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'I can't do it, babe': Transcript shows how pregnant girlfriend resisted shooting her

Monalisa Perez, 20, shot and killed her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, in June 2017 while filming a YouTube stunt for his channel in Minnesota. Newly released transcripts show Perez hesitating to shoot and Ruiz urging her to do so while he held an encyclopedia to his chest. 'I can't do it, babe. I'm so scared,' then-pregnant Perez said. 'As long as you hit the book, you'll be fine. Come on,' Ruiz says back to her. Portions of the fatal video were released and show Ruiz addressing the camera saying he was ready to die.

Five teens escape charges after laughing and mocking man, 31, as he drowned to death in horrific video they shamelessly posted on social media

Florida State Attorney Phil Archer said on Friday that he will not criminally charge four juveniles and one adult for failing to help 31-year-old Jamel Dunn at a Cocoa retention pond last July. Archer pointed out that no Florida law requires a person to provide emergency assistance under the facts of this case. Such a law was proposed during this year's state legislative session but failed to pass. Dunn's death received international attention last year after a viral video showed the teens laughing at him as he drowned.

The Navy has generated a plan for a series of massive tent cities including one that could hold 47,000 immigrants.

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Raymond McGavin, 19, has gone missing after attending a U2 concert in Virginia on Sunday June 17. After the concert he missed the last Metro train from DC back to his home in Springfield.

Netflix fired its top spokesman on Friday, after he said the n-word twice during meetings. CEO Reed Hastings told employees he showed 'unacceptably low racial awareness'

A Roseburg, Oregon nurse was arrested and charged in her one-year-old daughter's hot car death on Thursday.

Trump parades families 'permanently separated' by illegal immigrants

President Donald Trump attempted to change the conversation about 'family separation' on Friday to the American citizens who will never see their relatives again because they were murdered by illegal immigrants. Sabine Durden, a face case of the White House event, recalled how an illegal immigrant from Guatemala killed her son, Dominic, in a July 2012 drunk driving incident. Her 23-year-old son's killer had two previous DUIs on his record and was protected by a sanctuary city in Riverside, California, she said. 'I was gonna end my life. I had no purpose. But President Trump coming down that escalator that day and talking about illegal immigration stopped me in my track,' she said of Trump's 2015 campaign announcement. 'And I had no clue at that point, that I would ever be at the White House.' 

Campos-Duffy was on Fox with Laura Ingraham last night discussing the outrage over Trump's zero tolerance policy which has seen more than 2,000 children ripped from their parents.

The president's Twitter explosion followed a myth-busting DailyMail.com interview with the father of a toddler who was not separated from her mother despite news stories suggesting otherwise.

Former Pussycat Dolls singer comes under fire for saying immigrant children look like

Former Pussycat Dolls member, Kaya Jones (left), has come under fire for her 'racist' comment likening innocent immigrant children (right) to child soldiers of the MS-13 gang. 'These look like soldiers to me MS13 soldiers,' Jones tweeted (inset) in the caption of a photo initially shared by Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti. 'But the left will have you believe they are babies being ripped from their mothers arms. Babies don’t have facial hair!' she added, though none of the boys have facial hair in the photo she shared. Avenatti posted the heartbreaking photo of the teens at the McAllen Miller International Airport on Wednesday. The next morning, Jones shared the photo along with her comment, which drew backlash from several Twitter users.

Cynthia Nixon reveals daughter Samantha is now son Samuel on TDOA

The 52-year-old shared a picture of herself at Samuel's graduation from The University of Chicago (left). She wrote: 'I'm so proud of my son Samuel Joseph Moses (called Seph) who graduated college this month.' Samuel was born Samantha  in November 1996 to Cynthia and her then-partner, schoolteacher Danny Mozes. Cynthia and Danny had another son, and Cynthia also has a third son with her wife, Christine Marinoni. The Instagram post marks the first time that Cynthia has publicly shared that her son Samuel is transgender (pictured top right in August 2014). Cynthia, 52, is currently running for governor of New York.

The employee, who has not been identified, was found unconscious June 1 outside the stadium's housing unit in Belmont Park, just east of JFK airport, where they lived. They died days later.

A drug bust at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in Georgia led to half of the crew being taken into custody on Thursday on suspicion of selling and possession of methamphetamine.

