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MPs vote 415 to 119 FOR a third runway at Heathrow

MPs tonight voted 415 to 119 in favour of expanding Heathrow with a third runway in an historic step toward ending a decades-long battle over airports. The vote comes in defiance of furious protests claiming a new runway will be a disaster for the environment and a million people living nearby. Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye hailed the vote as a 'great day' for Britain within moment of the result, which effectively gives outline planning permission for the runway. Construction of the £14billion project (main image) is still years of and will be subject to detailed planning and likely court challenges. Parliament's Central Lobby was briefly sealed off by police ahead of the vote as the Vote No Heathrow group (top right) chanted and laid on the floor to block MPs moving about. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was ridiculed during the four-hour debate after he flew to Afghanistan (inset with Afghan minister Hekmat Karzai) to avoid the vote.

Married Tory MP with three children 'had love child with aide'

Huw Merriman 44, (pictured) who has three kids with his current wife Victoria (pictured together bottom), has allegedly fathered a son with Dr Henrietta Morton-King, 29. The pair had an affair while she worked in his Westminster office in 2015, according to The Sun. A source said: 'Huw and Hetty started the affair while she was working as his assistant and it carried on after she moved to finish her medical training at Conquest Hospital, near Hastings. She later gave birth at the same hospital. Merriman was previously accused of telling a colleague he was turned on by her legs and wanted to marry her. The MP's name is not on the birth certificate and he has only visited the child a couple of times since the birth 20 months ago, the paper claims.

Football's global governing body said the FA faced punishment if England fans were caught making reference to the 2016 EU referendum in their match against Belgium on Thursday.

Police, paramedics and firefighters were called to Westport Lake, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, shortly before 5pm today after three kids became distressed while playing at the lake.

Sitting at her dinner table with friends, Angela Waters took a sip of red ‚ÄĒ a South American Malbec ‚ÄĒ and instantly felt her face flush. This is her story.

The suspect, who is not being named, is being held at the local police station for questioning by authorities over the deaths of Charlie Anderson, 74, and wife Gayle, 71, in Mount Pleasant, Jamaica.

Chloe Ayling: 'I considered having sex with kidnapper to stay alive'

NEW Chloe Ayling, 20, (left and right) was accused of faking her kidnap despite her attacker being jailed and her being found in a suitcase in Italy. The model revealed she tried to make her captor love her to stay alive. Miss Ayling, who is releasing a book about her ordeal in July revealed she stayed alive by hatching a plan to ensure her kidnapper fell for her. Lukasz Herba (inset top) was jailed for 16 years and ordered to pay the model £6,000 after her ordeal in 2017. She was found in a suitcase (inset bottom) outside the British Consulate in Milan after Herba released her.

A Reddit user shared a snap of the breakfast they'd paid £5.70 for from Friska at Luton Airport, comprised of a cardboard box containing two triangles of pale toast, and three soggy poached eggs.

UK weather: Britain to be hotter than Brazil this week

Britain sweated in the hottest day of the year so far today as temperatures made it all the way to 84.9F (29C). Forecasters expect the country to experience a heatwave hotter than Rio de Janeiro all week, and the scorching weather has already caused a large moor fire in Saddleworth (top centre) which could be seen 15 miles away in Manchester. The blaze began last night and was quickly brought under control ‚Äď but then started again this morning due to the heat and light winds. Meanwhile train commuters were warned by Great Western Railway that delays may be caused later this week by speed limits imposed as a safeguard against the tracks buckling. A new UK 2018 record temperature of 84.9F (29.4C) was set at St James's Park in London today. Pictured: Warm weather today in Exmouth, Devon (left), Green Park in London (top right) and Birmingham (bottom right).

The bodies of three men have been found at Beachy Head in East Sussex bringing the cliff's death toll to ten in a fortnight. The deaths are not currently believed to be connected.

Girls are currently offered the HPV jab at secondary school, which protects against the virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer. But doctors say this is already too late for some.

Greater Manchester policewoman and colleague jailed for using cocaine

Greater Manchester police officers Kerry Reeve, 36, (left and right) and fellow constable Adam Jackson (inset) snorted cocaine throughout their two year romance and swapped text messages about their drug use. Reeve, 36, was sentenced to 31 weeks in jail on Monday, while Jackson, also 36, was hit with 18 months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to taking cocaine and amphetamine. The court heard Jackson had a cocaine habit, using the Class A drug on a weekly basis and supplied the substance to Reeve, with whom he was having an affair with. Jackson was photographed snorting cocaine off Reeves' breast at a hotel in Blackpool, and the court saw text messages between the pair discussing if three grams of cocaine for £100 would be enough for one night.

