing surveillance video shows female jogger fighting off convicted rapist who 'sexually assaulted her and tried to abduct' her in broad daylight

Gordon Lyons, 57, of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has since been arrested and charged with kidnapping, indecent assault and battery on a person age 14 or older, and assault and battery. Video, taken from surveillance cameras across the street, showed the 37-year-old woman jogging down the street at around 7.35am Sunday. Suddenly a car pulled up in front of her, and a man climbed out the driver's seat and chased the jogger into some nearby bushes, out of shot. Police say he grabbed the woman, who has not been named, by both arms and sexually assaulted her, while dragging her towards his car. But the victim fought off her attacker, and was able to break free.

A Republican congressman claimed there is 'growing evidence' the FBI altered witness reports in their investigations into Clinton's email server and in the Russia probe.

Alexander Thomas Miner, from California, was filmed by a tourist with his hands out saying 'shoot me, shoot me' before the Secret Service moved in to detain him after he jumped a White House fence.

Until recently, framed pictures of French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Washington DC in April were hanging on the walls of the West Wing.

Wilbur Ross sold between $100,000 and $250,000 worth of shares in Russia-linked Navigator Holdings in October just three days after a reporter asked him pointed questions about his stake in the company.

Meghan Markle didn't wear her name badge at Royal Ascot - why?

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to note that Meghan (seen left at Ascot yesterday) did not fasten her name badge - which read HRH The Duchess of Sussex - to her front, as her husband Prince Harry did and the Duchess of Cambridge (seen right in 2016) has always done on her own Ascot outings. Instead she tucked it alongside her Givenchy clutch bag (inset).

The outfit Meghan, 36, chose for her Ascot debut was very similar to the Dior ensemble the Queen's late sister Princess Margaret wore to the racing event 66 years earlier.

Drawings of human figures (pictured) have been added by architects ahead of the proposed creation of Harry and Meghan's luxury six-bed mansion in Great Tew, Gloucestershire.

Bode Miller and wife will spend GoFundMe money on water safety after 19-month-old daughter

Olympian Bode Miller and his wife have shared photographs of themselves with the toddler daughter they lost in a drowning accident earlier this month, as they thank supporters for their kindness.  Nineteen-month-old Emeline Miller was rushed to nearby Mission Hospital before passing away on June 10, with paramedics unable to revive the infant after she drowned in a neighbor's pool. Miller's wife Morgan Beck had taken Emeline with her to the neighbor's home for a party, when the child wandered off at one point according to Captain Tony Bommarito of the Orange County Fire Authority.

A man got settled into a Poughkeepsie-bound Metro North train on Friday morning, before setting up his Playstation 4. The man proceeds to game on while commuting to his destination at Beacon.

Julio Anaya, 47, is being held in a California jail on 15 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child and an additional count of failure to appear while on bail after spending 19 years on the run.

How a 17-year-old became the youngest person on death row

Miguel Martinez, from Laredo, Texas, (main, as he is today, and top left, as a teenager) was found guilty of capital murder following the killings of three men. He was urged on by his friend Miguel Venegas (top right, as a teenager), who was 16 at the time, and claimed to be the son of Satan. The two teenagers murdered three victims - Smiley, 33, and his two guests Ruben Martinez, 20, and Daniel Duenez, 14 - stabbing them repeatedly and smashing their skulls with an axe.

Mary Zolkowski, 21, admitted that she lied to police when she told them she had been raped by a stranger in the parking lot of Michigan's Delta College in February last year.

Former NBA guard Nate Robinson said that his battles with coaches ultimately drove him to therapy. Larry Brown allegedly drove him to tears by repeatedly calling Robinson 'the little s***.'

