Alex Edelman, 29, returns with his third offering; 27-year-old Daniel Sloss has now racked up his tenth Fringe outing; and Ahir Shah, also 27, gives a powerful account of his nan's deportation to India.

Summer's still sizzling so whether it's family fun you're after or some rock n roll in the park, Event gives you the best outdoor activities to enjoy in the sun

At a basic level, The Meg is a very silly film about a group of scientists accidentally unleashing a giant shark that most believed had been extinct for over two million years on an unsuspecting world.

I shall never forget my first sighting of Alicia de Larrocha in the concert hall. She was barely 5ft tall, with tiny hands. How could she cope with such a large Steinway, I worried. I needn't have.

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Marina Amaral is a Brazilian artist who specialises in colouring historical photographs. She has produced a book of 200 photographs that were originally in black and white

It's the lunch that waits for no man, a Sunday feast of iconic allure. Which is why that blessed roast is such a sacred affair, a cornerstone of home and hearth

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire has many claims to fame. The Baroque country house was built as a gift from Queen Anne to General John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.