The Opioid Crisis



Chronic opioid use is higher among Trump voters, study finds 

22/06/18 20:33

21/06/18 16:11

Fake fentanyl is responsible for the deaths of nearly 50 people in Brooklyn and Staten Island last year, special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan said.

21/06/18 15:28

The Sackler family owns Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceuticals company which produces OxyContin. Eight of them have been named as defendants in a Massachusetts lawsuit.

21/06/18 15:27

The only possible explanation for the large quantities, lawmakers say, was that some of the drugs were distributed to addicts and abused or diverted for illegal uses, the complaint said.

21/06/18 15:27

Dr Jane Barton, dubbed 'Dr Opiate', oversaw the dishing out of the powerful painkillers at Gosport War Memorial hospital in Hampshire. She has since retired.

21/06/18 15:26

A staggering proportion of Americans survived an opioid overdose only to die within a year, Columbia University research found. About a quarter had a relapse, but 75 percent died of other diseases.

21/06/18 15:25

Researchers from the Swedish Medical Center, Colorado, found that after an injury, cannabis users required higher painkiller doses than non-users.

18/06/18 16:04

The more alcohol you binge drink, the more slowly the brain's neurons fire, encouraging the development of alcohol tolerance, researchers at the University of Mississippi discovered.

08/06/18 21:12

The European Drug Report 2018 reveals the UK has the highest proportion of cocaine users in Europe, plus the most overdose deaths and number of people injecting opiates such as heroin.

08/06/18 16:00

Dr. Lawrence Choy, 65, was scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday for an arraignment. He was extradited to New York from Wisconsin by the DEA last week.

08/06/18 15:59

Award-winning Australian journalist Ross Dunkley has been arrested for possession of drugs in Myanmar after his home was raided by police on Thursday.

08/06/18 15:55

The UK has seen increasingly numbers of teenagers being admitted to hospital with hallucinations, rapid heartbeats and seizures caused by the drug.

04/06/18 23:13

Matthew Mellon died yesterday at a rehab in Mexico. His cause of death is unknown, but an expert explains that overdoses are common at such clinics, especially when clients are hastily detoxed.

04/06/18 21:42

Drug use in the Pacific Northwest is so prevalent that scientist have found trace amounts of narcotics in the systems of sea creatures in the area.

04/06/18 21:41

In 2016, nearly half of people killed in car wrecks were on drugs - mainly marijuana and opioids - surpassing drunk driving deaths, a new Governors Highway Safety Association report shows.

04/06/18 21:40

For every five young adults - those between 25 and 34 - that died in 2016, one was killed by an overdose, according to alarming research from St Michael's Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

04/06/18 21:40

New figures have found that heroin use in Sydney has increased by 50 per cent over the past five years. Experts believe that opioid addiction has caused a revival of the deadly '90s scourge.

24/05/18 22:47

At least 25 people were hospitalized in New York City after a possible overdose of synthetic marijuana known as 'K2', believed to be the same location where 33 people overdosed in 2016.

23/05/18 19:21

Roseanne tackled the current opioid crisis in America on Tuesday's episode. Roseanne was found hiding prescription pills around the house as her husband Dan confronted the situation.

23/05/18 17:52

A trip to her GP for chronic back pain led to a 32 year addiction to prescription medication for Rustie, who told her story for the first ever National Prevention of Prescription Medication Dependence Week.

23/05/18 17:51

New research from the University of Utah Health has found that there has been a 17-fold increase in the number of organs available for transplant from donors who died of a drug overdose

23/05/18 17:51

Georgia Cassidy, 19, was in a car with her boyfriend when they were stopped in a random police check in Kirkby, Merseyside. She put a bag of cocaine in her mouth to conceal it from police.

23/05/18 17:44

Jessica Cowdery, 26, sent a friend photos of empty medication packets before paramedics found her unresponsive at her home in Bridgend, south Wales.

07/05/18 21:16

The court in Denpasar said Australian accountant Isaac Emmanuel Roberts' sentence, which includes time already served in prison, will be carried out at the Anargya Foundation.

