The body of Qi Yu (left), who went missing in Sydney more than two weeks ago, still hasn't been found. The 28-year-old woman's father, Zhihe Yu, and mother, Qing He (right), are visiting Australia from China. As his wife sobbed, Mr Yu told reporters in English about the toll their daughter's death has taken on them. 'Both of us cannot sleep ... my wife's tears run dry,' he told reporters. They then handed out missing person flyers at a media conference on Tuesday.

Several pedestrians are hit by a car in Melbourne before the driver flees

Several pedestrians have been hit by a car in Melbourne, with the driver and his male passenger fleeing the scene. The pair were allegedly driving a stolen car along Flinders Street about 5pm on Tuesday when police tried to pull the vehicle over. But the Toyota Camry sped off and crashed into three vehicles and pedestrians on A'Beckett Street (pictured). A male pedestrian has been rushed to hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. Police said the incident is not being treated as terror related.

NEW A 37-year-old Sydney woman has walked free form Penrith court after lying to doctors about why her son was in a critical condition. She told them he had swallowed paint thinner when it was drugs.

Daily Mail News Tips Daily Mail News Tips

It means make-up products such as foundation and blush and powders such as baby formula will have to be taken out of a passenger's carry-on baggage before flights from Australia.

Offenders in the Northern Territory can be fined up to $4620 for failing to follow this law which tripped up one Uber passenger over the weekend.

The clever hack, which can improve in-flight meals for just $4, was shared in a list of travel tips written by celebrity chef Jason Atherton - who learnt it from Hollywood star Jude Law.

Frequent flyer, 28, shares the five products she uses to fight off illness

Travel editor Sophie Miura (pictured), who regularly commutes between New York City and Sydney, has developed a system for staving off unwanted colds and flu - and it requires just five genius products. 'I've certainly had my fair share of post-travel coughs and colds, but after spending about 203 hours on aeroplanes last year, I think I've cracked the code to staying healthy midair,' the 28-year-old told

The Hollywood power-couple celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. And actress Nicole Kidman has revealed the bizarre rule in her marriage to musician husband Keith Urban.

Australian nutritional expert Kathleen Alleaume knows only too well the importance of a balanced diet. Here, she shares her day on a plate, her fitness routine and the foods she can't live without.

Shark Tank's Steve Baxter is branded a 'sexist pig' by outraged co-panellists after reducing a mum, 44, to tears by claiming her timid nature is why there's a gender pay gap

Shark Tank's Steve Baxter will be branded a 'sexist pig' after claiming a mother's timid nature is why there's a pay gap between men and women.  The outspoken panellist reduces small business owner Tanya Wood, 44, to tears after insisting she needs to show more 'aggression'. In scenes set to air on Tuesday night, Steve's controversial comments are met with outrage from the rest of the panel - particularly Dr Glen Richards.  

Prince William has made a deeply moving visit to Jerusalem’s holocaust museum in Israel today. He is the first British royal to undertake an official tour to the Jewish state in its 70-year history.

The former AFL star, who at the height of his career won a number of awards including the 1999 Norm Smith medal, has been jailed over the assault of his former girlfriend in Melbourne.

Candice Dixon reveals she was robbed at gunpoint in Los Angeles

Australian TV presenter and former Saturday Disney host Candice Dixon has revealed she was robbed at gunpoint in Los Angeles.  The blonde personality shared the horrific ordeal on her Instagram, saying a man stole her bag, which had everything inside including her wallet, phone and laptop. Candice revealed the attack took place in broad daylight as she was leaving The Grove.   

Social media users have shared snaps of culinary mash-ups that just don't work. Some plates look so unappetising that they could put you off your next meal, such as a baked bean ice lolly.

NEW No one was injured in the shooting incident, which occurred at an Ikea store after children discovered the weapon at the furniture store along Interstate 69, just northeast of Indianapolis.

Mother-of-two Samantha Smith, 42, from Midlothian in Scotland, organised her wedding in eight hours after learning she had just days to live after a year-long battle with bowel cancer.

The world's top travel experiences have been announced by TripAdvisor, with a cooking class at a Tuscan farmhouse revealed as the most-sought after and best-rated tour.

