You may have guessed that somebody at Greg Chandler Signs might be named Greg. That’s me on the far left and I’ll try to find a better picture of myself at work soon.

School: I was born and grew up in Echuca and started being interested in graphics and signs during high school. I thought about becoming a builder, but my teachers encouraged me to choose graphics and art and think about architecture. In hindsight I think I’d quite like to have studied architecture but as it happened I applied for a signwriting apprenticeship and ended up with the job.

Apprenticeship and Self-employment: I learned the core of my trade there until my fourth year when ‘the recession we had to have’ hit and I found myself suddenly out on my own. I worked hard to do a good job for a good price and soon grew out of my mum’s carport and into an industrial shed in Echuca East, trading under the name GCSigns. I did a lot of real estate boards, work for sporting clubs and main street shopfronts, but also gold leaf honour boards, race cars and some elaborate pictorial work for a local soft drink manufacturer. (See Qualifications)

Travels: After three or four years of that, and in my mid twenties, I took off to see the world, visiting Northern Australia, Canada, Africa, and living for about ten years in the beautiful city of Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Return to Echuca: As much as I enjoyed that, home is home, and since the beginning of 2012 I’ve been back in Echuca. Before long I was painting signs here and there for old customers/relatives/team-mates/friends and I soon decided to invest in some of the newer technologies to come into the trade: gradually purchasing a Roland Vinyl Plotter, Mimaki Wide format digital printer and a Royal Sovereign wide format laminator.

Further training: To polish up old skills and learn new ones, I attended workshops, seminars and events like Australian Letterheads 2013 and 2014, New Zealand Letterheads 2014, Eugowra Murals 2013/14/15, Portland Wallnuts 2014 and KTCOSA 2015. I won awards at both 2014 Letterheads: ‘Best Aussie Heritage Panel (Aus)’ and ‘Best of Letterheads (NZ)’.

If you think there might be anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0403 815520 or get in touch by any other means on the contact page of this website.

Thanks for reading-see you around town!.