07/05/18 21:14

Asher Ruth de Rouffignac, a former bikini model from the Northern Territory, pleaded guilty to trafficking 17 grams of methamphetamine in one month on Wednesday.

07/05/18 21:13

Lindsey Lohan begged her father Michael Lohan, a counselor and recovering addict, to talk Mellon out of seeking the psychadelic treatment ibogaine, which is banned in the US, in Cancun.

07/05/18 21:12

The footy legend, 54, emerged from his Port Melbourne home wearing a bicycle helmet before riding up the street on Wednesday afternoon.

07/05/18 21:11

Jason and Amanda Gates and their three children were forced to move out of their dream home in Washington state after just 10 days because it was contaminated with high levels of meth.

07/05/18 21:10

William 'The Big Fella' Siryani, pleaded guilty in the NSW District Court to supplying a prohibited drug on an ongoing basis and knowingly directing activities of a criminal group in 2016.

25/04/18 20:27

Matthew Mellow, 54, died in Cancun, Mexico, last Monday. His family said he died of a heart attack, but those closest to him fear something more sinister may have befallen the handsome father of three.

25/04/18 20:24

The wrongful-death lawsuit filed in Cook County, Illinois, alleges Trinity Medical Center in Moline, Illinois and Walgreens pharmacists failed to provide Prince reasonable care.

25/04/18 20:23

The singer who was in a relationship with Prince when he passed away told investigators that the singer had been 'depressed' in the days before his death, and told her his soul left his body.

24/04/18 20:07

The singer's cousin Charles Smith (right) joined scores of fans who gathered at Paisley Park to remember Prince on the second anniversary of his death.

24/04/18 20:06

Researchers from San Francisco State University have found in a new study that smartphone dependence may have similar effects on the brain to those seen in opioid addiction.

24/04/18 20:04

Matthew Mellon reportedly died after taking a psychedelic drug in Mexico, but experts say that ibogaine deserves research as it may be a last hope for opioid addicts like Adrienne Porter (left).

24/04/18 20:01

New data from the health firm IQVIA show that the number of prescriptions for opioid painkillers filled in the US fell dramatically last year. Nationwide, nine percent fewer prescriptions were filled last year.

17/04/18 15:29

A search of Instagram on Sunday revealed that parent-company Facebook has limited search results for images with hashtags related to drugs, following comments by the FDA.

17/04/18 15:27

Christina Stein, from California, planted a tree in her garden in front a mural to the dead star. It eventually started flowering until the buds resembled the singer's famous hair.

17/04/18 15:26

Each pill in the Prescribed to Death tribute features a victim of the epidemic. The 22,000 faces are made up of real people who overdosed on opioids in 2015.

16/04/18 19:25

As the opioid crisis rages on across the US, the number of babies born with opioid withdrawal has risen by five-fold, driving up Medicaid costs by billions of dollars, a University of Minnesota study shows.

16/04/18 19:24

Dr Jerome Adams said 95 percent of insured Americans can get Narcan. Speaking at a heroin summit, he urged all eligible to carry it in case they encounter someone overdosing.

16/04/18 19:23

A new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that employers spent $2.6 billion on opioid addiction in 2016. Yet, prescription use of the addictive drug among people with health coverage declined.

16/04/18 15:43

Body camera footage shows a Columbus police officer becoming slumped and needing to be administered Narcan, which is used to help those who overdosed on drugs.

13/04/18 22:54

Notorious pharmaceutical company behind the fentanyl addiction Insys Therapeutics will soon have DEA approval to market a synthetic marijuana spray called Syndros for medical use.

13/04/18 17:44

In a series of international studies published in prestigious journal The Lancet, it was revealed that patients are being doled out opiods - despite them being discouraged.

13/04/18 17:44

Police in Peachtree, Georgia caught the dramatic moment they brought an unconscious man back from the precipice of death with the drug Narcan - and all of it was caught on film.

13/04/18 17:43

Taking a combination of prescribed painkillers and sleeping pills puts you at a greater risk of visiting a hospital for an overdose, researchers from Stanford University warn