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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. A lawyer who specializes in civil litigation is known as a “litigator” or “trial lawyer.” Lawyers who practice civil litigation represent parties in trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies, foreign tribunals and federal, state and local courts.

If you have recently been sued or served, then you are going to want to do everything in your power defend your position. You may be feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed by the sheer number of steps that you need to take to defend your case and to have your voice heard. The attorneys at Ayers Law Firm are here to help with that process and to explain the process and proceedings to you in a clear manner.

Fortunately, by hiring a team of aggressive civil defense litigators, you get the assistance that you need when it comes to taking your case to trial and ensuring that your case is well presented in front of a judge. Furthermore, having a litigation attorney on your side will be useful in helping you get the representation that you will need to have a shot at the best outcome in court, in negotiations or settlement. It is never a good idea to represent yourself, as often judges do not take you very seriously and you will not know how to present evidence to the court if you do not have an attorney or team of attorneys on your side.

Ayers Law Firm will will make court appearances on your behalf and help you through the often confusing process of filing litigation paperwork. If you are going through a lawsuit right now or are anticipating being served with one in the future, give the Ayers Law Firm a call to set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys. To get all the help that you can get during this difficult time, be sure to hire an aggressive civil litigator. Ayers Law Firm strives to provide value added services by vigorously defending you, so your assets are protected.