On the outside it looks like a regular warehouse but it's what's inside that is blowing

Although not everyone may be impressed with the outside of this warehouse conversion, the original ornate façade hides away an incredible home that has the opportunity to house a large family. Although it was originally a workshop for a blacksmith, the Brisbane building has been converted into a functional, modern family home with an expansive floorplan.and current interest is over $1,950,000. The current owner told that it was the previous owner who was responsible for the five-year project that transformed the Fortitude Valley home into the surprising masterpiece it is today.

Mother and daughter go down slide - can you spot what went wrong? 

Heather Clare, from New York, posted an image on Facebook of her and her daughter going down a slide. She wrote: 'I strongly feel every playground should have a warning sign.' She added: 'Don't ever go down a slide with a baby on your lap. There is no SAFE way to go down a slide with your little. It is literally one of the top 3 reasons young children are seen in the ER during the Spring and Summer.'

Leading dietitian, Sharon Natoli, explained that you don't need pricey protein powders after training. Instead, you can load up and build muscle by just eating eggs. FEMAIL looks at the benefits.

Practising that royal wave! Adorable moment Princess Charlotte sees off Prince Charles and Camilla in their helicopter after a visit to Kensington Palace

Israeli journalist Elad Simchayoff shared footage on Twitter of Charlotte, three, waving goodbye to her grandfather Prince Charles and his wife Camilla as they prepared to board their helicopter after a visit to Kensington Palace. Camilla paused outside the chopper to wave to the young royal, three, and a member of staff who was standing with Charlotte behind the gate lifted her so she could get a better view.

Could YOU go cold turkey on shampoo? Mother reveals why she hasn't washed her hair in

We're a world obsessed with our hair - so much so that analysts have estimated the global haircare industry to be worth a humongous $100 billion. And while for many, there seems to be no limit on what we'll spend to avoid a bad hair day, devotees of another more left-field beauty movement say the secret to soft and shiny locks lies in ditching the shampoo altogether. One such follower of the 'no poo' movement is mother-of-two Virginia Tapp (left with her family, right and inset), from regional New South Wales. The 27-year-old - who blogs at Bush Bambinos - ditched shampoo, conditioner, artificial hair dyes and hair cuts eight months ago, and hasn't looked back. Here, she reveals why.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Kelli Sage, 29, a self-styled 'Tickle Queen' who specialises in foot fetishes, continues to see clients in New York and Florida despite her injury.

An Australian mother has opened up about how when she was pregnant everyone suddenly had an opinion on what she was allowed to do. Studio 10 debates the issue of pregnancy and alcohol.

Sydney Grammar sex teacher's identity revealed as Bronwen Williams after court order

The identity of the married Sydney Grammar School (inset) teacher jailed for sex with a 17-year-old boy in her care can be revealed after a court order was lifted. Bronwen Williams (pictured), 35, can be named after a New South Wales District Court judge earlier this month rejected a bid to keep her identity suppressed. The ex-teacher Williams gave birth to her husband's baby girl behind bars about a month ago. But she has already been told she will not be able to keep the bub with her in prison. Williams had sex with the student in spare classrooms, storage rooms and at her apartment over three months in 2016. She told her student she was a 'f***ing monster' for her actions, messages (right) tendered in court said. During one encounter, the pair had sex after eating ice cream on her couch and watched Who Killed Roger Rabbit?.

Kristy Williams was 22 years old when she was killed by a single stab wound on June 21 in 2003 as up to 50 guests partied just metres away at a central-western NSW home in Cowra.

When most people think of 'getting off' they do so with an image of sex in mind - not quietly listening to a Youtube video of someone whispering or doing a yoga routine.

Childcare worker’s Snapchat messages before she was mauled and nearly killed by two dogs

Ashley Harraghy, 20, needed 60 stitches (left) after being mauled in her Melbourne backyard just moments after the dog lover took to social media app Snapchat to film herself patting the 'friendly' pair (right). Ashley said the dogs dramatically changed temperament from friendly to fearsome in an instant. One of the dogs, a staffy-ridgeback cross, knocked her to the ground and brutally bit her, tearing her clothes and ripping her hair out.

