Out of the Slipstream 2009

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Denbies Wine Estate

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George James Software and M/Gateway Developments present

A one-day conference about

building Internet-scale transaction

processing applications in the Cloud

on Thursday 02 July 2009

at Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey, UK

Building massively scalable web-based business applications in the Cloud

The web brings a great many potential benefits for deploying business applications, not least of which is the ability to reach massive numbers of users. This, in turn, introduces the problem of how to scale such applications in order to provide continually high performance and responsiveness for growing numbers of users.

Most of the really huge web applications with which we're all familiar are oriented to such things as social networking, retail and search, and a variety of techniques are used in these applications to allow them to scale.

A new part of the equation is Cloud computing, bringing the potential for huge deployments and reactivity to rapid growth by running services and virtual computers out there in the Internet, on a pay-as-you-go basis. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest and most influential cloud providers have based their services on infrastructure they developed for their own huge retail sites.

This year's Out of the Slipstream Conference will focus on the issues related to the creation of truly scalable business applications that reach huge numbers of users, using web and Cloud technologies. For example:

  • do the experiences of scaling social networking, retail, banking and search systems provide appropriate and applicable solutions for other business applications? If not, why not, and what other techniques are required and/or available?
  • how appropriate is "the Cloud" for deploying business applications? To what extent do the services offered by Cloud providers meet the real needs of business applications?

The conference will be essential for anyone who is planning or developing web-based business applications.

See the full programme, including the Educational Track.


Who Should Attend?

This conference is aimed at IT professionals and organisations that have an interest in transactional database solutions with high scalability and performance characteristics, particularly in a cloud based computing environment. It is of particular relevance to people working with schemafree databases such as Cache, GT.M, Amazon SimpleDB, M/DB, Big Table and CouchDB.


The conference is being held at Denbies Wine Estate, an award winning English working vineyard in the heart of Surrey.

Denbies Wine Estate
London Road