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Photo-Blog: New York Auto Show 2014

Apr 27, 2014

A visit to the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS 2014) is described, with pictures and comments.

I went to the NY Auto Show on 2014 April 24, and took a lot of pictures, most of which are shown below.  I was mostly interested in non-conventionally-fueled vehicles.

First of all, I was very disappointed that Tesla Motors was not present at the show.[1] [2]
I had a lot to say to them, and there would have been a lot I could learn from them.

I don’t ever recall seeing this at an auto show before: they had rides — you could ride in (but not drive) a BMWi electric car, a Toyota FCV (Fuel-Cell Vehicle), or a Jeep climbing over a steep ramp.

First stop was the EV Corral, sponsored by the electrical utility Con ED (the Consolidated Edison Company of New York).  They had a handout sheet guiding consumers in choosing among four different types of electric vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV, and ER-EV), and also showed three types of EV chargers.  Sadly, the sheet did not show a web address for the same information, and I cannot seem to find it on the web.

Also participating in the corral were BMW, Kia, Nissan, and Subaru.

The BMWi electric vehicle was featured in the ride where you could observe the BMWi vehicle, in motion. from a passenger seat.  They showed off the fast acceleration, and the fact that you could activate the regenerative braking simply by lightening up on the accelerator pedal — something akin to engine braking in an ICE engine, except that much of the energy is recouped.

The Kia vehicle:

My next stop was the Toyota exhibit.  I saw that my friends at Leviton are expanding from their current base business into EV chargers:

Toyota is working on a Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle (FCV).  The prototype body is:

The next four pictures show the inner working of the raw chassis, front-to-back:
Below, the rounded cylinder is one of two hydrogen tanks.  The box in front of (to the left in this picture) is the fuel-cell stack, and the box behind it (right, partially visible) is the electric battery, to absorb the energy from the regenerative braking and to smooth out the demand on the fuel cells.

Below, the forward hydrogen tank and the battery are also visible here:

The battery (above) and the rear cylindrical hydrogen tank (below) are visible here:

I did get to ride in one of these FCVs.  It was quiet and smooth, with zippy acceleration, but not distinguishable from any other electric car.

I am still opposed to using hydrogen as fuel.  Creating hydrogen still uses more energy than it's worth; and, if it gets loose, it is a powerful greenhouse gas, and also it can burn with a flame that is practically invisible to the human eye.

Other cars include the Honda Fit-EV:[3]

and this Ford Focus EV:

Not all hybrids have exceptional fuel economy:

Fun stuff

Car 54, where are you?  The original Car 54, which was red so that it would not be confused with a regular NYPD car, which, then, was black, dark green, and white – color did not matter on a black-and-white show:

This car seems like a mashup of Antonio Gaudi and a 3D printer:

I wonder what its aerodynamic coefficient of friction is.  Must be real drag!


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