Horrifying moment a Bronx boy, 15, is dragged from a bodega by a group of men and slashed in the neck with a machete before bleeding to death

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Surveillance video shows a group of men dragging Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, out of a bodega in The Bronx on Wednesday night and repeatedly stabbing him with knives and machetes after a dispute. The high school student tried to run for help but collapsed on the sidewalk and bled to death from a wound in his neck.

Anthony Avalos, 10, died Thursday after suffering serious injuries from what his mother said was a fall. However, Los Angeles County police are are investigating his death as 'suspicious'.

Cedella Roman, 19, was jogging on a Canadian beach when she 'accidentally' crossed over into the United States whereupon she was detained for two weeks 120 miles away in Tacoma

Abby Lee Miller gets fresh air in her wheelchair in LA... in first sighting since cancer

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller got some fresh air and sunshine on Friday in her first public sighting since being diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, in April. The recovering 51-year-old choreographer was feeling well enough to leave her hospital bed and take a stroll in her electric wheelchair at a cancer rehab center.

Thomas Traficante, 23, from New York, has been jailed for four years after posting his ex-girlfriend's information on prostitution sites and mailing drugs to her university after they broke up.

Astrophysicists from the University of Portsmouth studied a galaxy named ESO 325-G004, around 450 million light years away, to put Einstein's theories to the test.

The extraordinary reason for Prince William's visit to Israel

Alice, who caused a sensation striding through the Queen’s Coronation dressed as a nun, died peacefully in 1969 at the age of 84. For some years her remains were kept at St George’s Chapel. But now she will be visited by her great-grandson Prince William (pictured inset with his grandfather Prince Philip) who is set to visit Israel. Prince Philip (pictured left with his mother as a boy and inset with his mother at a wedding) was close to his family despite living hundreds of miles a part. But his relatives were not without their controversies. His four sisters (pictured right) grew up to marry Nazis.

Meghan Markle was spotted at Royal Ascot with Prince Harry and The Queen on Wednesday. Fans couldn't stop buzzing about her outfit, specifically her ill-fitting black leather heels.

The opening of Royal Ascot on Tuesday was Prince Edward and his wife Sophie's 19th wedding anniversary. But it was Meghan Markle who stole the show.

The Duchess of York, who divorced from Prince Andrew 22 years ago, could hardly contain her excitement as the Queen's carriage pulled up at Ascot, as she joined Beatrice and Andrew.

The Duchess of Sussex will join the Queen for their second engagement together in two weeks when she attends the t the Queen's Young Leader's awards on Tuesday.

Live next door to Oprah! Rob Lowe lists his Montecito mansion for $47 Million

Actor Rob Lowe (center) and his wife, jewelry designer Sheryl Lowe, are selling their Montecito mansion, located in California next door to the home of Oprah Winfrey, for $47 million. The move is thanks in part to their sons moving out. The property boasts 20 rooms in the main house alone (top, left), that spans nearly 10,000 square feet. Special features include a pool (top, right) and pool house, a piano bar (bottom, left) and lots of outdoor seating and areas to entertain (bottom, right).

In 2015, Hanna Bouveng, 28, accused Wall Street executive Benjamin Wey in an $850 million lawsuit of using his power to coerce her into four sexual encounters before firing her.

James Rynerson, 38, thought his luck was in when he walked out of a Colorado jail for mistaken identity. His wife wasn't impressed, and drove him back to jail where he faces new charges.

Why Hollywood's reeling over Johnny Depp's 'career suicide note'

Johnny Depp will surely come to regret the narcissistic impulse which led him to ask a Rolling Stone magazine journalist to come and spend a few days with him. The resulting 10,000-word profile, published on Thursday, was intended to counter a long article about his disastrous finances in the Hollywood Reporter magazine, and to prove he is the victim of larcenous management. Instead it reads like a long suicide note — to his career by a man now crippled by drink and drug abuse. Shockingly, he characterises his late mother Betty Sue (right) as a ‘bitch on wheels’ and ‘perhaps the meanest woman’ he has ever met. Also pictured: Amber Heard (inset).

Terrelle Johnson, of Mississippi, has been charged with first-degree murder after telling deputies that he choked and decapitated his guidance counselor mother, Sherry Johnson.

Chief Justice John Roberts, joined by the US court's four liberals, wrote that 'an individual maintains a legitimate expectation of privacy in the record of his physical movements'.