15-year-old singer from the Dominican Republic who was cruelly bullied when she moved to the US leaves the AGT judges in awe with incredible rendition of Natural Woman - even earning the Golden Buzzer from Mel B

Amanda Mena, from Boston, Massachusetts, delivered a flawless rendition of Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman, earning praise from Simon Cowell for her 'genuinely natural soul'. The teenager began by sharing her personal story with the judges, telling them she loves to sing and feels like her past experiences have caused her to truly connect with music. 'I was raised in the Dominican Republic until I was four years old, so when I came here I didn't know a word of English and I got bullied a lot,' Amanda said. 'All that kind of gave me tough skin.' The teen then delivered a perfect rendition of Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman, earning a standing ovation from the judges and a Golden Buzzer from Mel B.

Logan Pergola, 15, of Land O'Lakes, Florida, was doing landscaping on Saturday when he was stung by a venomous caterpillar. Within minute, his arm went numb and he felt a burning pain.

A son who followed his father from Washington into law enforcement recreated a 20-year-old photo with his dad, and the photo has generated hundreds of positive comments on Facebook.

Huma Abedin takes son Jordan to summer camp with mystery male

NEW Huma Abedin was spotted with a mystery male (left) after dropping off her son at summer camp on Monday. In exclusive photos obtained by DailyMail.com, the 41-year-old was seen wearing a striped polo shirt with a red circle skirt and dark sunglasses. She then returned to her brand new NYC apartment to change into a summer dress (right). This time, she opted for a pink floral frock which she matched with a leather Prada bag retailing around $2,980. The former Clinton aide appeared to be in good spirits after enduring a humiliating year following her estranged husband's sexting scandal and Hillary Clinton's election loss. She was spotted visiting Hillary Clinton's offices in midtown Manhattan later that day.


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Photos reveal creative ways pizza restaurants have served up pies

People have shared the most ingenious ways pizzerias have delivered pizzas to customers. One delivery man used a horse (top left), while a restaurant cut down on waste by making a box out of pizza (bottom centre). Other examples include a box that is perforated so that each slice has its own 'plate' (top centre); a bag with holes in so that the pizza box lies flat on the way home (top right); a circular box so the pizza fits inside perfectly (bottom right); and a box which tells you the right way round to carry your pizza home (bottom left).

Stress can bring on or worsen vision problems and even lead to blindness because of conditions like glaucoma and diabetes, according to research by Magdeburg University in Germany.

Don't worry so much about forgetting pieces of information, because each time you do and (eventually) remember it, the memory actually becomes stronger, UCLA researchers discovered.

The bill passed in the Senate Tuesday by a vote of 52-29 to end the 90-year prohibition. The law makes Canada the second country to have a legal marijuana market, behind Uruguay.

A billboard outside of Vega, Texas, tells liberals to continue driving on I-40 'until you have left out GREAT STATE OF TEXAS'. It is unclear who paid for the billboard and how long it's been up.

Almost 2,000 more left-wing extremists were considered by German authorities to be potentially violent, up 27 per cent to about 9,000, and violent crimes soared to 1,648 from 876..

A Chinese zookeeper has been accused of abusing a 12-year-old male panda, named Wei Wei. Panda lovers claimed the animal was so sick because of the zoo's negligence its nose had turned to pink.

The supermodel mother-of-two presented a 'guide to get beach body ready' on ITV's This Morning during which she revealed her tips and tricks to lose weight by skipping meals and cutting out foods.

Incredible photos capture the unusual lives of prisoners who cannot remember their crimes 

Every state is grappling with prisoners aging, since inmate medical costs amount to $3 billion a year. Medical care for inmates over 65 costs $8,500 per year, compared to $950 for younger inmates. In California the rate of prisoners over 60 has soared from 1% in 1996 to 7% in 2016. Reuters visited two California prisons which are considering setting up specific units to care for dementia-stricken inmates.

Police in Greenville, South Carolina said Michael Vines is prohibited from possessing a firearm but was spotted tossing a fully loaded revolver away after being in a crash.

The Rivet brand, which is available exclusively on Amazon, features affordable and versatile pieces that are ideal for smaller spaces.

