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NAEWASA is an industry sector association serving the New Entrants Commission constituencies. We are non-profit voluntary organization representing business people in South Africa in the Energy sector i.e. Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Renewable Energy.
NAEWASA plays a critical role by proactively engaging with key stakeholders, providing research information and ensuring our members have access to markets locally and internationally.
s We promote Energy Wholesalers, Power Producers, Manufacturers and Installers of Renewable Energy of New Entrants members for new and expanding businesses.

Some of our members


The National African Energy Association of South Africa two main companies being NAEWASA NPO and NAERWASA Investment Holdings are strategically set up to assist Members with historic economic challenges.
While NAEWASA is a not for profit Organisation launched to give South African New Entrants Commission Members more presence in the Energy Sector, NAERWASA Investments is a commercial Entity assisting NAEWASA to remain sustainable and also to provide more Business Opportunities to empower ALL MEMBERS.

Our Stakeholders and Sponsors