Convicted armed robber Rafaela Vasquez was watching her phone for five seconds before the crash and only looked up 0.5 seconds before hitting the pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

Mom, 22, jailed for 25 years after horrific stabbing burning murder of her childhood

A 22-year-old mother has been sentenced to 25 years behind bars with no parole after the grisly murder of her childhood friend in December 2015. Marissa Shephard (right and inset) was found guilty by jury last month of first-degree murder and arson with disregard for human life for her part in the murder of her 18-year-old childhood friend, Baylee Wylie (left). The court was told Wylie had been found battered, bruised and dead, beneath a mattress by firefighters inside Shephard's burning home in Canada on December 17, CBC reported.

Missing toddler, 2, is found in woods after police follow paw prints

Police are crediting a Michigan family's dog for leading them to a lost toddler after the small child went missing for several hours earlier in the week. Dominic Peake told the Detroit Free Press t hat he was thrown into a panic after realizing that his two-year-old had escaped from the Paw Paw family home early Wednesday morning. Peake said that he called the Van Buren County Police Department after searching the property and the surrounding cornfields, woods and swamps,  managing only to find his small son's sippy cup.

Timothy Grantham, 34, from Georgia, as been charged with second-degree child cruelty and reckless conduct for allegedly keeping his two-year-old daughter living in deplorable conditions.

Michael J. Friday, who was due to appear on the second episode of the reality show, allegedly facilitated the rape of a Milwaukee woman last November.

The Atlanta-based carrier says that from July 10, it will no longer be accepting the dogs on any of its services due to safety fears following biting incidents involving staff and passengers.

Parents sue Arizona city for $9million after 16-month-old son killed by automatic fire

Sixteen-month-old Joseph 'Joey' Reiss was crushed to death by the automatic doors of a Scottsdale Fire Station on February 3. His parents Dan and Courtney Reiss filed a notice of claim for $9million on Thursday for the wrongful death of their only child and emotional distress caused to the mother, according to the notice. The child was suddenly killed after succumbing to brain and skull injuries after he got stuck in the electric folding doors at the station. A police report from April says there was no criminal wrongdoing in incident.

EXCLUSIVE: Phillip Gower, of Simpson Millar solicitors, has teamed up with a US attorney, who has won a string of court victories for women who have developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma.

Jurors found Francis 'Cadillac Frank' Salemme guilty of strangling Steven DiSarro after a case that served as a flashback to the days when La Cosa Nostra was a force to be feared in New England.

FBI agent Sally Moyer is seen for the first time after her identity was revealed

Sally Moyer, 44, who was named as the FBI agent who traded anti-Trump texts, was seen leaving her Washington D.C. home for the first time since her identity was revealed. Moyer declined to discuss the controversy when approached by DailyMail.com. In the 568-page inspector report released last Friday. Moyer was identified only as 'Agent 5', but her name was released by Congressman Mark Meadows during a congressional hearing this week. At the time of the texts, she was on the 'filter team' for the Clinton probe - a small team that determined whether information could be used in the investigation. The report showed she texted 'f**k Trump,' called President Trump's voters 'retarded' and vowed to quit 'on the spot' if he won the election. Also unmasked by Congressman Meadows was Kevin Clinesmith, 36, identified as 'Attorney 2' in the IG report who was found to have sent similar messages (bottom right).

General Motors will manufacture the new Chevrolet Blazer SUV in Mexico, a spokesman for the automaker said, despite criticism by Trump over making vehicles abroad.

Michael Cohen, an attorney to the president until feds raided his home and office, reportedly reviewed articles and photos related to Trump before they appeared in the National Enquirer.

Democrats and Republicans agree presidents should not pardon themselves and majorities of Americans in both parties believe Congress should impeach that president, poll finds.

White House senior advisor Stephen Miller has made antagonized some Republicans as the architect of the hard-line immigration policy that forced President Trump to make a U-turn this week.

The ACLU is downgrading its defense of free speech when it comes to defending hate groups because that type of talk can harm 'marginalized' groups, it was revealed in a leaked memo.

How Karen Pence rebuffed the VP-elect when he tried to KISS her after win

Karen Pence 'looked as though she were at a funeral' as state after state came in for the Trump campaign, according to 'Born Trump: Inside America's First Family.' The juicy new book also claims that Kellyanne Conway was the only person foolish to become the Trump campaign manager because everyone knew Jared Kushner was rally the boss. It also dishes new details about the notorious encounter between Trump's first wife Ivana and then mistress, Marla Maples, at a ski resort in Aspen in 1989. At Bonnie's restaurant, the three young Trump children witnessed their mother's ugly confrontation with their father's mistress.