The truth about Robbie Williams' real-life angel wife Ayda Field

Left to his own devices, Robbie Williams openly admits he would self sabotage. But his 39-year-old wife Ayda Field has kept his demons at bay since they married eight years ago (pictured together centre). A Turkish-American actress, Ayda has featured in cheesy U.S. soap Days Of Our Lives, and has made the occasional appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, of course. Showbiz is in Ayda’s blood. Born in Los Angeles, her mother Gwen, who spends weeks at a time with them at their homes in LA and in London, is a successful film producer. Pictured: The pair share spaghetti Lady And The Tramp style (top left), pose with props (top right), welcome their second child (bottom right) and enjoy an early night at home (bottom left).

Facebook has been widely recognized for the lengths it takes to collect data on its users. Recent patents show just how widespread those efforts are, such as predicting when you might die.

The 1964 classic will be aired at Folkestone's Silver Screen Cinema, in Kent, on Saturday to raise cash for armed forces charity SSAFA. But a group of 28 protesters want the movie pulled from the event.

HMS Montrose was sent from its base in Plymouth to the North Sea to intercept a pair of Russian corvettes which were travelling down the Danish and Dutch coast before heading towards Norfolk.

Travel insurers ripping off cancer survivors face a crackdown

Under new rules from the City watchdog insurance firms must notify when giving quotes to current and former cancer patients they can get it cheaper from a specialist. Major firms have been accused of ripping off people so badly they cancel their holidays entirely because of the cost of insurance. Now, if the customer is quoted an extortionate premium on a price comparison site, they will also be told to shop around with a specialist company. Karen Stead (pictured) has been cancer-free for almost eight years but still struggles to find affordable travel insurance. One year after treatment in 2010 she was forced to pay ¬£700 insurance ‚Äď as much as her air fare ‚Äď to visit daughter Sarah in Miami. Mrs Stead has struggled to visit Sarah and son Leo (right) in Texas because of the cost.

When Debbie Binner’s sporty 14-year-old daughter, Chloe, complained of pains in her right leg, she thought the problem might be muscular. Unfortunately, it was much more serious...

Giuseppe Pitirollo and his husband couldn't enter a beach party near Naples because they were gay, the couple claim. Later they were told they were too drunk to enter, after the homophobic slur.

The online discussion was started by Imani Barbarin , from Paris, who asked: 'What are some of the physical ways your partner makes you feel loved that are different from the way abled people show love?'

The most recent figures show that around 12 million of us are obese and another 20 million overweight. Now, the latest scientific research may provide long-lasting weight loss...

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie seen for first time since their wedding

They tied the knot in front of their friends, family and Game Of Thrones co-stars on Saturday. And Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were certainly the picture of wedded bliss on Sunday, as they continued to celebrate their marriage at Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire.  The newlyweds could not wipe the smiles from their faces as they enjoyed a glass of wine in the sunshine at the stunning 12th century castle - which Rose's family own.

On Arsenal's July magazine cover, Unai Emery confidently poses with his arms crossed and a smile, not knowing he would soon become the butt of a joke, as his head blocks out key letters.

A faulty fuel pump is being blamed for a 'fireball explosion' aboard a yacht that left the eight year old daughter of TV newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky with severe burns in Corfu.

The security threat, found by University of Texas at Austin, was described in a new research paper, which is scheduled to be presented at security conference in Barcelona next month.

'Why can't they do this in London?' Plain-clothes police officers on scrambler motorbikes grab three moped thugs on a busy roundabout in Manchester

In the clip, recorded on a dashcam from a car behind, two motorcyclists are seen waiting at a red light on Greengate Roundabout in Manchester. As the light turns green, the two bikers begin to drive off before a scrambler bike rides across two lanes, crossing both of their paths. Many commenters have praised the actions of police and have suggested similar tactics be used to tackle London's growing moped crime problem. Figures from last month revealed that London police have dealt with an average of 430 crimes using mopeds per week in the past year.

Fatima Khan, pictured, is accused of filming her boyfriend Khalid Safi as he lay dying on the side of the road outside a Costa coffee shop in North Acton on December 1 last year, the Old Bailey has heard.

Donald Tusk visits Theresa May in No 10 for crunch Brexit talks

Theresa May admitted to Donald Tusk tonight Britain's Brexit demands would not be ready until after this week's crucial EU summit. The Prime Minister told the EU Council President at Downing Street talks she would not have her crucial policy paper on the shape of Brexit in time to discuss it with other European leaders. The state of the document, known as a White Paper, has been the subject of fraught discussions inside Westminster and is not likely to be fixed until a Cabinet away day next month. Brussels had wanted to see 'progress' on resolving the Irish border at this week's summit but hopes are rapidly fading of any movement at all. And he warned striking a deal would be harder for Mrs May than England found playing Panama in the World Cup on Sunday.

