Hammond Castle Museum is a unique treasure on the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. It was constructed between the years 1926 to 1929, by inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr. to serve as his residence. Its architectural style is that of a medieval castle, and was custom built to encompass his private collection of artifacts spanning from ancient Rome through the Renaissance.

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Photograph courtesy of: Scott Vining

Visiting the Castle

Visitors are welcome to explore the many rooms of the castle with its medieval architecture and artifacts, as well as enjoy the beauty of the castle grounds and view of the Atlantic shore line. In addition, the Museum offers a number of educational programs and prearranged tour opportunities for school and tour groups. The Museum is open to the public from May through September.

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Photograph courtesy of: Troublemaker Photography

Corporate Functions

Corporate Rentals, such as award dinners, clambakes, and small meetings are excellent ways the Hammond’s home continues the tradition established over the years when notable celebrities, scientists, musicians and world leaders met here to enjoy the Hammond experience.

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Photograph courtesy of: New England Weddings
Photo courtesy of: Alison Cali

Private Rentals

The unique ambiance of Hammond Castle, so quaintly nestled on Gloucester’s rocky Atlantic coast, is the perfect setting for that memorable event.  What began as a dream by Dr. John Hays Hammond, Jr., and as a wedding present for his bride is still here today.

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Photograph courtesy of: Kathy Chapman Photography

Special Events

Each year the Hammond Castle Museum hosts special events that other locations cannot match. Imagine Halloween in a haunted castle, or a Renaissance Faire in a real life Renaissance setting.

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