Nikki Haley launched a fresh attack on the U.N. Human Rights Council she pulled out of this week for a report into 'extreme poverty' in the U.S. which she called 'misleading and politically motivated'.

Dennis Hof, 71, may be America's best-known pimp. Now he looks set to win a seat as a Republican in the Nevada legislature with the blessing of many conservative Christian voters.

Can you spot the drowning child? Terrifying video shows lifeguard saving a little girl in crowded pool

Terrifying footage shows a quick-thinking lifeguard rescue a little girl who was slowly drowning in a crowded pool. The youngster can be seen repeatedly disappearing under artificial waves in the 90-second clip, believed to have been filmed in the US. She thrashes her arms around while desperately trying to keep her head above the water before a lifeguard spots the distressed child and dives in to help.

Police dug up the remains of Edvin Escobar Mendez, 17, and Sergio Arita Triminio, 14, at Holmes Run Park, Virginia, in March 2017 after receiving a tip off about their whereabouts.

REVEALED: Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor died of an MDMA overdose and had horse tranquilizer ketamine in his system on board a Royal Caribbean gay cruise

New toxicology reports revealed that Storm Chasers star Joel Taylor died from an ecstasy overdose on board a cruise ship in January. TMZ also reported traces of ketamine were found in his system but the official cause of death is MDMA poisoning. Taylor was a star of Discovery Channel's reality TV series Storm Chasers and found dead in his cabin on board Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas in Puerto Rico while on a week-long all-gay voyage.

University of Texas researchers found that votes for Trump and long-term opioid use were both more common among low-income areas in poor mental and physical health.

The Keystone virus, first identified in Tampa in 1964, is spread by Aedes atlanticus mosquitoes - a cousin of the mosquito that spreads Zika. It took more than a year to diagnose the Florida boy.


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Chrissy Teigen slammed for posing with Trump supporter Shania Twain

Chrissy, 32, took to Instagram and Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of herself with 'legend' Shania Twain on set of Lip Sync Battle. Shania, 52, made a guest appearance on the competition show to watch Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough pay tribute to her with their performances. In April, the Canadian country star said in an interview that she would have voted for Donald Trump for president if she could, but she later apologized on Twitter. Chrissy's fans criticized her for promoting a 'Trump supporter,' with many using the title of Shania's hit 'That Don't Impress Me Much' to bash the photo.

The period-proof underwear brand Thinx has launched a Period Sex Blanket that is made to absorb all types of liquid, including menstrual fluid, semen, and lubricant.

A study by One Poll asked 2,000 people about how often they think about travel. It found that Americans spend over 113 hours every year thinking about it.

Jose Trinidad Tavarez, 51, is the handyman and security guard of Oasis Christian Church in Santa Ana, California. He has been charged with molesting a four-year-old girl on Father's Day.

The Philadelphia 76ers drafted Villanova's Mikal Bridges, a local player whose mother works as the team's vice president of human resources. Then, 46 minutes later, the 76ers dealt him to Phoenix.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Preethi Daniel, from London Doctors Clinic, claims people need to use a shot glass worth of sun cream on their ears, forehead, nose, arms and legs to avoid dangerous burns.

Every leadership role in the municipal criminal justice system in the newly established Georgia city of South Fulton is held by a black woman, from chief judge and interim Police Chief to courtroom clerk.

Matteo Salvini said the ship, operated by the German aid group Mission Lifeline, had loaded the migrants in Libyan waters despite being told by the Italian coast guard to leave the rescues to Libya.

Adam Rippon poses nude in ESPN's Body Issue

The Olympian, 28, can be seen posing entirely nude in behind-the-scene images of the photo shoot released on Friday. Adam, a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, became the first openly gay athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics for the US during the PyeongChang Games in February this year, where he earned a bronze medal. For Adam, posing nude in front of the camera is a result of being able to embrace his whole identity - and an important part of that process was his coming out.

The FBI has released a study that aims to debunk the theory all mass shooters in the US are mentally ill. It found just 25 percent had been diagnosed among other curious statistics.

Intelligent snacking can be the gamechanger preventing unnecessary weight gain. Rob Hobson, Head of Nutrition at Healthspan, explains how he trains his clients to snack.