Hundreds of people have been mobilised to find the young football team and their coach who went into the cave on Saturday

Navy SEAL divers equipped with oxygen tanks and food rations entered the cave early Tuesday in northern Chiang Rai province, where light rains continued to fall.

A huge penis-shaped crop circle etched into a dry lake bed in Victoria has been captured and shared with the world via Google's satellite mapping. 

Perth model and science student set to front Rihanna's new campaign reveals her top

An Australian model is the latest person to front Rihanna's lingerie campaign for Savage X Fenty. The 21-year-old from Perth, Shanaya Peters (left, right and inset) , has only been modelling for Vivien's for a year and this experience has been a dream come true. 'Growing up I hardly saw anyone that looked like me on mainstream media,' she said. Rihanna's Savage x Fenty line aims to send a message of inclusivity as it has 36 different sizes ranging from XS to 3XL.

Ain Sakhri Lovers is believed to be the first depiction of sex and is thought to be 11,000 years old. It will not go on tour as part of a travelling LGBTQ exhibition by the British Museum.

A furious Australia Post customer has taken to Reddit to vent his frustrations at the 'Text Your Choice' service, after he waited all day at home for a parcel, only for it to be sent to the post office.

Karl Stefanovic admits he 'considered quitting the Today show'

Karl Stefanovic has revealed he was blindsided by the media attention he received after separating from ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn in 2016 after 21 years of marriage. In a rare tell-all interview on Tuesday, the 43-year-old admitted he has been a 'broken man' for the past two years and has even considered quitting the Today show. 'It's complete bulls**t. Why am I of interest? I'm the world’s most boring f**king man,' he told industry website TV Tonight.

'Do you want to know what hell is? I've f***ing been there': Woman has a foul-mouthed meltdown on a flight when the plane is diverted for a medical emergency

An unidentified woman was filmed throwing an angry tirade on a Spirit Airlines flight from Houston to Minneapolis where she screamed: 'Get me the f*** off this God d*** f***ing plane'. The flight was diverted due to a medical emergency, inciting her outburst. A one-minute video of her rampage was posted on Facebook on Monday where it has gone viral with 117,000 views. In it she runs up and down the aircraft demanding to be let out and curses at the passengers that get in her way. She is eventually escorted off the plane by police.

The former navy officer is best known as the wise presence on the A&E; reality TV series which focused on three generations of one family working in a pawn shop located in Las Vegas.

Authorities were called to a railway crossing near Chinchilla, Queensland at about 1.15am on Sunday, following reports that a female driver had collided with a sign. The driver was nowhere to be seen.

Heather Locklear hospitalized for overdose hours after leaving jail

Heather Locklear was taken to the hospital by ambulance for a suspected drug overdose just hours after she was pictured leaving jail when her lawyer posted $20k bail. Police arrested her on Sunday night after the 56-year-old actress allegedly attacked an officer and an EMT. She previously had an altercation with law enforcement in February which also led to an arrest. A member of the Ventura Ciunty Sheriff's Office tells that deputies were twice called to Locklear’s residence on Sunday, first around 6pm and then again at 11pm. Those were both were dispatched as 'disturbance' calls at the time. Deputies determined no crime had occurred after responding to the first call and left the scene. It was when responding to the second call that deputies made contact with Locklear, who allegedly attacked an officer when he tried to separate her from other parties at the residence.

Old friends of A-listers reveal what they were really like

People have taken to the Q&A; site Quora to open up about former schoolmates, friends and old work colleagues who went on to hit the big time, and many of their tales are not what you'd expect. Clockwise from top left: Adele, Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Kanye Johnson and Chris Pratt.