Hungary last night warned that the EU faces economic devastation if it fails to achieve a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain. Its foreign minister told the EU to stop punishing Britain.

QUENTIN LETTS: Business Secretary Greg Clark glided into the Commons yesterday to talk about French-owned aeroplane manufacturer Airbus and its huffy attitude to Brexit.

James Stunt holds bag of white powder as he exits Mayfair nightclub

The gold bullion dealer - the ex-husband of Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone - had suspicious white marks on his trousers and was holding a bag of white powder as he exited the members-only Tramp nightclub in London's Piccadilly. He had been partying into the small hours with friends and joked with photographers as he left the nightclub shortly before 3am on Sunday morning - followed by ex-Hollyoaks actress Samantha Rowley. A bystander said: 'He seemed very happy and was chatting to everyone. He joked that his fiance was there too. I think he was being sarcastic.'

Shamraize Bashir, 34, was travelling back to the UK from Israel last June when he made a series of anti-Semitic insults during an easyJet flight. He was let off with a community order and £505 in costs.

Railtons Antiques, Auctioneers and Valuers, based in Wooler, Northumberland,  caused outrage after posting the offensive advert for the floral lace and net gown on their website.

Aaron Munro (pictured) was among seven drivers from the UK taking part in the Modball rally who were pulled over by police for speeding on the A26 from Calais to Reims on Sunday.

Paul Lewis, 46, from Aberdulais, near Neath, South Wales, rigged up a secret video camera because he thought his teacher wife Ann, 45, was cheating on him.

Iran's female fans enjoy the chance to support their World Cup heroes against Portugal

Hundreds of Iranian women watched their team's heartbreaking exit from the World Cup in Russia today despite being banned from attending live football games at home. Iranian Islamic hardliners banned women from football matches to protect them from bad language. However, this month, fans were allowed to attend a stadium in Tehran to watch two of their World Cup games on big screens.

Shocking footage shows riot cops clashing with England supporters in Benidorm after they smashed up a car to celebrate their team's historic 6-1 Panama win on Sunday.

The new study found that members of super-fan groups are not particularly dysfunctional outside of football, and that football-related violence is 'tribal' as they protect their friends.

Ready, steady, GRIDLOCK! SARAH RAINEY puts public transport to the test

London is the world‚Äôs most congested city, with drivers spending 101 hours in traffic jams every year and vehicles crawling along at an average speed of 8mph ‚ÄĒ slower than a horse-drawn carriage in the 18th century. Sarah Rainey tested how long it took for a driver, motorcyclist, pedestrian, cyclist and bus passenger to get from Victoria Coach Station to Jermyn Street in London (route marked on map on top left). The motorcyclist came out on top, completing the journey in just over seven minutes. The slowest was the bus passenger, who took more than 18 minutes to reach the finish line - not much faster than a driver, who completed the route in 17 minutes and 41 seconds.

Algeria has been accused of expelling thousands of migrants without food or water and forcing them to walk, sometimes at gunpoint, under a blistering sun before being left to die.

A Birmingham man was sentenced to 20 months in jail for tweeting a torrent of Islamophobic abuse last June. Rhodenne Chand admitted the offences and said he was 'venting' on social media.

Gagan, 31, received a letter last week claiming that as an Indian business owner, he should not show support for England during the World Cup after he put up St George's flags at his Ilford shop.

The schoolboy, named locally as Jordan Douherty (pictured), was knifed after a large group of youths were turned away from a party in Romford, East London, because the venue was at full capacity.

Gang of four women repeatedly kicks and punches man, 19, to the floor in vicious late-night brawl at London's Leicester Square station 

Shocking footage shows a gang of four women digging their stilettos into a man as he writhes in agony on the floor. The party-goers can be seen repeatedly stamping on the 19-year-old as he lies faces down on the floor at Leicester Square tube station. Undeground staff tried to restrain the women but they continued to lash out, using their heels to kick the helpless teenager just after 2am on Sunday morning. The four women, all aged in their 20s, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, violent disorder and affray.

Global fans of Super Mario Odyssey may be in for a rude awakening, after hackers using software called DevMenu found a way to replace Nintendo's cartoon avatars with inappropriate images.

Psychologists from the University of Minnesota looked at results from the original Marshmallow Test, first conducted almost 60 years ago, as well as repeats in the 1980s and 2000s.

The boy was part of a group of 20 in Croatia who didn't use a bridge to cross the motorway. They were reportedly stopped at a service station and wanted McDonald's on the other side of the road.