The Australian study by PayPal proved 'retail therapy' was real with the majority of respondents claiming treating themselves to a small gift had a big impact on their wellbeing.

Researchers from the University of Queensland found triclosan, a chemical found in many everyday hygiene products, stops E.coli infections responding to antibiotics after 30 days.

This undated photo obtained by The Associated Press shows a drawing of a detainee being abused at a prison in Yemen run by the United Arab Emirates. The Arabic reads: "This is how prisoners were forced to be naked." Emirati officers are sexually torturing and abusing hundreds of Yemeni men held without trial in secret prisons run by the key U.S. ally. Detainees smuggled letters and drawings to the AP, detailing their latest horrors of mass sexual abuses and humiliations at the hands of Emirati officers. (AP Photo)

Smuggled from the Beir Ahmed prison in Aden, Yemen, the drawings offer a grim glimpse into a hidden world of flagrant human rights abuses by UAE officers acting with impunity.

An illegal immigrant who was taken into custody Saturday for the murder of a prostitute in Miami also confessed to killing another prostitute whose body was found three months ago, police said.

Cassandra Olholm, 27, from Cairns, recently dispelled the myth that you can create a six pack in a short amount of time - confessing it took her five years to get the abs she wanted.

Father films his daughter every WEEK for 18 YEARS - showing how she transformed from a tiny baby into a confident woman in an emotional video 

Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has created a brilliant timelapse video of his daughter Lotte, starting from shortly after she was born on October 28, 1999 (pictured top left) and recording her every year since. You can see her at the age of three (pictured top centre) and at the age of ten (pictured top right). She gets braces at the age of 14 (pictured bottom left) before the camera snaps her shortly after her latest birthday, at the age of 18 (bottom right).

The 61-year-old who was born in North Carolina, but now lives in the UK, claimed  that the negotiating of a sexual encounter has become so tedious she'd rather play Scrabble.

Inmates at Manila City Jail are crammed together like the sardines they eat every day in their meager meals, taking turns to sleep on a damp, open floor side-by-side in the boiling hot cell blocks.

Brazilian photographer Aisse Gaertner, from Rio de Janeiro, snapped the remarkable photo in Brazil's Reserva Ecologia de Guapiaco (REGUA) last October.

The health and safety brigade will be going berserk after spotting this painful video of a man falling from a ladder in St. Louis, Missouri.

WhatsApp has confirmed plans to drop support for iOS 7 and Android Gingerbread users worldwide, leaving phone owners unable to send or receive texts via the popular messaging app.

Hero father pulls his son from the burning wreck of his racing car after rushing onto the track after crash 

An out of control driver had to be rescued by his father after getting trapped in his burning car while racing around the track at South Boston Speedway in Virginia. Mike Jones spiralled out of control and was sent crashing into the walls after he collided into another motorist, before his car went up in flames.

The actor made the stunning remarks on Twitter after wrapping up the last leg of his 35 city European tour on Sunday. He made the insult to the people of Hasselt, Belgium.

Solar system's largest supervolcano could have created mysterious rock formation on Mars

The Medusae Fossae Formation, an unusual deposit of soft rock near Mars's equator, could be the product of volcanic eruptions, say researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. The findings mean Medusae Fossae, which is one-fifth as large as the continental United States and covers almost ten times the area of the United Kingdom, could be the largest explosive volcanic deposit in the solar system. Scientists first observed the formation (left and bottom right, circled) with Nasa's Mariner spacecraft in the 1960s but were perplexed as to how it formed. The formation of the Medusae Fossae (top right) would have marked a pivotal point in Mars' history and permanently altered the climate of the red planet.

A man was caught on video kicking a kitten 'like a field goal' on the field of Center High School in Kansas City to impress a friend, who is heard cheering him on and laughing.

The estate presumably became expendable to the Corpus Christi, Texas native after she and Bastón plunked down $13.5 million for a home in the luxe Beverly Crest neighborhood nearby.