Russia's hottest World Cup fan says she's the victim of revenge porn

Married Natalya Nemchinova (left watching Russia play Uruguay, right and inset modelling), 28, has attracted huge attention with her support for her team - including at yesterday's 3-0 defeat by Uruguay in Volgograd. When she first appeared in a tiny white top emblazoned with the word 'Russia', her images as a glamorous supporter - waving her country's white, blue and red flag - were distributed by a Kremlin-owned news agency. But reports soon emerged that she had worked as an adult film star in a string of X-rated films using names such as Natali Nemtchinova, Natalia Andreeva, Delilah G, Danica, Amanda, Asya, and Annabell. Explicit photographs of Natalya also emerged. Among outlets exposing her evident porn career was RT - Vladimir Putin's so-called propaganda channel. Now in an interview with Moskovsky Komsomolets (MK) newspaper, she has claimed: 'Some will be upset, but I have never worked in the porn industry. Everything that they write about me is not true. I also saw this information, but you will not find the films anywhere.'

What's so funny? SBS presenter is caught shaking his head moments after co-host Lucy Zelic pronounces Cristiano Ronaldo with a rolling European accent despite defending her from criticism 

SBS anchor Lucy Zelic broke down in tears when her co-host Craig Foster supported her in the face of criticism over her pronunciation of names during the World Cup. But video has emerged showing him laughing while she pronounced the name of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (left). Foster can be seen trying to hide his laughter and shaking his head as Zelic says the star forward's name last week. On Tuesday, Zelic, 31, fought to hold back tears after Foster addressed the abuse the SBS anchor has copped for adopting a 'fake accent' when pronouncing foreign player names. The pair were overcome with emotion during the segment, in which they paid tribute to SBS icon Les Murray. 'Having linguistic skills, being multi-lingual, is something you should be very proud of ... it adds a lot to our coverage, and it's very important,' Foster said.

SBS World Cup soccer anchor Lucy Zelic, 31, slammed her critics in a fiery radio interview, saying that people who don't like how she pronounces foreign player names just shouldn't listen.

Australian soccer legend Harry Kewell has demanded Tim Cahill be allowed to take the field during Australia's do-or-die clash with Peru tonight in the southern Russian city of Sochi.

Qld fishermen catch bizarre creatures but no one knows what they are

Glenn Johnson was out crabbing with his partner in Queensland when he found two bizarre creatures inside one of the pots. He took photos of the eight-legged critters and sought help from the internet. Friend chicken, aliens and heavy metal crabs were the suggestions form his mates, but after a google search Glenn realised they were something far weirder.

Chinese telco giant Huawei was the biggest corporate sponsor of politicians travel. Seven Liberal (including Julie Bishop pictured) and five Labor politicians travelled overseas on the company

The WWE is bringing its roughest brawlers to Melbourne in October and wrestling fans will have to pay as much as $2700 at the MCG for a meet and greet experience.

EXCLUSIVE: Man born without a penis will finally be able to have sex for the first time after having a $90,000 bionic manhood fitted... but he'll have to walk around with 10-day erection first

Andrew Wardle, 44, (right) has spent the last four years undergoing surgery to have a bionic penis fitted. Now he has completed the final stage, having a penile implant pump inserted and can have sex in six weeks with his long term girlfriend Fedra, 28 (left). As a test run, the caterer, from Manchester, will have an erection for the next ten days before his implant is deflated. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said: 'I'm very excited that I can move on now. But I think having sex for the first time is more of a big deal for everyone else than it is for me. I've spent 44 years without a penis and I've coped with not having sex for all that time. It will take me a while to get in the swing of things'

A group of Aussie women who made the decision to fall pregnant, carry their child for nine months and go through the motions of labour, were left disappointed when they were in the birthing suits.

Police are hunting for two attackers after the 19-year-old was grabbed and sexually assaulted in a park on Main Street, Junee, about 1.30am on Saturday.

The sad reason why paralympic gold medallist Dylan Alcott had to LIE on all job applications just so he secured an interview

Dylan Alcott, who won gold at the Beijing and Rio Paralympics, said telling the truth in the online forms was often costly. The 27-year-old athlete from Melbourne (pictured left with his long-time girlfriend Kate Lawrence) revealed what happened when he lied on a job application.