The moment the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met Hollywood star Susan Sarandon 

Hollywood star Susan Sarandon was introduced to the Queen and Prince Philip at the Royal Windsor Cup held at Guards Polo Club yesterday afternoon. The 71-year-old Thelma and Louise star shook hands with the Royal couple after introducing herself. Prince Philip, bottom right, looked baffled after meeting Ms Sarandon. The star arrived at the event in a fitted white dress with a plunging neckline and bright red sandals. With little thought to her low cut frock, the five-times Oscar nominee leaned over to shake the Queen’s hand, who wore a peach dress coat with a matching hat.

The system would allow advertisers to get a more accurate prediction of how many people have watched their promotions, according to papers filed to the US Patent Office in Washington, Virginia.

Richard Anthony Lee, of Doncaster, is believed to have taken twice as much medication as he should have when he was found lying lifelessly on his bedroom floor on December 15 2016

Prince William arrives in Tel Aviv for first official visit to Israel

Prince William has taken his first historic steps on Israeli soil, becoming the only member of the British royal family to officially visit the Jewish state. His Royal Air Force plane landed at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport at 6.16pm local time (right) and he will now travel on to Jerusalem for a four-day trip that will include a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories. Earlier on Monday the Duke of Cambridge was in Amman, Jordan (left). In Tel Aviv he was met by Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, British ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey and the Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, before being driven to the King David Hotel in historic Jerusalem where he will stay for the remainder of the trip. Following a relatively relaxed start to his visit to the Middle East, which included watching England V Panama with Jordan's Crown Prince and a drinks reception last night, William will now begin his historic tour of the West Bank.

Researchers from the Institute of Public Health in Oslo found infants born at less than 34 weeks are more at risk of ADHD symptoms, such as hyperactivity or short attention spans.

Pippa Middleton showed off her burgeoning bump in a pretty pink sundress accessorised with a £1,115 Dee Ocleppo fringed leather bag and gladiator sandals.

NHS scraps homeopathy despite the benefits for hay fever and asthma

Earlier this month, the High Court rejected a legal challenge by the British Homeopathic Association following the decision by the NHS to no longer routinely fund homeopathy. NHS England has recommended that local health authorities stop paying for it on the basis that there is ‚Äėno clear evidence to support its use‚Äô. But these four people insist it has changed their lives...

The UK charts will include online video views and music streaming data in addition to downloads and traditional CD and vinyl sales, according to the London-based Official Charts Company.

Hermit who lived on deserted island for 29 years is returned to Japan

Japanese authorities denied a man the chance his wish to die a castaway on an island he called home for three decades. Masafumi Nagasaki was the only inhabitant of the kilometre-wide Sotobanari island but was forced to return to civilisation after being found unwell by police. He lived in solitude since 1989 and became known as the 'naked hermit' after being discovered by a traveller who writes about castaways. Alvaro Cerezo told news.com.au Nagasaki was evicted after someone found him on the island looking 'weak'. Police were called and he has been taken to live in a government house 60km away in Ishigaki city. Nagasaki's story first came to light in 2012. He shunned mainstream society in the early nineties to set up base on the little island of Sotobanari where there is no running water.

The blast of hot weather - expected to stick around all week - caught plenty of pasty Britons unaware this weekend. Social media is awash with photos of stark tan-lines and sun-lashed skin.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, council chariman of the British Medical Association claims the 'vast funding gap' means the UK has 35,000 fewer hospital beds and 10,000 less doctors than the rest of Europe.

Justin Webb made the embarrassing error while reading out a newspaper story about the Health Secretary on on BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme.

Michael Dowden, (pictured) the watch manager with Kensington red watch who were first on the scene, had no training on evacuating tall buildings with a 'stay put' policy, an inquiry heard.

Even Lassie couldn't do that! Incredible police dog bounds into action and performs CPR to 'save her handler's life' when he plays dead 

In the clip, filmed by the Madrid police, the pooch immediately runs over to the officer who has fallen to the ground and is lying perfectly still. Poncho, who is wearing a flashing police light on his back, then repeatedly jumps up and down on the officer's chest. In between several jumps he leans close to his face in order to establish if he is breathing. The clip has gone viral on Twitter, racking up nearly 1.7million views since being uploaded three days ago.

Charlotte Dunne (pictured) took her life at home in Wilton, Wiltshire, on June 10, and her mother Beverley Dickenson was found hanged on June 17 on the Earl of Pembroke's Wilton Estate.

Ilie Florin Dragusin crammed dozens of mattresses (pictured) into the house in Kingsbury, northwest London, with some of the men forced to sleep in the garden with just a canopy above them.



President Erdogan declares victory in Turkish election

Erdogan, 64, and his ruling AK Party on Sunday claimed victory in presidential and parliamentary polls, overcoming a revitalised opposition that in recent weeks had gained considerable momentum and looked capable of staging an upset. He took 52.5 per cent of the vote in the presidential race, with more than 99 per cent of the votes counted. His AK Party took 42.5 per cent in the parliamentary polls, and was boosted by its nationalist allies, which outstripped expectations and took 11.1 percent.

