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"The show is beautiful: well-crafted, well-acted, well-directed...   of all the Halloween shows in Los Angeles,   Delusion is the crown jewel."

"Delusion has created a genre in interactive horror theater that no one has come close to beating. The attention to detail, production value, and level of absolute excellence they have achieved is unmatched."

"...truly a play that no person should miss. It is this brief moment where you get to escape the mundane and explore a world of monsters...  it was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced."

"Hottest ticket in town. Delusion’s story is gothic and twisted …its scares driven by psychology."

"...one could go to Delusion multiple times and not have the same experience twice...  Braver & Co. have become the undisputed kings of the haunted attraction."

"It might be the scariest play you’ve ever seen, because you are in it. It’s a psychological thriller that tests your courage. It is sure to keep you up at night."

"Delusion is one of the most thrilling and innovative experiences I participated in this Halloween season. And I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to see it."

"From the exceptional score and the expertly done FX (including wirework and other stunts), to the immensely talented cast and exciting concept, this event is truly unique and should be a no-brainer for anyone looking for the single best horror event in Los Angeles."

The Experience

What began as Jon Braver's passion project has evolved into the most celebrated interactive theatre experience to date. And now with Delusion's partnership with Skybound Entertainment, the Delusion stories will expand into all mediums including VR, Comics, Film, Television and Radio Dramas. For the live theatre experience, imagine how it would feel to be a character in a real-life horror and suspense film. Touted as "the vanguard of interactive theatre" and " the future of live entertainment" this moving play immerses you in a living, breathing world as you play your part in a psychologically disturbing tale of horror, suspense, mystery and adventure.

First premiered in 2011, Delusion has re-defined live theatre by creating psychologically disturbing, interactive experiences that incorporate the audience into the story as characters. There is nothing quite like Delusion. Using an innovative blend of suspenseful storytelling, a chilling original score, creature FX, and professional actors and stuntmen, Delusion creates a truly one of a kind word-class immersive experience. You will interact with actors, perform actions, retrieve objects, solve mysteries, choose paths and perhaps sacrifice yourself to move the story forward. As always, you are invited to become a key player in Delusion's next twisted tale! How far will you go to fully realize your journey into the darkness and beyond?


The vanguard of interactive theater returns in 2018 with an all-new original play.

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the Players

Writer / Director / Creator:
Jon Braver

Jon's career has taken some very interesting turns. He has worked as a film and theatre director, a stuntman, an actor, an action coordinator and creative consultant for Disney Imagineering. His work with some of the top directors in the business on titles such as The Dark Knight Rises, Ironman, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones 4 has helped to bring Delusion to life. Jon demonstrates an unusual range of talent and keen ability to deliver a creative vision. He hopes to continue the evolution of the Delusion Universe in other mediums as well.

Carl Choi

Carl Choi is a producer and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, with a track record of championing talent and developing communities on the fringes of culture. After graduating from USC’s Marshall School of Business, Mr. Choi was one of the early team members of Lionsgate Entertainment and In 2012, Mr. Choi founded The Great Company (GreatCo), a Los Angeles-based experiential studio that collaborates with IP rights holders, global brands, and cultural institutions to produce interactive installations and immersive experiences that connect audiences in meaningful ways and transform the perception of time and reality. GreatCo and DELUSION first collaborated in 2017 to produce Horror Rewind, which immersed fans in a guided narrative through scenes from Fox Home Entertainment’s archive of horror & sci-fi films.

Creative Supervisor / Assistant Director:
Victor Mathieu

French in blood, Victor Mathieu is an Award-winning writer, director, and producer. His latest directorial work includes feature films Dead List, The Monster Project and CarnieVille. He has also directed commercials for distinguished brands like Coca-Cola, Aol, Durex and Doritos. Victor is reprising his role as Assistant Director and Creative Supervisor for his fifth year on one of his greatest guilty pleasures; Delusion. Victor received his BA in film from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.

Niyia Mack

Niyia Mack is honored to join the Delusion company this year. Special thanks to Jon, Jackie, and Sarah for trusting me with this incredible opportunity. Off-Broadway: CARRIE: The Killer Musical (Los Angeles Theater), Theatre Mogul's SILENCE! The Musical (The Hayworth Theater), The Theatre Project's Barbicide (The Players Theatre), Literally Alive at The Players Theatre (2001-2006). For Toddpac.