A criminal dad, the stay-at-home mum and the outspoken gran: Inside William Tyrrell's complicated family on what would have been his 7th birthday - and how SPELLING ERRORS and legal secrecy kept them a mystery for so long

The complicated family of missing boy William Tyrrell - who would turn seven-years-old today - have proven a mystery all on their own thanks to a spelling error, a legal gag order and familial secrecy. William (inset), a foster child, disappeared from his foster grandmother's home in Kendall, on the New South Wales north coast, on September 14, 2014. But in the words of a NSW Supreme Court Justice, the truth about his family was 'obscured' for years afterwards. Daily Mail Australia today takes a look at the boy's enigmatic family, including ex-con father Brendan (left), mother Karlie (top right), outspoken grandmother Natalie (bottom right) and his carers who are dedicated to protecting William's siblings.

Troy George Skinner, 25, was shot Friday after he smashed a glass door and tried to enter the teenage girl's home in Goochland, Virginia. He was shot in the neck after the girls mom told him to go away.

The late Anthony Bourdain took part in a 'Bhutanese death ritual' with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky while filming the season 11 finale of Parts Unknown, which aired on CNN on Sunday.

Bored Panda gallery captures the best photobombs ever

People from around the world have shared the snaps they've taken with surprising backgrounds in a Bored Panda thread. Many people were the victims of mischievous animals. Pictured from clockwise top left: an interrupted engagement, a sad Elmo, a diver's impending danger, a startled waiter, a hungry fish and a grinning horse all managed to upstage the subject of these photos.


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Pregnant Pippa Middleton seen in London with £1,000 leather bag 

Pippa Middleton (pictured) showed off her burgeoning bump in a pretty pink sundress accessorised with a £1,115 Dee Ocleppo fringed leather bag and gladiator sandals, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE. Her solo outing comes just two weeks after revealing that, unlike her sister, who had severe morning sickness with all her pregnancies, she’d endured no such discomfort.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said his daughter was heckled even more than what was originally said by owners of a Virginia restaurant who asked her to leave last Friday.

Experts from the VU University Amsterdam led a study that looked at the genes of 449,484 people, discovering two types of neurotics with entirely different genetic profiles. (Stock image)

There's nothing better than a facial for plump, radiant and healthy skin. But if you're keeping a eye on your money, you can achieve the same results with an at-home treatment using this simple hack.

Qatar Airways new luxury Qsuite heightens romance for couples at 40,000 feet 

Qatar Airways will launch their new luxury couples suite from July, featuring double beds, mood lighting, widescreens and an a-la-carte menu. Adjustable panels allow couples to slide doors shut with a do not disturb button. The Qsuite will be available on flights to and from Canberra, its newest Australian destination, via Sydney, from 1 July.

Apple is expected to release a new version of its wireless AirPods, a revamped HomePod and possibly a pair of high-quality, over-the-ear headphones, Bloomberg reported.

The Northern Territory's department of children and families confirmed last week the proportions of young people held in detention centres 'have not changed since the royal commission'.

Thousands attend the wake of 15-year-old boy brutally killed in case of mistaken identity - as new video reveals the teen was KICKED OUT of the store when he ran back in begging for help and dying of his injuries

The wake was held Monday for Lesandro 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz, 15, who was beaten and stabbed to death outside a Bronx bodega Wednesday. New video shows his final moments as the teen is kicked out of the store he was first dragged from as he begged for help. The footage shows him frantically stumbling into the bodega and throw his body across the counter. Two men then point for him to exit the store after being inside for just five seconds.The slain 15-year-old's parents Leandra Feliz and Lisandro Guzman spoke to the crowd of thousands gathered outside the wake and held signs that read: 'Save Our Streets' '#JusticeforJunior' and '#StoptheViolence'. Friends, family and strangers left candles and other mementos at a memorial in front of the bodega where he was killed and thousands more stood in lines that wrapped around two blocks in order to pay their respects. Seven men have so far been arrested for the crime that police are saying is a case of mistaken identity regarding a sex tape.

Researchers at Queen's College Belfast have found that having a certain level of narcissism can help people do well in school. Take our test to find out if you have any narcissistic tendencies.

Marijuana is now legal in more than half of US states, but that does not mean the drug is not addictive. An expert warns that marijuana misuse is subtle, but still very real for millions of Americans.

A mother threatened to shoot a KFC employee after she found she was missing a potato and gravy from her meal. Her threats lead the the store, in Cowra NSW, to go into lockdown, closing early.