Carlos Lopez Jr., 35, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment on Sunday. Police believe that the Operation Repo star, who had a gunshot wound to the head, committed suicide.

Police released footage of a conman who posed as a Hammermsith police officer last November. The man convinced a pensioner in his 80s to hand over his bank cards in courier fraud.

The Torture Ship is the the world's largest fetish and BDSM party taking place on a moving barge, and has been cruising Lake Constance every summer for 22 years.

The taxi-hailing app was punished due to its failure to report crimes carried out by its drivers - although it has continued to work in London after they appealed the decision.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers has warned British schools are failing to protect their staff from teenagers taking pictures under teachers' skirts.

A treatment presented at the International Conference of Clinical Oncology in Cyprus last week, led to six out of 10 patients with advanced prostate cancer going into remission.

Experts from the VU University Amsterdam led a study that looked at the genes of 449,484 people, discovering two types of neurotics with entirely different genetic profiles. (Stock image)

Shocking footage shows the panicked seconds after a newborn baby plunged from a third-floor window after supposedly being thrown out by its mother in the city of Kajang in Malaysia.

Kelly Brook admits to editing Royal Ascot photo to 'tuck in her tummy'

She recently admitting to editing a snapshot of herself before posting it to social media, but insisted it was because of questionable lighting and not to look slimmer. But on Monday afternoon, Kelly Brook confessed that she altered the image of herself and boyfriend Jeremy Parisi at the Royal Ascot over the weekend, because she wanted to 'tuck [her] tummy in a little bit' after gaining weight. Speaking during an appearance on ITV's Loose Women, the 38-year-old brunette beauty said: 'I got a bit carried away and tucked my tummy in a little bit... I said, "You've just got to take one for the team Jeremy, as I long as I look OK..."

Dubbed 'Your Time on Facebook', the global tool also gives users the ability to set daily time limit reminders and change their notification settings from the site.

Christopher Stevens, a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science at Southern Cross University. warns the social trend of cracking open a beer after a game or gym session is the worst thing you can do.

Scientists at Harvard University have discovered that high fat diets disrupt the gut microbiome, which in turn can lead to brain changes and mood disorders, but treating the bacteria may bring relief.

As part of a plan to tackle childhood obesity, the UK Government will review products aimed at infants and youngsters. Nearly a quarter of children in England are obese or overweight at five.

Butchers in France have written to the country's interior ministry to ask for protection after claims they are facing threats of violence and intimidation from extreme vegan campaigners.

Search teams will continue to work on a waste ground site in Middlesbrough as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Donna Keogh, 17, who vanished in April 1998.

Shocking footage shows Mercedes driver and his passenger being attacked with hammers and planks of wood before mob smash up their car 

The car's front and back windows were smashed during the frenzied attack which is believed to have taken place in Leeds - as some residents appear to cheer on the violence. In the footage the driver of the silver Mercedes is knocked to the ground before his passenger is attacked with a plank and threatened with a hammer. As the pair take off, a woman smashed two of the windows with a hammer and missiles are hurled at the fleeing car. A two minute clip of the confrontation - filmed by a witness - was shared anonymously on Facebook on Friday and quickly went viral.

Little Thomas Jones, of Wrexham, north Wales, was found dead in his bed on May 18. The little boy went to bed after playing on his roller skates, as his mother described him as being absolutely fine.

The Royal College of GPs is encouraging family doctors to tell patients to join a 5km weekly parkrun to improve their health and wellbeing, instead of relying on prescriptions from their GP.

Lewis Berkley, 11, has undergone surgery in hospital after being attacked by a dog in a park in Speke, Liverpool. His uncle Richie Shields, 35, said that he is lucky to be alive.

The ban in Mumbai and Maharashtra state was implemented this weekend, with inspectors targeting restaurants and food shops, before the new rules began to apply to residents today.

Love Island Shannen Reilly McGrath’s boyfriend has died

Shannen Reilly McGrath wrote: 'I am completely and utterly broken. I love you so much no one will ever understand how much and I know deep down I'll never love again, in life we all have that one and you were my one.' Fitness model and actor Daniel 'Dano' Doyle, was jailed in February after being caught with 446 MDMA tablets in November 2014. Officers alerted paramedics and he was stabilised at Dublin's Mountjoy Prison before being rushed to the Mater Hospital on June 15.

Apple has confessed that MacBooks are faulty and is offering to replace the malfunctioning keyboards, free of charge. The Cupertino-based company is currently fighting three class-action lawsuits.

