Hoffman and Paige met socially when he was in the UK filming Agatha with Vanessa Redgrave

It's 1977 and Elaine Paige's career is flatlining. After appearing aged 20 in the seminal musical Hair, in 1968, there had been sporadic small jobs but not the uplift she'd been hoping for

Just like Hannibal Smith in The A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together. But if I'm absolutely honest, there's also a certain pleasure in watching a plan fall apart too.

'Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life,' says Miss Jean Brodie in Muriel Spark's much-loved 1961 novel.

And so to The Nut Tree Inn in Murcott, a Michelin-starred pub with a pretty pond, thatched roof, clubby leather sofas and its own house cider

Zoe Ball

From being spooked as a teenager by Agatha Christie whodunnits to chuckling over a collection of Jeeves and Wooster books that her dad Johnny gave her, Zoe Ball has always loved reading

It's a story as old as marriage itself: he strays, she finds out, she fumes, he says sorry, they muddle through (and the roles may well be reversed).

Grange Park opened its second season at the magnificent La Scala-inspired 'Theatre In The Woods' in Bamber Gascoigne's Surrey garden with Oklahoma! Good.

Summer has been swirling around, as capricious as the bubbles in a glass of fizz - there one moment, the next, whoosh, your allocation has vanished!

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Haunts Of The Black Masseur is one of those eccentric works that might have enjoyed a brief cult following, only to vanish beneath the waves of other, more conventional and upright books

Boney M were superstars in the Seventies, selling 80 million records and scoring enormous hits with singles such as 'Rasputin', 'Daddy Cool' and 'Brown Girl In The Ring'

The Royal Academy was planning its 250th anniversary celebrations - for 2018 - and seeking a way to ensure that its Summer Exhibition was an absolute barnstormer.


In 1895, in a concert hall off London's Regent Street, Victorian entrepreneur Robert Newman launched his own music festival, charging a shilling for a ticket

'You've broken the rule,' she said firmly. 'Yes,' I answered, making sure I gave direct eye contact. 'Because that's what you've taught women to do. I'm only following your lead.'

Madonna's romantic history features actors, pop stars, models, producers, sporting icons, film directors, sons of presidents. But most of them haven't managed to slow her down for long