Missing Vic snowboarder found dead

The body of an experienced snowboarder has been found on Victoria's Mt Bogong while searchers have failed to find his friend.

Police found 32-year-old Daniel Kerr's body buried under four metres of snow on Monday morning by tracking an electronic signal, the origins of which they have not yet identified.

His friend Martin Buckland, 33, remains missing and hopes are slim that he will be found alive.

The friends were on a snowboarding trip when they were reported missing after failing to return for a family function on Saturday.

Police believe the pair, who were experienced and well prepared for this trip, may have found themselves caught in an avalanche.

They left on Wednesday and last spoke to their family on Thursday.

Inspector Dave Ryan from Wangaratta police said there is little hope the second man survived.

"Essentially we are trying to recover the second body," he said.

He said there has been an average of one high country snow rescue a week recently.

"The tragedy now is that a couple of nice young blokes have lost their lives thinking they were doing everything right, so we really need to make sure everybody is aware of what the real risks are of playing in the high country," he said.

Weather conditions for the search will worsen on Tuesday and make the search more challenging, he said.

The men's families released a statement on Sunday evening saying the pair had been great friends since they met in year seven, both worked in sports and recreational professions and "live and breathe the outdoors, having been on many adventures such as this in the past".

"Our families want to stress how experienced and prepared Martie and Daniel were for this trip, keenly aware of both the risks and the unpredictable nature the outdoors offer," the statement said.


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