Meet Vincent

The official Experience by the Van Gogh Museum


Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

The only official van Gogh Experience created by the world-renowned Van Gogh Museum


This high-quality, immersive exhibition is created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum, based on the museum’s world-leading expertise and the world’s largest Vincent van Gogh collection. The experience is inspiring and enriching for people of all ages, all around the world. This award-winning blockbuster exhibition is appealing and entertaining for families, schools, novices and experts.


Using digital technologies instead of the original artworks, the Experience contributes to the mission of the Van Gogh Museum to make the work and life of van Gogh accessible to as many people around the world as possible in a modern way. The license revenue generated by the Experience directly contributes to the Museum’s activities to secure the legacy of Vincent van Gogh.

Created by the experts


“Meet Vincent van Gogh is the only official Van Gogh Experience created by the Van Gogh Museum. Compared to other traveling initiatives focused on Van Gogh, Meet Vincent van Gogh goes a step further. It is a complete Experience in which education and entertainment go hand in hand. It is a journey through his life in six chapters, based on the extensive knowledge and expertise of the Van Gogh Museum’s curators and Education Department.


With Meet Vincent van Gogh, we support our mission to make the life of Van Gogh and his contemporaries, as well as the art of his time, accessible to millions of people all over the world. This new concept makes it possible for the Van Gogh Museum to offer the same Van Gogh experience simultaneously at multiple places in multiple countries.”

Axel Rüger

Director of the Van Gogh Museum

van gogh museum experts

Adriaan Dönszelmann, Vincent Willem van Gogh & Axel Rüger