Jackie Kreterfield

The moment Jackie landed in Los Angeles from Ohio, her passion for the entertainment industry led her to working on many television shows. Recently, she has worked in casting on The Emmy Award-Winning shows Shark Tank and The Amazing Race. Jackie has been with Delusion since 2012 when she stumbled upon their website. She knew she wanted to be involved immediately. Jackie has always had a strong passion for everything Halloween/Horror related and combined with her love for roleplaying games and mysteries, it has been a fit. She is also a Segment Producer for Midsummer Scream: Halloween Festival, premiering this Summer 2016. She's very ecstatic to show the fans what's to come this Fall!

Audio Engineer / Lighting Designer:
Ian Momii

Ian Momii has been on board with Delusion since 2012 first as a production assistant then as audio engineer in 2013 setting up the intricate sound system that Delusion heavily relies on. In 2014 he took on duties as Lighting Designer bringing his extensive background from theater and dance to concerts and tv/film to help craft the world of Delusion.

Production Designer:
Kevin Williams

Kevin joined Delusion in 2014 and he hasn’t been right in the head since. Throughout his career he has designed and fabricated for various projects involving major theme parks, regional theatres, music videos and commercial/film work. He continues to grow his repertoire with new challenges in design - with Delusion being the most challenging yet. The birth of his children were the best days of his life while meeting Jon Braver remains the most devastating.

FX Makeup and Costume Designer:
Cat Elrod

An accomplished FX Makeup Artist and Costume Designer, her career began in the theatre, with design and management. Cat transitioned to film after college by attending Joe Blasco Makeup Center West. She's worked with the likes of Margaret Cho and Charlie Wilson, is currently Resident Costume/Makeup Designer for The Garage Theatre in Long Beach, Ca and teaches the Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced makeup programs at The Orange County School of the Arts. She hopes to continue in makeup, theatre and film, meeting her childhood idols and making pretty (gruesome) pictures...


