Five Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

There’s a lot of buzz about social media, return on investment (ROI), reach and impact.  However, very few companies actually understand the strategy behind a social media campaign. In the world of social media, trend is the most important factor in driving the efforts of your marketing campaign.

Companies with huge marketing budgets usually have dedicated teams for social media, SEO and digital marketing.  Your company may or may not have a dedicated social media team, but you can run a successful social media campaign with these few simple tips..

  1. Get the basics right

Before you start your social media activities, ensure that your social media accounts are live and updated on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media channels. Having a live account means, you have you bios, updated images and design that links all your channels uniformly. Always ensure that the branding and messaging is consistent.

  1. Think of theme based campaigns

Every campaign has a specific set of goals which includes a variety of things ranging from newsletter signups, e-book downloads, to generating leads for business. These goals should be paired with relevant themes that assist in goal conversion. Always start with a theme and create a series of messages that gradually nurture your audience with relevant information. Develop a calendar to maintain deadlines and also track your progress. While your content is one half of the campaign, metrics and measurement are the other half of the campaign.

  1. Share value-add information / curated content

Giving valuable and useful information to your audience is the key to high audience engagement. When you present valuable data points and statistics of your industry, it not only shows your knowledge but also creates credibility for you in the marketplace. It also helps you create a bond with existing vendors and potential partners. Content curation is a top marketing strategy which helps at drawing in and engaging users.

  1. Everyone loves freebies

Nobody says no to a freebie (Well, mostly nobody does), so let’s make this freebie work for us. A freebie does not necessarily need to be a prize or gift. It can be a giveaway, an e-book or a downloadable template, which helps you connect with your audience and in exchange, offers to make things better for them. In return, the freebie increases engagement, the subscriber list and also helps content creation and builds better rapport.

  1. Measure and optimize

Social media campaigns are easy and are an extremely useful way to promote your company. The reason to measure your campaigns is not just to have metrics in place, but rather to learn what efforts have been successful and what efforts need to be improved. The success of you campaign is judged by how close you are to your goal, within the shortest span of time. While some channels provide inbuilt analytics, some third party tools help you reduce the time spent by consolidating data from all channels.

Over time, with the help of analytics and by observing trends, you will find out that certain platforms are better poised for success than others. Your audience may engage more on some platforms and avoid others. Optimize your campaign to ensure that you give more importance to the most relevant platform for your company. .

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  • Logan Murphy

    I find it really fascinating how you said, “…trend is the most important factor in driving the efforts of your marketing campaign.” I think social media depends completely on what is trending currently. It would make sense for companies looking for high ROI to pay attention to the trends and use them to their advantage. I’m studying a lot about social media in school right now and find it all really interesting. I love it. Thanks for the great read.