ERSA 2015 - 55th Congress of the European Regional Science Association, Lisbon, 2015

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2015 Decomposition of sectoral water consumption: a subsystem SAM model for Extremadura, SpainSolís, Alberto Franco; De Miguel Vélez, Francisco Javier
2015 Regional Commuting in Italy: Do Temporary Contracts Affect the Decision?Parenti, Angela; Tealdi, Cristina
2015 What if We Adopt a Resilience Thinking Approach in the Urban Governance for Emission Reduction?Sonetti, Giulia
2015 Internal structures and external connectedness: towards a typology of French clustersHussler, Caroline; Muller, Paul; Rondé, Patrick
2015 The added value of modern Decision Support Systems (DSS) against forest fires in a global scaleSakellariou, Stavros; Tampekis, Stergios; Samara, Fani; Christopoulou, Olga
2015 The late turn-out of the Slovak star-up factories: locational and institutional factorsHudec, Oto; Lavcak, Marek
2015 Eficiência relativa dos setores econômicos de Minas Gerais: uma aplicação do modelo DEA na matriz insumo-produtoFinamore, Eduardo Belisario; Gomes, Adriano Provezano; Dias, Roberto Serpa; Dias, Matheus Alves
2015 Assessing resilience in tourism: The case of GreeceKaroulia, Stella; Gaki, Eleni; Kostopoulou, Stella
2015 Blind policy-maker: an empirical evidence from the Italian caseTesauro, Carlo
2015 Are more severe recessions followed by stronger recoveries? Evidence from the Mexican states employmentMejía-Reyes, Pablo; Vergara-González, Reyna
2015 Express delivery to the suburbs. Transport Infrastructure and European cities.Pasidis, Ilias-Nikiforos; Garcia-López, Miquel-Àngel; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet
2015 Produção eficiente de leite e seus impactos na geração de emprego e renda no Estado de Minas Gerais, BrasilGomes, Adriano; Dias, Matheus; Nascif, Christiano; Finamore, Eduardo
2015 Credit, Asset Prices and Business Cycles at the Global LevelDees, Stephane
2015 Fertility and regional development in Portugal: from the first to the second demographic transitionNogueira, Joana
2015 Barriers to cross-region research and development collaborations in Europe. Evidence from the Fifth European Framework Programmede Clairfontaine, Aurélien Fichet; Fischer, Manfred M.; Lata, Rafael; Paier, Manfred
2015 Different roles of municipalities in a urban agglomeration: a regional agent-based economic modelBaruffini, Moreno; Mini, Valentina; Stricker, Luzius
2015 Distance is crucially important, at least for neighbors: Foreign employment at the district levelNagl, Wolfgang; Lehmann, Robert
2015 Measuring lost recreational benefits in Fukushima due to harmful rumors using a Poisson-inverse Gaussian regression?Nohara, Katsuhito; Narukawa, Masaki
2015 Effects of the General System of Royalties on municipal fiscal performance in Colombia: a dose-response analysisBonet, Jaime; Guzman, Karelys; Urrego, Joaquin; Villa, Juan
2015 The importance of special safeguard tariffs (SSG) for Brazilian sugar exportsCosta, Cinthia; Burnquis, Heloisa; Guilhoto, Joaquim
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 288