These are the women tipped to be Miss Universe Australia

The annual pageant season is just around the corner with a slew of sensational models lining up to be the next Miss Universe Australia. Their Instagram accounts are awash with similar marketing deals and they've all just returned from a lavish trip to Bali together - with only a string of bikini selfies left behind. In a bid to work out who is in the running Sportsbet have released the odds for our top seven - with four from NSW, one from Queensland and another hailing from Victoria making the cut (from top left to bottom right: Emily Tokic, Tahan Lew-Fatt, Jasmine Stringer, Tasha Ross, Francesca Hung and Ruby Compton).

Germaine Greer, who was born in Melbourne and lives in the UK, said she believes jail sentences for rapists are too heavy and non-consensual sex is 'practically universal' in long-term relationships.

Dan Hall, 45, from Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, could be deported from Australia as early as Wednesday, after spending 11 years in Australia with his wife Virginia.

One in three women is experiencing severe reproductive health issues, including infertility, period pains or the menopause, according to a UK government survey of 7,300 women.

Huw Merriman, 44, who has three children with wife Victoria, 44, pictured together, allegedly fathered a son with Dr Henrietta Morton-King, 29, after a workplace romance.

Horrifying moment an Australian tourist appears to 'CHOKE a Balinese Circle K convenience store worker in Kuta' - before being arrested by police

An Australian man has been arrested and locked up in Bali after allegedly choking a worker at a convenience store. James Mihaka Nathan was caught on CCTV where he allegedly put his hands around the staff member's neck whilst other people were in the store. The 36-year-old continued to fight with the worker while other employees ran for help. 

Aussie Home Loans heiress enjoys extravagant 'mates-moon' on $100 million superyacht in

No expense was spared at Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond's daughter's wedding in April, with the wealthy family hiring out an entire resort for the nuptials and the bride walking down the aisle in a $200,000 custom Christian Dior gown. Now Deborah Symond has begun what appears to be an enviable and ever popular 'mates-moon' with her Sydney society husband, Ned O'Neil. This week the newlyweds have been posting a myriad of picturesque snaps from France, with friends and family members joining the couple for continued celebrations during the European summer.

The pair of dogs entered Ashley Harraghy's Melbourne back yard, pulled her to the ground and almost killed her, ripping a chunk of flesh from her arm and leaving her needing 60 stitches.

Harley-Davidson plans to shift some manufacturing of its iconic motorcycles overseas to avoid retaliatory European tariffs imposed last week that would otherwise cost up to $100 million a year.

Last moments of Lizard Man Bronson Ellery who murdered Shelsea Schilling before killing

Bronson Ellery, 24, (right) whose face and body was plastered with tattoos, murdered his ex-girlfriend Shelsea Schilling, 20, (together left) at his Gold Coast apartment on November 11, 2016. After the murder, Ellery's friend Michael Ryan Warburton revealed this week, he arrived to find Ellery's ex-girlfriend lying in a pool of her own blood in the Southport apartment. He then watched as Ellery took a lethal dose of drugs and killed himself.

When Debbie Binner’s sporty 14-year-old daughter, Chloe, complained of pains in her right leg, she thought the problem might be muscular. Unfortunately, it was much more serious...

'You could see the outline of his genitals': Far-right leader defends confronting street performer wearing a pink mankini and says the entertainer wanted to fight

Blair Cottrell (right), leader of far-right nationalist protest group United Patriots Front, spoke out after video emerged of him and a group of right wing activists confronting a street performer (left) wearing a pink mankini in Melbourne on the weekend. Cottrell claimed he exchanged words with the man before the filmed confrontation, and decided to go back after speaking to his colleagues at the pub.

The mother was mowing her front yard in the Central Coast, NSW, about 5pm on Monday when she 'felt the bump' as she reversed, only to discover she had hit her young child.

Sitting at her dinner table with friends, Angela Waters took a sip of red — a South American Malbec — and instantly felt her face flush. This is her story.

