Counselling for Seven AFL 'poofter' call

Channel Seven's AFL commentator Brian Taylor will undergo counselling after making an on-air comment labelling Geelong player Harry Taylor "a big poofter".

Hamish McLachlan, the host of Seven's "AFL Game Day", says Taylor is "kicking himself".

"During last night's pre-game, Brian Taylor offended a lot of people, especially Harry Taylor and his family and teammates and friends," McLachlan said on Sunday.

"Without reservation he apologised. He's kicking himself.

"He made a really bad error of judgement.

"Discrimination is not acceptable and it won't be tolerated here.

"We recover from these problems through education and awareness.

"BT will be working with Seven and undergoing some education and counselling in this area.

"We apologise, he apologises, and it was a very bad moment last night on TV."

Brian Taylor was part of Seven's pre-game coverage on Saturday night.

After watching footage of the Geelong defender being chaired off the field following his 150th match last week, the Seven commentator described the incident as "crap".

"I've just seen that crap from Harry. He's a big poofter," Taylor told viewers.

"I mean, give them this one Harry," Taylor added, making a rude gesture.

"You can't be doing the old royal wave. Next thing you'll have your mum and dad out there."

Brian Taylor apologised during the halftime segment of Saturday night's show.

"I said something that I regret and I sincerely apologise in regard to Harry Taylor and anyone and particularly Harry and any of his friends that were offended by the remark," Taylor said.

Seven's Melbourne managing director Lewis Martin said in a statement: "Comments such as those made last night are unacceptable and should not and will not be tolerated.

"Brian has been censured, and will be supported through counselling and education to ensure this mistake will never happen again."


Counselling for Seven AFL 'poofter' call

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