A rat tries to escape as Health Department workers place dry ice into rat burrows in New York's Sara D. Roosevelt Park on June 7, 2018

A snout and two little black eyes pop out from the hole, too late: A foot already covers them and the hole will be quickly filled with dry ice.This new...

Scientists at British biotech firm Oxitec are infecting female mosquitoes (the only ones that bite) with a hereditary gene that means their offspring cannot survive outside a lab.

Cash incentives makes people more likely to overestimate the probability of being correct, meaning they are less open to feedback, according to the University of Amsterdam.

Accused murderer cries in court during trial for 1983 race killing

Frank Gebhardt (right), 60, was seen wiping his eyes in a Georgia courtroom Friday while prosecutors played an audio recording of his police interview about the murder of 23-year-old Timothy Coggins (left). Gebhardt and his brother-in-law are accused of stabbing, cutting and dragging the African-American man behind a pickup truck.

The 33-year-old rapper put his Pompton Plains home on the market for a cool $1.4million after initially purchasing the estate nearly five years ago for $995,000, according to Zillow .

Amid the royal baby boom, British etiquette expert William Hanson reveals how people without children can navigate their way through congratulating the proud parents on their new arrival.

After an initial question, Google Home owners based in the US can now ask a follow-up voice command without the need to use the wake phrase 'OK, Google' or 'Hey Google' again.

Scientists decoded the first historic genomes from the bacterium Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis and yaws. A research team examined five skeletons from colonial Mexico.

The soon-to-open Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City had to work quickly to fix a misspelling on a 30-foot-tall guitar installed this week after the word Rhythm was spelled Rhythem.

What it's like to be mauled by the world's biggest pit bull: Brave owner volunteers to be attacked by 175lbs Hulk

Shocking footage shows a 175lb pitbull launch an attack on his owner in a training exercise. The footage shows Marlon Grennan, 31, sitting in a chair wearing a bite suit as his dog can be seen snarling on a leash held by an assistant. The dog is then allowed off the leash and he is seen viciously biting his arm. Grennan runs a dog protection home in New Hampshire.

While much of the US grapples with a resurgence of anti-science rhetoric, students in the ExploraVision competition have been busy chipping away at projects to solve everyday problems.

Debby Zutant, 50, and Joe Burns, 36, got married in 2015 after living secretly as a couple for more than 10 years. They have separated for the time being and are living apart in Key West, Florida.

Melisa Aquino Arias, 23, has admitted to a monthlong crime spree across two states, including an attempted bank robbery where she and another woman dressed as nuns.

British medical consultant Dr Sarah Brewer and dietitian Juliette Kellow say a tablespoon of olive oil each day could reduce the risk of getting cancer or heart disease because it contains antioxidants.

Scientists at Queen's University Belfast said the flash was so luminous they initially thought it was in our own galaxy, with one researcher claiming 'there hasn't really been another object like this.' (Stock)

Primrose Freestone, a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology at the University of Leicester, explains what scientists know about the art of squatting over a toilet.

A Syrian girl has prosthetic legs made by her father out of tin cans and pieces of cloth. Maya, 8, was born without lower limbs and is living with her father in a displacement camp in Idlib.

Massachusetts police post hysterical photo of pickup truck overloaded with furniture

State Trooper Joel Daoust spotted the precarious load on Wednesday in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he pulled the driver over to the shoulder on Interstate 91 to discuss the matter. Photos shared by the Massachusetts State Police on Facebook show the red pickup truck brimming with what appears to be old classroom furniture. The precarious load includes chairs, filing cabinets, a desk and a projector cart.

Police in Brooklyn, New York are searching for a deranged man who cut off his wife's arm and two fingers before disappearing. Cops say that they want to talk to Yong Lu, 35 in the attack.

Electric car maker Tesla Inc's move last week to cut 9 percent of its workforce will sharply downsize the residential solar business it bought two years ago

As part of the deal, Elon Musk's aerospace company will launch a classified military satellite atop the world's most powerful operational rocket, the Falcon Heavy, in 2020.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard researchers conducted the largest ever investigation into genetic links between 25 brain disorders. They delved into the genomes of one million patients.

A Chattanooga, Tennessee woman, Cliftina Jones, 60 has pleaded guilty to leaving a disabled man in a transport van where he died from hyperthermia and dehydration.

Father Jacques Lacroix, 89, has spoken out after footage of him slapping a crying infant during a Christening in Champeaux, near Melun, went viral across social media.