White woman cries as she tells how she's received 'all kinds of threats' since she was recorded calling the police on an eight-year-old black girl for selling water without a permit

Alison Ettel (left and center inset) has faced public condemnation after she was caught on video calling the cops on an eight-year-old girl selling water outside her San Francisco apartment. In an interview on the Today show Monday morning, Ettel said she asked the girl's mother if they could keep it down because she was working upstairs. She says she regrets her decision to call the police, and would like to apologize to the girl, Jordan Rodgers (right), and her mother, Erin Austin. However, mother and daughter say they will not accept her apology. Jordan was raising money to go to Disneyland, after her mom lost her job. A Good Samaritan has stepped up and paid for the Disney trip.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark attends the funeral of Princess Elisabeth

Queen Margrethe of Denmark, 78 (top right image, far left), led mourners paying their respects to her cousin Princess Elisabeth (inset) in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen after the royal passed away peacefully at the age of 83 last week. Dressed in a smart black dress, Margrethe joined her sisters Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece (top right) at the family funeral.


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Beauty and the beast! Adorable moment little girl kisses a sedated rhino better after it was 'dehorned' to prevent poachers killing him

This is the adorable moment a little girl kissed a rhino better after he was dehorned by conservation workers in South Africa to prevent poaching. The white rhino, named Chunk, had his horn trimmed at the Kragga Kamma Game Park with a chainsaw. Three-year-old Ava, whose father is a chainsaw operator, had gone along with him to the park - but became upset watching him trim Chunk's horn. Ayesha Cantor, 50, who runs the park, captured the touching moment little Ava kissed the sedated rhino.  

Mat Ryan paid for a small army bigger than the Australian squad to follow the Socceroos from Kazan to Samara and Sochi as a thank you for their support through his childhood and career.

This year The Nature Conservancy said its photo contest received a record number of entries, with 57,489 shots sent in from applicants dotted across 135 countries from France to Mexico.

A motorcyclist on his p-plates (pictured) has been described as 'extremely stupid and careless' after he was caught riding 'erratically' using his mobile phone on the freeway.   

The truth about Robbie Williams' real-life angel wife Ayda Field

Left to his own devices, Robbie Williams openly admits he would self sabotage. But his 39-year-old wife Ayda Field has kept his demons at bay since they married eight years ago (pictured together centre). A Turkish-American actress, Ayda has featured in cheesy U.S. soap Days Of Our Lives, and has made the occasional appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, of course. Showbiz is in Ayda’s blood. Born in Los Angeles, her mother Gwen, who spends weeks at a time with them at their homes in LA and in London, is a successful film producer. Pictured: The pair share spaghetti Lady And The Tramp style (top left), pose with props (top right), welcome their second child (bottom right) and enjoy an early night at home (bottom left).



So seal-y! Photographer captures playful moment seals pose underwater for family photo

A photographer has captured the adorable moment a group of seals posed underwater for a family photo in the Southern Ocean off Hopkins Island, South Australia. Peter Verhoog, 63, was diving in the Southern Ocean off Hopkins Island, South Australia, when he came across a herd of seals huddling amongst one another. After following the animals, the photographer decided to grab his camera to capture this rare moment.

Michael and Sara Kramer, of Fort Collins, Colorado, tied the knot on Saturday, June 9. Their original wedding venue was scheduled to be at Cascade Village but had to move because of the fire.

This is the impressive moment an adorable dog wearing a flashing police light 'saves' the life of his trainer by performing CPR. The clip of little Poncho was filmed by police officers in Madrid.

82-year-old Masafumi Nagasaki shunned a life in the entertainment industry to go live on the remote island of Sotobanari in 1989. But now authorities have forced him to return to mainland Japan.

The moment the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh met Hollywood star Susan Sarandon 

Hollywood star Susan Sarandon was introduced to the Queen and Prince Philip at the Royal Windsor Cup held at Guards Polo Club yesterday afternoon. The 71-year-old Thelma and Louise star shook hands with the Royal couple after introducing herself. Prince Philip, bottom right, looked baffled after meeting Ms Sarandon. The star arrived at the event in a fitted white dress with a plunging neckline and bright red sandals. With little thought to her low cut frock, the five-times Oscar nominee leaned over to shake the Queen’s hand, who wore a peach dress coat with a matching hat.