George James Software and M/Gateway Developments Ltd present a conference about Caché and similar technologies, that will highlight and explain the potential of these technologies in the modern world.

Out of the Slipstream is a one-day conference on
Thursday 03 July 2008
at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, UK.

From Morse Code and Enigma to the World Wide Web

Because we're holding this year's Out of The Slipstream Conference at Bletchley Park, it's fitting that the main theme relates to security and its importance in today's viral social-networking crowd-sourcing blogospherical world in which Cache and similar technologies must now co-exist.

Security is an ever changing beast. During the war the Enigma cypher machine, which was initially designed to secure banking communications, became the backbone of security for German military and intelligence communications. But for how long did that level of security suffice? At Bletchley Park, teams of people were employed by the British Government to decypher the code. The Germans changed the Enigma code daily to ensure the highest level of security but, with time, the British with help from some very clever Poles (Rejewski, Rozycki and Zygalski) developed another machine, the Bombe, which helped to decypher the Enigma code more quickly.

Today, with communication faster and easier than ever, we must remain diligent to security. Don't get caught in the slipstream!

One of the themes at this year's Out of the Slipstream conference will therefore be to focus on various aspects of security that relate to the use of Cache and similar technologies today. Our speakers will share with you their valuable experience and insight into the latest developments in technology, making the most of the latest innovations whilst remaining vigilant to security issues.

Allied Technologies

Our customers use a wide array of technologies to get their job done. The following technologies are commonly used by our community and you'll meet people knowledgeable about all of these at the conference:

Caché - Ensemble - GT.M - Serenji - eXtc - EWD - ZEN - PHP
VC/m - Umlanji - XSL - XML - M21 - MI5 - REST - VistA - PIP

Who Should Attend?

The conference is aimed at anyone who already uses Caché or similar technologies and those who are interested in what these technologies can offer.


The Bombe
The conference is being held at Bletchley Park, National Codes Centre, the historic site of secret British codebreaking activities during WWII and birthplace of the modern computer.

The Mansion
Bletchley Park
Sherwood Drive
Milton Keynes