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Humans of HDS

Helen Byler

"It’s important—even if we don’t stay in the religious tradition we were raised in—to be grateful for it, whatever it is. God uses those traditions, those people, and the communities we were raised in to make us into the people we’re supposed to be."—Helen Byler, MTS ’18

Humans of HDS

HDS hosts over 50 visiting scholars each year

HDS offers a rewarding immersion in the world’s faith traditions and theological subjects and creates a broad educational experience where all voices are welcome.

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Vital Conversations

Find out how an educational environment that brings together students from over 30 different religious traditions fosters ethical leaders who work across cultural divides and engage in the kind of conversations that are vital for the flourishing of humanity.


Not All Rosy

Resettling refugees has always revealed both tension and generosity, writes Melissa Borja in Harvard Divinity Bulletin.

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Professor Jacob Olupona

Religious Literacy

Professor Jacob Olupona has won the 2018 Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion.

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Jarred Hamilton, MTS candidate

Summers of a Grad Student

MTS candidate Jarred Hamilton writes about his work with the Office of Admissions and experience in the Summer Language Program.

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