Sir Julian Seymour, who ran Lady Thatcher's office in the 1990s, and Sir Mark Worthington (pictured with her in 2007), her former Private Secretary, said Sir John was wrong in his claims.

Katherine Heigl apologizes for being 'disrespectful' with graveyard selfies

Katherine Heigl has apologized for a series of 'disrespectful' photos taken in a graveyard. The actress took the images on Sunday as she visited the grave of her brother, who was just 16 when he died in a car accident in 1986. After stopping by the tomb of her late brother, the 39-year-old posed for a series of  silly snaps in the cemetery with husband Josh Kelley, 38.

A Chinese couple have been saved after getting stuck in rapid floodwaters for more than four hours. Courageous firefighters risked their lives as they swam across the raging river to reach the pair.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Two-year-old Aaron Cadder, (pictured) from Glasgow, had to have two skin grafts after he spilt the contents of the Oven Pride cleaner over his legs.

Long Lost Family viewers left 'blubbing' as woman is reunited the adoptive mother who took her baby in when she was a penniless teenager - for the first time in FIFTY years

In ITV's Long Lost Family, Kate Mitchell (right) revealed how she was just 17 years old, and penniless in her native Adelaide, Australia when she gave her baby up for adoption to British couple Betty (left) and John Winchester. Kate and Betty reunited for the first time in 50 years tonight in a scene that left viewers 'sobbing' (pictured)

A British woman took to Mumsnet to ask whether she was being unfair to ask her friend to cover up after she insisted on wearing a short nightie during a couple's trip that showed off her legs.

The incident took place at the Immaculate Conception Church in Clondalkin, a suburban village some six miles west of Dublin's city centre, on Monday morning.

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, 73, gave his highly controversial personal opinion on God during a speech about the biblical story of man's creation.

Clover Stroud went to the UK clinic of France's top 'leg doctor', Dr Jean-Marc Chardonneau, and said that she discovered the secret to French women's 'perfect legs' at the London clinic.

Six 'Dominican gang members' arrested in New Jersey 'for beating and stabbing 15-year-old Bronx teen to death outside a bodega in a case of mistaken identity' - bringing the total number to seven

Six more men have been arrested in connection to a Bronx teen's murder. Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was beaten and stabbed to death outside a bodega last week. On Monday, New York City officials announced that 19-year-old Kevin Alvarez (left) had been booked on charges of murder, manslaughter and gang assault. Shortly after, New Jersey officials said they had nabbed six more men. Those men are Jose Muniz, 21 (top right); Jose Taverez, 21 (bottom right); Manuel Rivera, 18 (bottom center); Danel Fernandez, 21 (top left); Joniki Martinez, 24 (bottom left); and Santiago Rodriguez, 24 (top center). A eighth person was picked up in the Dominican Republic but is cooperating with authorities and has not been charged yet. The six men arrested in New Jersey were caught at a hangout spot popular with the Dominican gang believed to be behind the attack. Police say the victim was killed as the result of a case of mistaken identity involving a sex tape.

Samantha Trofimowicz, of Stoke-on-Trent, gave her cockapoo a new treat-dispensing toy she bought from Aldi on Wednesday. She claims within 30 minutes the dog's jaw got stuck in the dispenser.

Sharife Elwhabe, 37, allegedly pocketed £72,500 in hotel fees and spent £10,730 on a pre-paid card given out by Kensington and Chelsea Council to the victims of the fire.

Kamran Malik, 50, (pictured) of Plaistow, east London, ran KM Legal Ltd which charged extortionate fees for providing unlawful advice to people at risk of being removed from Britain.

Two men from London have been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man died and two others suffered life-threatening injuries during a burglary in Bristol on Monday morning, police said.

Chloe Jones, 20, Glynneath, South Wales, had smuggled the secret gift inside her bra for her boyfriend behind bars at Swansea Prison, but a specially-trained sniffer dog stared at her top.

Dramatic footage shows two young women in a car giving chase to a 'scumbag' thief making his getaway on a bike after he was allegedly seen stealing from a car in Ayr, South Ayrshire, last week.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark attends the funeral of Princess Elisabeth

Queen Margrethe of Denmark, 78 (top right image, far left), led mourners paying their respects to her cousin Princess Elisabeth (inset) in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen after the royal passed away peacefully at the age of 83 last week. Dressed in a smart black dress, Margrethe joined her sisters Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (top right) at the family funeral.

Lillian Smith, from Preston, appeared in Take a Break magazine where she shared her handy tip in the Brainwaves section. The snippet was shared on Twitter by Hannah Williams who captioned it 'simply outstanding'.

Thomas is set to launch a draft bill with Damian Collins MP, chairman of the Commons culture, media and sport committee, to change the 1991 Football Offences Act.