Russian singer Vlad Topalov takes photo of woman ice cream in London sparks fat-shaming

Former boy band star Vlad Topalov, 33, was in London with his TV presenter girlfriend (pictured together left) when he posted a picture of himself with a local woman who was unaware she was being photographed (pictured with him right). His caption read: 'I was hysterical when I watched how much ice cream she was buying !!! Well, really ... why does she take so much? Honestly?' He was hit by an instant spate of outrage from his 141,000 subscribers, prompting him to delete the caption, and instead issue an 'apology' that only made matters worse. Meanwhile, his 28 year old girlfriend Regina Todorenko - a major Russian celebrity and signer who is suspected of taking the offensive picture - has remained conspicuously silent.

Hillary Harris, 31, from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, knew her sibling was called Dawn Johnson. Dawn, 50, confirmed her suspicions that they did indeed share the same father

The incidents, the latest of which occurred within the last two weeks, have all taken place around the highly militarized and disputed East China Sea, according to a spokesman for the US military.

San Francisco-based firm Smyte was created by a team of ex-Google and Instagram engineers, and counted a number of high-profile online services among its clients, including TaskRabbit.

The rebellion by influential coders dubbed the 'Group of Nine', which led to the 'air gap' program being suspended, was driven by anger at Google using its know-how to help the US government wage war.

The 252-foot SeaXplorer 77, from Dutch ship builders Damen, has been commissioned by an unnamed client who has a passion for the outdoors and wants to use the choppers for heliskiing.

Shelby May, 24, has been charged with DUI after her car flipped and crash landed at a gas station in Flowood, Mississippi. Surveillance footage captured the dramatic moment.

Is this Leonardo da Vinci's earliest surviving work? Self-portrait as Archangel Gabriel

Experts believe that tile may be the earliest known work of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci, as scientific analysis revealed the words 'da Vinci Leonardi' and the year 1471. While cleaning out their house, a family in Italy happened upon a glazed terracotta tile, showing a profile image of the Archangel Gabriel.

The billboard overlooks Interstate 80 near San Francisco. It was put there by a junk removal company and originally said: 'We make junk disappear' above their phone number.

Blue Origin Senior Vice President Rob Meyerson said 'we plan to start flying our first test passengers soon.' and will start selling tickets in 2019, although the firm is yet to say how much flights will cost.

Video captures the shocking moment a nurse in pink scrubs beats up a woman by bashing her head into a parking meter in footage believed to have been filmed in the US.

The men, who had been on a hunting expedition in the Lithuanian countryside, filmed the enraged animal thrashing around in the boot of their vehicle after it suddenly 'woke up' after they had loaded the car.

Incredible photos by young cancer patients offer heart-wrenching look into how they cope

Nadja, 16 (left), has always loved to be in front of the camera. But when she was battling Hodgkin's lymphoma at at 15, she discovered the power of taking photos through the Pablove Foundation's Shutterbug program (inset). She is one of 23 out of the 1,500 students that have come through the program whose stunning artwork (right) hung in the foundation's gallery this month. The Pablove Foundation encourages students in its 'advanced' class, like Nadja, to find healing through photography, and donates all proceeds from print sales to research institutions studying childhood cancer.

Lisa Marie Presley has added her vocals to her father's recording of Where No One Stands Alone, which is the title track of the 93rd posthumous compilation album featuring The King.

American Twitter user AliceLfc4 shared the exchange she had with her son after her kissed a girl at daycare. Most people have praised her, but she has had a few critics.

Mother with pancreatic cancer meets lawmakers on Capitol Hill with plea for more research

Camille Moses, 58 (pictured), is among the nine percent of all people who survive past five years after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Her first doctor told her the disease would killer her in eight months. But her boyfriend, Peter Catallo (left of right) and daughter (far right) urged her to get a second opinion. She went from her home in Hollywood, Florida to the University of Miami where she was treated with an aggressive chemotherapy (right). Now, she has been cancer free for more than five years and advocates tirelessly for more research on the disease so that more sufferers get the second chance she has.

Pope Francis talks with journalists on board the flight to Rome as he returns from a one-day visit to Geneva, Switzerland, Thursday, June 21, 2018. Francis journeyed Thursday to the well-heeled city of Geneva to encourage all Christians, despite their differences, to join in efforts to foster justice and fight poverty while the rich grow "ever more wealthy." (Ciro Fusco/Pool Photo via AP)

Italy's new government is trying to reduce arrivals of rescued migrants, but the Pope praised both Italy and Greece for being 'most generous' in taking in migrants rescued at sea.