A 17-year-old boy has been killed by police in East Pittsburgh after trying to evade arrest. The boy and two others were reportedly involved in a traffic stop after an earlier drive-by shooting.

Models Isabelle and Olivia Mathers, from the Gold Coast, aren't identical - although they do share a passion for sushi trains and enjoy frolicking in the ocean. Olivia opened up to FEMAIL about her diet.

Fans of the 'Samurai Blue' were filmed cleaning up after their team beat Columbia 2-1 at the Mordovia Arena in Saransk in their opening World Cup match.

Fortnite, which is available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch, has taken the world by storm and developer Epic Games is profiting handsomely.

Alicia Barber has ​bravely ​told how she must bathe her one-year-old son Jamison in household bleach to help him shed his skin due to a rare disease which has left him covered in scales.

Snake haste! Police officers halt traffic to help a snake cross a busy Virginia street

Video filmed by Randy Leftwich shows the Roanoke, Virginia, officers stop traffic around the snake as they wait patiently for it to cross on Tuesday morning. Traffic on Franklin Road gets backed up before the snake makes its way over.

Last year, a total 33 terror attacks were reported on the continent and Britain - 10 of which were successful, killing 62 people, while the rest were foiled or failed, Europol said.

Social media experts at Reboot Digital Marketing, in London, created CVs for each of the Kardashian-Jenner clan according to their education, skills and experience to see what salary they would earn.

World Cup's furriest fan! Golden retriever watches Mexico beat Germany in adorable video

NEW A footy-mad pooch can't control his excitement when he watches the World Cup action on screen. Adorable golden retriever Little Pudding is seen getting into the football spirit as he tunes into the match on Sunday, where Germany played against Mexico.

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Stranded baby monkey is reunited with its parents by villagers who rescue it from a 20ft-deep well in heartwarming video

A baby monkey was rescued with the help of kindhearted villagers after it got stuck inside a 20ft-deep well. A group of apes had gone down the nearly-dried well in search of water in Maharashtra, India. After quenching its thirst, one of the monkeys appeared to get scared and didn't know how to climb back up again. It was then that the villagers came to its rescue after dropping a rope tied to a wooden block outside the well in order to help the monkey climb out.

The Government Railway Police (GRP) in Puri, India, said they discovered the woman's head on the track at Delanga, around 20 miles away from Puri station, and found her body soon after.

The annual contest to find the world's ugliest dog will take place at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petluma, California, with entrants coming from far and wide.

Despicable thug laughs as he hits a tiny puppy off the roof of a car by swinging a piece of wood like a baseball bat 

Video shot in Guyana shows him playing with the dog before grabbing the piece of wood and striking the oblivious pup, sending it flying several metres. The badly injured animal lay motionless while the man enthusiastically celebrated his swing and his friend filming the vile act laughed hysterically.


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Ukranian teenagers DELIBERATELY jump under a subway train for a stunt in horrifying video

lay between the tracks just before a train arrived. The foolhardy incident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone at the Dvorets Sporta station on the Metro in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. Footage shows the young men, both wearing shorts and T-shirts, hop down from the platform and lie down, one in front of the other, between the tracks.

The chances of New Zealand's Mount Taranaki, on the west coast of the North Island, has doubled over the last five years experts have warned.

Britain’s earliest sex workers to be photographed by police have been revealed in a collection of mugshots taken more than 100 years ago by police in Birmingham.

Shocking moment pet owner 'walks' her puppy by forcefully dragging it along a road and flinging it in the air by its neck 

This is the distressing moment a cruel woman lifts her puppy in mid-air by a leash and drags it along a road in southwest China. The unnamed woman was stopped by a passer-by as she was spotted flinging the small pooch in the air on the street of Sichuan Province. The dog, said to have been bought from the woman, was taken to a veterinary clinic for checkups and believed to be unharmed.



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