Garden waste being processed near Stirling

Increasing numbers of local authorities are making money from the service, which used to be included in council tax, according to BBC consumer series Rip Off Britain: Live.

The Financial Conduct Authority has outlined plans to introduce a new signposting system designed to push people with long-term health conditions away from mainstream insurers.

A study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that almost all of their survey participants had at some time been concerned with their eating habits or their body

CCTV footage from the attack on the synagogue in Gothenburg in December shows a dozen assailants, however just three men, aged 19, 22 and 24 from Syria and Palestine, have been jailed.

Three people were killed and seven injured after a coach crashed on a motorway in China on Saturday. Most people were thrown out of the bus after failing to wear safety belts, said police.

Circus audience is attacked by an OSTRICH as it runs out of the ring and leaps into the crowd during performance in Russia 

Shocking footage captured in Kazan, Russia, shows an ostrich leaping over barrier during a circus performance. The ostrich then attacked the startled spectators - hitting them with its feet. The crowd can be heard screaming as the panicked bird falls over as it tries to escape.Two young children and a man holding a child can be seen running towards the exit. After attempting to calm the audience, the handler leaves the ring before guiding the ostrich back into it.

Researchers from the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias at the University of La Laguna, Spain, used images from the Hubble Space Telescope to make the finding.

Harry the white and ginger moggie vanished from the home of owner Mark Salisbury, 39 in Great Yarmouth, Suffolk, in 2008 when he was just a kitten.

Allies of the Defence Secretary warned MPs could block the budget. Gavin Williamson is fighting to get an extra £2billion a year from the treasury and said he could bring the PM down.

Heather Locklear leaves jail in pajamas and flip-flops after arrest

Heather Locklear has once again found herself in trouble with the law, just days after she was released from an involuntary psychiatric hold. Police arrested Locklear on Sunday night after the 56-year-old actress allegedly attacked an officer and an EMT. She previously had an altercation with law enforcement in February which also led to an arrest. A member of the Ventura Ciunty Sheriff's Office tells DailyMail.com that deputies were twice called to Locklear’s residence on Sunday, first around 6pm and then again at 11pm. Those were both were dispatched as 'disturbance' calls at the time. Deputies determined no crime had occurred after responding to the first call and left the scene. It was when responding to the second call that deputies made contact with Locklear, who allegedly attacked an officer when he tried to separate her from other parties at the residence.

Wines in cans will be hitting Waitrose's shelves tomorrow. The high-end supermarket is getting on board with the US-led trend for the festival season and giving revelers an alternative to bottles.

According to a report, Weinstein converted a rooftop suite at Cipriani's Mr C Beverly Hills hotel into a 'sex pad'. One source claimed: 'If they stay there, he had control of the women.'

London's Royal Observatory closed its roof to astronomers more than half a century ago after light pollution and high smog levels made observing the night sky almost impossible.

EXCLUSIVE: Happiness consultant Dr Cliff Arnell has revealed how lunaediesophobia - an extreme fear of Mondays - can ruin a large chunk of the weekend and how to overcome it.

Hilarious snaps show people whose creativity solves everyday problem

Bored Panda has shared a selection of snaps from around the world of people whose clever inventions are way ahead of their time. Clockwise from top left: a selfie stick replaces the need for camera operators, how to use your phone at the barbers, a man shaves his hair at home using monitors for a 360 degree view, a plunger device that protects you if you nod off on the train, and a boy turns bananas into a stand for his phone.

The 82 dogs filled every corner of the 'filthy and cramped' house in Birmingham (pictured), and poured out from behind kitchen appliances as officers arrived.

Pradnya Survase, 23, was arrested after mixing insecticide into dal that was served at a housewarming party in India that was attended by 120 people on June 18, police said.

Alisa Brown and Stewart Herd have been banned from keeping pets for life after RSPCA inspectors visited their home in Blyth, Northumberland and found five animals in horrendous condition (pictured).

Appearing on Australia's Today show, US doctor Bruce Blumberg revealed the household items that could be contributing to weight gain - and it may surprise you.

The former Suits actress 36, is in the running for the Choice Style Icon award in the 20th annual Teen Choice Awards, alongside A-listers including Blake Lively and Harry Styles.

The Transport Secretary was due to appear at the Place North West conference in Manchester today to discuss train chaos which has wreaked misery for commuters.

Bolton-born Pips Taylor who has presented for the BBC and Channel 4 wed tech entrepreneur Tom Hamilton in a very glamorous ceremony at Maunsel House, a country manor in Somerset.

