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Our fabulous columnist Trinny Woodall is here to listen to all your dilemmas. Here, she helps a reader with relationship issues.

Almost a quarter of you would rather have an open relationship than one with no sex. But does sharing spice up a marriage - or not? Author Melissa Broder found out.

We've discovered that over half of long-term couples wouldn't be worried if sex dried up. Susan explains why she prefers to be between the covers of a riveting read.

You feel too old to say, 'This is my boyfriend/girlfriend'; 'lover' is too Sex and the City, and 'partner' is just ghastly, so you usually settle on, 'This is my...Alex.'

Within months, Karen's life was unravelling - her marriage, friendships and family relationships: her entire identity as she'd always known it. Two years on, the dust is still settling.

Seventies sounds, a dainty doll and the cat who thinks he's a canine are just a few of sports presenter Suzi Perry's favourite things.

For its latest limited-edition line, the high-street store has partnered with iconic interiors label GP & J Baker.

White sand beaches and blue skies as far as the eye can see, blissful silence only periodically interrupted by palms rustling under the weight of the monochrome colobus monkeys.

The key to clashing prints - if you want the result to be more Carrie Bradshaw than Edina from Ab Fab - is balance.

For the first nine years of his life, Jonathan Bryan was locked inside his own mind. Then he found a way to communicate - and what he has to say is extraordinary...