With banks just a phone call away, people these days prefer to get information regarding their bank account sitting in their homes or offices only. Customer can access their account information on IVRS as they dial on the bank’s phone number. On selecting Account related information, IVRS provides several option and the customer can select the option according to his need. In case the customer do not find a specific option regarding his number he can press the number that will lead to operator. With IVRS installed bank can provide following account related option


  • Current balance
    This menu gives information about the outstanding balance of the customer account. Customers also have choice to get details of previous records.
  • Deposits
    In this menu customer gets information about the last deposit clearance. They can also get details of deposits such as date, amount and clearance status etc. They can also access the information regarding last three deposits. Here the status of deposit
  • Withdrawals
    Much similar to option above, here customer get details regarding the withdrawal carried over his accounts. Customer gets details about the amount withdrawn, date and mode of withdrawal
  • Bank statement 
    Customers also have option of to get their bank statement on IVRS. Customer can enter the month period for which they want bank statement and the mode by which they want the statement to be delivered.

    Depending upon the bank needs and requirement we can add or eliminate the options in IVRS anytime the banks feel to get it done






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