Police in Philadelphia say the devices are made by made by stuffing a cardboard tube with a flammable element and a wick and have been used in a series of attempts to rob ATMs.

Terrence Roquemore, 24, has been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting an officer after causing a scene at a Louisiana casino.

Jatha Devi (pictured), 25, from Rajasthan, India, was taken to hospital by her husband, but when her condition did not improve her relatives claimed she was possessed by evil spirits.

Group of men fight off massive python with sticks and their bare hands after it tightly coiled itself around a dog and tried to strangle it to death

Incredible footage has emerged of the desperate fight to save a dog from being strangled to death and eaten by a massive python. A group of men were filmed doing all they can to fight to the massive reptile coiled tightly around the dog, who eventually stops struggling and is presumed dead. But the men don't give up

Reinhard Hardegen was one of the most successful commanders during Operation Drumbeat, when Nazi submarines attacked merchant ships along the east coast of North America.

Colombian reporter Julieth Gonzalez Theran was working for German news channel Deutsche Welle, in the Russian city of Saransk, when the man grabbed her breast and kissed her on the cheek.

University of Alberta paleontologists discovered a new species of marine lizard. It lived 70 to 75 million years ago in shallow waters and was found in Puglia, Italy.

Blogger sues NY Soho House after it denied her emotional support dog

Fashion blogger Hyun Jae Jung, also known as Miju Bijou claims she was kicked out of NYC's posh private members' club Soho House after bringing her French bulldog, Pizza Giovannino (pictured). Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com, show Bijou, a creative director for blog Bag Girl Problems, is now seeking compensatory damages for 'unlawful discrimination.' Bijou states that she has a disability recognized by a licensed psychiatrist and is authorized by a licensed doctor to use Pizza for support and companionship. She arrived at the club on May 20 and was asked to show 'what your dog does of service to you,' before being asked to leave. Bijou claims that the following day she was notified that they were ending her membership at the club and that she would not receive a refund of the seven months of access she had left.

Former world No 1 Greg Norman has bared all in a cheeky magazine photo shoot for ESPN's Body Issue. The 63-year-old, a two-time major winner, works hard on staying in prime physical shape.

Nothing brightens up a dull day at the office like the arrival of an adorable four-legged co-worker. UK dog lovers have been bringing their pets in to the workplace to mark Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

The bizarre images show the average face of each player on every World Cup team and were created using software the identified the players' unique facial features and combined them.

The University of Michigan created a computer that is just 0.3 mm long. The 'microdevice' will lose all programming and data once it loses power. It is too small to receive data from a radio antenna.

Miguel Luna, 68, was arrested on June 11 in El Paso and charged with aggravated assault of a child for allegedly molesting and eventually raping a young female alter server.

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The starfish that can WALK: Beach-goer captures sea creature crawling along the sand

Mesmerising footage shows a starfish slowly crawling along a sandy beach. It uses its elegant tentacles to gracefully glide along in the 70-second clip, which was captured on Jupiter Island in Florida, USA. Flexing and contracting its nine legs in perfect harmony, it gradually makes its way across the sandbar during low tide.

California-based startup Creator has built a machine that can cook patties, toast buns, squirt the sauce and assemble your burger in just five minutes. It's set to debut to the public in September.

Argentina's defeat against Croatia on Thursday evening seemed like a death knell for their World Cup hopes. The 3-0 loss and the earlier 1-1 draw against Iceland has put them in a difficult position.

Mummified remains of a 2,000-year-old 'sleeping beauty' buried in lavish clothes and carrying gifts for the afterlife emerge from a Russian reservoir

The woman's body (right image) - including the partial remains of her silk skirt (left and centre images) and a pouch of pine nuts on her chest - was uncovered on the shoreline of the River Yenisei in southern Russia when a nearby reservoir experienced a significant drop in water level. She was accidentally mummified as her impervious stone tomb naturally preserved her body. Scientists believe several high-value items found in the grave, including a gemstone buckle on a beaded belt and a Chinese-style mirror found in the woman's make-up box, were placed there to accompany her to the afterlife. Archaeologists speculate she was a young 'Hun woman' and hope to understand more about her life as they continue to analyse the well-preserved remains.