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The Sweet Water Ranch Inc.
Located in Chatsworth Calif. 

The Sweet Water Ranch Inc. is a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Charity. A horse & farm animal rescue sanctuary. We are devoted to helping the animals in their time of need. Saving them from a life of despair, torture, solitude and slaughter.The Sweet Water Ranch was founded in 2009 by Candi Cane Cooper, Animal Communicator & Co founder Craig Marks, Music Composer. Their motivation was simple, the animals needed them. 

Princess with Jazz in her tummy waiting to go to slaughter

Candi's First rescue......
It was a Saturday afternoon late in January 2009.
She had just finished working at Santa Anita doing some communication work with the Race Ponies........ 
She knew that this day could quite possibly be the hardest day of her life. Candi had plans to go under cover for a documentary. Armed with a hidden camera in her purse, she was going to visit a feed  lot where hundreds of horses were being held before they were to go to slaughter. As soon as she drove up, a starved and pregnant Palomino Mare starting calling out to her at the top of her lungs. There were hundreds there, but this mare was determined to get her attention. Her heart sunk as she approached, fighting back the tears. As Candi gently put her arms around the neck of the mare, she whispered in quiet desperation to "Save Me".

Candi  then asked the mare when was she going to have the baby? She said NOW!!! Candi promised her at that moment she would come back and save both of them. The next day Candi went back to save her and the baby. With the birth of Baby Jazz, The Sweet Water Ranch Inc. was also born. Jazz will be SWR's forever rescue mascot. Her mama Princess the Palomino mare, was rehabilitated but only was able to live one more year. We were very grateful that she at least got to spend that time with her baby. She helped her everyday to grow up strong and beautiful with all she had left give. 
RIP Princess

Baby Jazz the day she was born & saved from slaughter at a feed lot in Chino CA.

Baby Jazz Today 2018 @ 9 years old. Healthy & happy

Beautiful Mama Princess after she was rehabilitated. 
Unfortunately her previous abuse took a toll.
 We lost her 12/14/09. Approx. age was 24.

Craig Marks
CineMedia Music
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