LEDA Features:

  • MS Windows, Unix, Linux platform
  • Associative Container Types
  • Static / Dynamic Graphs & Networks
  • Number Types
  • Linear / Curved Geometric Data Types
  • Grafic User Interfaces
  • Multi-thread safe
  • Module Network Algorithms
  • Module Geometric Algorithms
  • Module Compression
  • Module Cryptography
  • Module Graph & Subgraph Isomorphisms
  • Module String Alignment
  • Module GUI

Release Note:

LEDA 6.5 brings internal structural changes and supports new compiler versions.

LEDA 6.5 Manual
LEDA Evaluation
LEDA in Japan
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NEW Release October 18, 2017:

LEDA Graphs

LEDA Graphs for Java
gives you access to the most powerful graph algorithms of the LEDA C++ library, usable directly through your Java development environment.

LEDA Graphs for Java
is a software library containing collections of Java classes and functions providing efficient data types and graph algorithms that are fast, realiable and easy to use.

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LEDA Numbers
The LEDA Numbers Package is a C++ library that provides all Number and Linear Algebra Types of the LEDA Software Library. 

Among others it specifically provides number types  that can be used for exact computation with both Cartesian and homogeneous representations such as integers with arbitrary length, rational numbers and a real number data type.


      The Most Comprehensive C++ Library Available Worldwide!

 LEDA is our C++ class library for efficient data types and algorithms. LEDA provides algorithmic in-depth knowledge in the field of graph- and network problems, geometric computations, combinatorial opimization and other. LEDA is implemented following the object-oriented approach.

LEDA is used in application areas such as telecommunication, GIS, VLSI design, scheduling, traffic planning, computational biology and computer -aided design.

LEDA offers all of the relevant algorithm building blocks in an easy-to-use and efficient form dealing with objects such as graphs, sequences, dictionaries, trees, points, flows, matchings, segments, shortest paths, and many more. Thus it is applicable in all software projects using object-oriented generic programming.

LEDA is available for a multitude of different operating systems and compilers.

LEDA is available as full package - professional and research edition - and also as free edition with limited functionality.

Professional Edition:

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Research Edition:

... LEDA Academia

Free Edition:

... LEDA Free Edition

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