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Global Presence

Always There. Dedicated to our Global Customers.

Raytheon Company is deeply committed to global partnerships, providing solutions and services to valued customers in 80 countries, and building upon international relationships to best meet the national security and technology needs of nations around the world.

We maintain offices in 19 countries and have established companies in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States to serve our global customers.

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Raytheon in the Americas

From protecting the Arctic to helping ships navigate at the southernmost point of the world, Raytheon technology spans the Americas.

Our radars and satellite sensors watch over the skies and the seas. They guard against ballistic missiles and other threats, and they help protect important shipping lanes. Our air traffic management systems keep planes moving throughout the hemisphere and around the world.

Our technology helps train today's troops, and our eye is always on ways to better equip them for tomorrow.

In the sea, on the ground, in the air and in space, Raytheon technology is at work to make the Americas a safer place.



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Raytheon in Europe

For more than 100 years, Raytheon has proven its commitment to partnering with industries and allies in Europe to advance new technologies and increase protection across the full spectrum of threats. In a volatile world, Raytheon is safeguarding our trans-Atlantic neighbors against traditional and new risks, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and cyber threats.

More than 2,500 Raytheon employees call Europe home, and the continent accounts for two-thirds of our international suppliers. We also collaborate with European industries to grow local capacity and transfer knowledge, as we understand that the best solutions will involve critical technologies and skills from both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether it’s deploying robust air and missile defense systems, increasing critical infrastructure protection, or creating cybersecurity solutions, Raytheon’s expertise ensures Europe’s changing security and defense needs are met now and into the future.





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Raytheon in the Middle East

Raytheon's more than 50-year partnership with Middle Eastern countries has built a foundation — a foundation for initiatives that support national security and local industry, and for programs that educate and inspire a new generation of innovators.

We have hundreds of employees — including many country nationals — across 10 nations in the region. They provide engineering, project management, sales, training and mission support services.

Our offerings span defense, security and civil requirements. They include the development of technology as well as opportunities for local industry to participate and prosper.

And with educational programs that foster local innovation, workforce diversity and economic growth, we have demonstrated a dedication to helping the Gulf region invest in their future.


Saudi Arabia

Raytheon Emirates

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Raytheon in the Asia Pacific

Raytheon is building on more than six decades of partnership to secure the Asia Pacific region, working with customers to develop innovative products, expand the industrial base and create a workforce skilled in emerging technologies.

We work with our customers to solve their problems through advances in missile defense, air traffic management, global training, undersea warfare, precision weapons and the monitoring of borders and waterways.

Raytheon's offices and trusted partners have given the company a presence in 16 countries across the region. Our proven processes and systems allow our customers to modernize – without compromise – in today's economic environment.