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Carlsbad Office:
2173 Salk Ave, #250,
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Work Phone Number:
(760) 295-1209

Temecula Office:
32954 Poppy Street,
Temecula, CA 92592

Work Phone Number:
(951) 972-4405

San Diego Office:
3434 Midway Drive, Suite 2001,
San Diego, CA 92110

Fax Number: (760) 579-7330
24 Hour Hotline - Text / Call - (239) 464-5067

About the Firm

midway bld453434 Midway Drive – San Diego Office

Ayers Law Firm is dedicated to integrity, leadership, strong values, vigorous advocacy and passion for serving its clients. We give each case the personal, and serious, attention deserved. The firm was founded by attorneys committed to serving the needs of the client tirelessly and zealously. Ayers Law Firm’s tireless client dedication is what has earned it the reputation of “Aggressive Litigators.”

Our goal is to provide value added services to our clients.  To facilitate that goal, the firm offer a reasonable and negotiable fee structure to best service the client and their particular need.  Ayers Law Firm puts the client’s needs first.  The Ayers Law Firm gives each client the utmost dedication to their legal problems.  Ayers Law Firm holds your hand when faced with difficult, complex and overwhelming legal problem.

Our greatest reward is to see our clients position improved from the legal services we provided. Accordingly, Ayers Law Firm is committed to ensuring each client is put into a better position then they would have been had they not used our services.  This commitment is consistent with our mission to add value through the legal services provided to our clients.  A key component for accomplishing this objective stems from our expertise and proven track record in rendering sound legal opinions and analysis which properly aid clients in making good decisions when faced with tough alternatives.Ayers Law Firm distinguishes itself from other firms by providing clients honest and realistic expectations about their situations.  We will not simply tell you what you want to hear about your situation, but instead give you a truthful value added analysis of your situation.

Ayers Law Firm is made up of seasoned professionals with uncompromising integrity and extensive practice in both Federal and State Courts throughout Southern California. Ayers Law Firm’s attorney’s are aggressive litigators.  This reputation consistently yields favorable settlements and court victories for our team.

Ayers Law Firm is also committed to the communities in which it practices. Those communities include both San Diego and Riverside County as Ayers Law Firm has locations in TemeculaCarlsbad and San Diego. We are pleased to offer these three locations for the convenience of the firm’s clients.  The attorneys at the Ayers Law Firm also actively participate in the local bar associations where they live and practice.