Cliff-top beach chalet goes up for sale for £850,000 following incredible transformation by owners who bought it for just £125,000 five years ago

Katherine and Adam Wooler bought an abandoned hut on the Cornish coast for £125,000 and made a shed load renting it out. They are now putting it on the market for £850,000. The savvy couple realised the potential in the unloved 'shed' and quickly snapped it up five years ago. The diminutive Cornwall chalet, which only sleeps two people and cannot be used as a permanent home, is the same price as a large four or five-bedroom house elsewhere in the county. The cabin, called Seaglass, is on top of a 300ft cliff overlooking Whitsand Bay. Its stunning location and the fact it can command up to £3,595 a week as a luxury holiday let make it worthy of the seemingly steep price tag, according to the agents selling it.

Each officer from the town of Ocampo was cuffed, disarmed, and made to lie on the floor face down with their hands cuffed behind their backs before they were interrogated by internal affairs officials.

Four gym addicts from across the country swapped healthy diets for junk food for one week only - and after just a few days they all suffered from spotty skin, fatigue and weight gain.

Everyone remembers their first motor - they're usually old, well used and flirting with the big scrapyard in the sky. These are the 10 models you're most likely to find if you are searching for a car for less than £1k.

Hermes has lost its battle with 65 drivers in another blow for businesses who have thrived thanks to Britain's gig economy, which employs more than 5million people in the UK.

Researchers from Florida Atlantic University found that out of 50 sponges, more than half contain so-called 'good bacteria' that fight off life-threatening infections such as C.difficile.

Michigan researchers say the radical 'omniphobic' coating could save millions in fuel costs. The chemical coating is clear, durable, can be applied to almost any surface.

Father-of-two Nick McMahon, 40, from Dinnington in Tyne and Wear has taken thousands of photos after losing his ability to make new memories in a devastating motorbike crash in 2011.

Tinder is piloting a new feature, dubbed 'Picks', in 10 countries worldwide, which ditches the need to constantly swipe to trawl through users' profiles in favour of handpicked recommendations.

Forget about the Socceroos, meet the soccer-roo! Hilarious moment kangaroo runs onto pitch - before casually lounging in front of the goals while both teams wait patiently on the sidelines

A relaxed kangaroo (pictured) invaded a Canberra women's premier league match on Sunday afternoon. Belconnen United and Canberra FC players shockingly found the most unusual 'goalie' before the roo dashed across the length of the field (inset), leaving the players absolutely astonished.

The Leauge, in a coalition with Italy's populist 5-Star Movement, strengthened its hand in a second round of municipal elections as it continues to urge the EU to revise its policy on asylum-seekers.

China is building drones that look, and fly, like real-life birds. They come fitted with a high-definition camera, GPS antenna, flight control system and satellite data link and can fly at 25mph.

Speaking to FEMAIL, leading Revlon makeup artist, Mia Hawkswell, revealed where you should apply your blusher depending on your face shape. So how can you flatter your face?

Nostalgic lunchbox items that every 90s kid had in their packed lunch

Throwback photos reveal the very sugary snacks children used to eat at lunch in the Nineties, from Fruit Winders (top left) and Penguin bars (bottom right) to juice drinks such as Um Bongo (bottom centre) and Capri-Sun (bottom left). Cheese strings were always a favourite (top centre) as were Pringles in a dedicated holder (top right).

Emma Ogden, 33, from Bristol, would secretly snack between school runs seeing her balloon to 24st and wear a dress size 26. But after joining Slimming World three years ago she has lost 12st.

The dog owner's neighbour filmed the clip showing the dog tied to a lead so short that it is unable to even lie down on the ground in Lucena in the Calabarzon province.

A tweet from Capital Radio Liverpool resurfaced over the weekend asking followers to clarify the name of the budget ice lollies, Freezies or Frozeys? The debate has since gone viral.

Sussex Police constable Robert Rangeley, 39, was given an eight-month suspended sentence after being convicted of actual bodily harm over the attack outside Maxim's bar in Eastbourne.


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A real-life Love Story! Man surprises his girlfriend with a VERY romantic proposal as their idol Taylor Swift serenades them during her London concert

James Thompson, 23, from Epsom, Surrey, diverted attention away from Taylor Swift's performance as he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Alina Barrett, 22, (pictured together, and at during the proposal) during the star's Wembley stadium tour. He revealed he had been planning to ask Alina to marry him for months - and a video of their special moment has been viewed more than 60,000 times on Twitter.

Watch the hilarious moment a young Western Australian boy discovers his mother is about to give birth to a third baby girl, dashing his dream of having a baby brother.

Lucky photographer catches the incredible moment a 20-tonne humpback leaps out of the

A mammoth 20 tonne humpback whale has been caught in action projecting itself out of the water in a breathtaking display off the coast of Sydney. The gigantic mammal was snapped in the midst of a perfect vertical breach near the Sydney Heads entryway to the harbour on Sunday. The incredible moment was captured by wildlife photographer, John Goodridge, who was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with his camera.