Pet Insurance Comparison

What Veterinary Pet Insurance Company is Best for You?

Many of the veterinary pet insurance companies out there have great websites that tell you all about them and what type of coverage they can provide for your pet. Each veterinary pet insurance company offers different rates, coverage for specific services, and caps on the benefits for each policy.

One great thing to do beforehand is to go to a website that has reviews on such lifetime pet insurance companies and the plans they offer, such as pet dental insurance as well as surgery insurance. Such websites often include charts that put the pet insurance companies side-by-side for easy comparison.

They usually also present expert and consumer reviews, so that you can look at the plans from different sides of the aisle and come up with your own conclusion. This way you know you are getting the best veterinary pet insurance company for you and your pet dogs and cats.

The Different Kinds of Policies

Most veterinary pet insurance companies, such as Trupanion Pet Insurance, offer you a variety of policies, allowing you to somewhat customize them to your needs. The basic level of coverage you’ll find with veterinary pet insurance companies simply covers accidents. Accident plans cover things like getting hit by a car or poisonous stings and bites. Such plans are the most affordable, usually costing around $10/month and giving you up to $2500 coverage per claim.

The next type of pet health insurance policy that you’ll find at your veterinary pet insurance company is illness and accident coverage. This plan obviously covers any illness your pet may have. In such a case, your veterinary pet insurance company will pay most of the costs for any testing your pet needs, along with medication and follow-up visits to the veterinarian. As you may know, some illnesses require many, many visits over a long period of time, which can be quite costly.

The final type of policy you can get through your veterinary pet insurance company covers the aforementioned cases, but also includes a wellness plan. This means that the veterinarian pet insurance plans will help alleviate the cost of annual exams and vaccinations along with the other stuff mentioned before.

If you can afford such a plan, try and get one that covers long-term veterinary care, dental care, and nail trimmings as well, as these casts can add up quick. These pet insurance company policies are usually the most expensive, because they cover so much.

You will probably pay $30-$100 per month for such policies. On the other hand, the good thing is that you know that you are covered for just about anything.