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Welcome to the South Molton website.  This page is for anyone with an interest in South Molton and its history - both locals and those who have moved away.

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South Molton Square - an old image
South Molton Square - an old image

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South Molton History

J. M. W. Turner - the South Molton connection

Alexander Henley Attwater 1821 - 1906

The Bible Christian Chapel

The Blue Coat School

Cottage  Homes

The Post Office

The Royal Albert Temperance Hall and Soup Kitchen

Lest we Forget - War Memorials around South Molton

The Borough Prison

The Primitive Methodist Chapel

South Molton Infant School

The Rossiter Academy

The South Molton Livarot Twinning

Christmas in South Molton 1888

South Molton Museum

South Molton Heritage Trail

South Molton Archive

The South Molton Union Workhouse

Eastleigh House

South Molton Home Guard

Environment, Politics and what affects us Moltonians

How the Government cheats us - a video

Nick Harvey - our dishonest former MP.

Peter Heaton-Jones - is he a another fraud like Harvey?

Complaint to the BBC about Ukraine plane crash propaganda

Harvey claims £7.20 expenses to attend Remembrance Day Service!

Is the North Devon Council trying to poison us?

The Pannier Market

New Builds in South Molton

Eastleigh Care Home

Youth Resource Centre

Raleigh Mead

Kingdon Avenue

Kingdon's Court

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