Photo by Sally Qiaoxin Zhen

Photo by Sally Qiaoxin Zhen

I write things, I make things,
Design things, create things;
I code and translate things
And move things and shake things.

Hi, my name is Mingyu ('ming-yoo', or '-yü' if you can wrangle it) and this is my project box. Right now I'm focusing on making apps and music, but I'll always have a bunch of ongoing side projects from all over the place.

I love listening to people talk about their work, and indeed that's how I learnt much of what I know - by googling and seeing how other people solved their problems. You guesed it, this website will be mostly me talking about what I've done and how I did it. If you came here via a search engine (hello Google, Baidu, Yahoo, AOL and Bing users) and didn't find your answer, feel free to email me for details.


After a decade of prowling the interwebs, I've finally decided to set up semi-permanent camp. Behold my shiny new official brain dump weblog blog.

Not entirely

When I'm done sharpening pencils and counting pixels, I shuffle over to Twitter for a bit of harmless babbling. It's probably the most up-to-date of my online profiles...life has been hectic since I joined a startup.