MUST READ! Before completing your ticket purchase, please read all the information that applies to the experience and/or ticket below.
Is this a Haunted House or Escape Room?
Short answer, no. But let a Delusion fan explain further: "If you're looking for jump scares, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for a fully engaging interactive horror experience that takes you through a roller coaster of a story, then this is the play you need to see." Well said Delusional! Think of this as a moving play. Enter our world and become a character in the haunting tale. This is interactive theatre. An eerie story told in the way only Delusion can. Many guests return multiple times to fully engage with the story, action and characters since there are branching narratives. There is much depth to this experience if you're willing to simply let go.
How scary is Delusion?
The play is more of an adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones but how scary it is depends on how far you let yourself go. To fully realize the world of Delusion, your mind must release you from the constraints of rational thought. Allow yourself to enter a world of adventure and mystery... leaving your former life behind. Creator Jon Braver always says he's not out to scare the hell out of people. He simply wants to tell/show an eerie, compelling story in a unique way. Delusion is beautiful, horrifying, suspenseful and adventurous. But in the end, it's all great fun! After the show, people held each other, laughed and were dying to go again!
Any warnings/emotional triggers I should know about?
Yes! Must read before purchasing. Physically demanding show. First off, if you or any member of your party has particular requirements, please inquire before purchasing tickets and we will address your inquiry immediately. There can be no guarantee that requirements can be met if notified at the experience. Due to the nature of the play and its location, we do NOT recommend the play for anyone with existing injuries, heart conditions, pregnant women, epileptics, claustrophobics, or the faint of heart. While it is difficult to know how any one story point, effect or even music cue might effect one or another, we can tell you that the play has the following effects and activities: light physical touch, fog, strobe lights, tight spaces, climbing stairs and stones, stunts, sound of gunfire and prop guns, WWII/Nazi Era propaganda and paraphernalia, loud music and sound effects, and creepy imagery. Please be aware there are NO REFUNDS whatsoever. Again, if you have any questions or concerns please email info@enterdelusion.com BEFORE purchasing a ticket.
How long is the play? How many people per group? What's the format?
The play is a little over an hour (time varies a bit due to the interactivity). We are also dropping our group size to 8 people max. Much more intimacy but far fewer tickets available per night! A new group begins the play every 20 minutes. But come early to enjoy the Delusion lounge and prepare for your adventure.
What is your policy on cell phones?
Strict. We want our guests to fully realize their journey. To stay present. Unencumbered. To that end, when you begin the play you will be asked to check in your coats, bags, wallet/purse, phone and watches. Your belongings will be stored until the end of the experience. Again, you are not allowed to bring your phone into the venue under any circumstances. If you cannot abide by these rules, that are meant to enhance the experience for all, then please do not purchase a ticket.
Where is the venue?
Details on your ticket. We're in Los Angeles.
Where can I park?
We'll have a partnership with Lyft so carpool! But if you drive, please respect neighborhood parking.
Is it a new play this year?
Oh hell yes. Learn more here!
What should I wear?
VERY IMPORTANT: Very physical show. You will be running, crawling and climbing. Absolutely NO HIGH HEELS, NO MASKS, NO PERSONAL BELONGINGS. Wear nothing that would impede your movement. We can't have anyone carrying their purse or other personal items into the show. WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES and CLOTHES you don't mind getting a bit scuffed and dirty! Seriously! This warning isn't heeded very well every year! Please pay close attention to it!
Are you serving alcohol? Or any other drinks and/or food?
Yes! The show begins in a pretty killer lounge/restaurant/nightclub. Come early, stay late, listen to music, drink, eat and share your stories with others! No one under 21 served alcohol of course!!
What rules must I follow while visiting Delusion?
We have a few basic rules which must be followed at all times:
  • We have a deep respect for our actors and crew... and so should you. Anyone deemed disrespectful in any way towards them or the production overall, will be removed from the play and/or premises with no refund.
  • 2 Absolutely NO CELL PHONES inside the venue. You will be REMOVED FROM THE PLAY WITH NO REFUND if you do not follow these rules. You MUST check your belongings at the lounge, or leave them in the car. Enter the world unencumbered.
  • NO TALKING during the play UNLESS you are engaged in conversation with an actor.
  • Do not touch any stuntpersons, actors, or staff at any time…UNLESS asked to.
  • Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within all areas (including the use of e-cigarettes). (per LA County Fire Code)
  • Food and drink must not be taken into the experience, and only food and drink purchased in Fais Do-Do is permitted. The Blue Blade reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anybody that appears to be intoxicated and to ask for proof of age prior to serving any alcohol. Any person(s) found in possession of alcohol, or who appear to be under the influence of alcohol will be refused admission or removed from the experience without right to refund.
How much time should I allocate for the evening?
ARRIVE EARLY! NO LATE ENTRY WHATSOEVER! You should allow a whole evening seeing how we have a lounge and restaurant with music, food and a killer patio to chill after the show and enjoy beer or wine! Account for everything from parking, checking in, the lounge, waiting for your show time, THE SHOW, and after...decompression at the lounge!
Is there an age restriction?
The Blue Blade is strictly for guests aged 16+ and The Blue Blade will operate a strict ID policy. To gain access to the experience, ticket holders must produce a valid form of photo identification. Refunds will not be provided to those who are not admitted as a result of failure to provide acceptable identification. Minors must attend with a parent or guardian who must sign an additional waiver before entry.
Is the venue handicap accessible?
Please email info@enterdelusion.com to discuss.
Do you have discounts?
Sorry, no discounts.
Can I take pictures or video?
Before the show, sure! While in the show? NO WAY! You MUST check-in your belongings.
How long is the wait in line?
Wait times for your play will vary depending on the night of your visit. Our tickets are timed so there will hopefully not be too long a wait…but remember that the lounge is PART OF the experience so get there early and stay after…it’ll be worth it, trust us!
What happens if I break the rules?
The Blue Blade reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove from the experience, in its absolute discretion and without giving any reasons, any person failing to comply with the terms and conditions or whose presence is, in its absolute discretion, a source of danger or disruption and shall have no obligation to give any reason.
Will Delusion close if it rains?
We are open rain or moonshine. In the event of a torrential downpour we reserve the right to reschedule the show for another night OR refund your ticket if all other nights are sold out or cannot accommodate. We will do our best to post an update on the home page of this website in the event of torrential downpour. Be sure to refresh your page for the most current information.
How can I join the crew of Delusion?
Email info@enterdelusion.com and tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re interested in. If you're a performer then email casting@enterdelusion.com.
I have problems with my ticket, can you help me?
Contact See Tickets at 323-908-0607 or help@seetickets.us
Can I change/refund my ticket?
NO EXCHANGES OR REFUNDS ALLOWED. Tickets are transferable so feel free to make an exchange through a 3rd party. In addition, Delusion reserves the right to remove a person from the premises with NO REFUND if at any time they feel this person is a danger to others, or disruptive to the theater experience.


Ticket Issues?
Contact See Tickets:

1-323-908-0607 — or — help@seetickets.us

General Information
& Press:

info@enterdelusion.com — or — press@enterdelusion.com


Ticket Issues?
Contact See Tickets:

1-323-908-0607 — or — help@seetickets.us

General Information
& Press:

info@enterdelusion.com — or — press@enterdelusion.com