How to make your own 3D Minecraft font logo in GIMP

How to make your own 3D Minecraft font logo in GIMP

How to make your own 3D Minecraft font logo in GIMP

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So I was doing this Minecraft-themed side project and wanted to make a custom Minecraft logo. I learnt the basics from Chris Voith's video, but it was a bit simplistic so I tweaked it until I was happy with the result. Since text-based tutorials on this topic are scarce, I've written one up for your convenience. (Beware: fiddly content ahead.)

(Web devs / modders / server admins - remember to read the Minecraft Brand Guidelines.)


Get Set...


  1. Press T to activate the 'text' tool, set your font to Minecraft z2font, your colour to light grey and write out your text in CAPITAL LETTERS (you won't get the cool cracked effect with lowercase).
  2. Press Shift+P to activate the 'perspective' tool. Drag the two upper corners of the text inward. The official logo slants inward by about 30°.
  3. Duplicate this layer and place the copy (FOOBAR #1) under the original (FOOBAR). (To do this, click on the 'duplicate' button, then the 'lower' button in the 'layers' sidebar.) Still on the new layer, press M for the 'move' tool, click on the text, and press (down arrow). This makes the copy 1 pixel lower than the original.
  4. Duplicated this layer (FOOBAR #1) and place the copy (FOOBAR #2) underneath. Press M, click on text, press (down arrow) then (right arrow). Press Shift+T to bring up the 'scale' tool. Make sure the little chain icon is linked, then click in the 'width' box and press (down arrow) twice. What this step does is make a centred layer that is exactly 1 pixel lower and 2 pixels narrower than the previous one.
  5. Repeat step 4 20~25 times until the thickness of the text looks about right. Yeah, this is the fiddly part.
  6. Go up the layer list and click on the 'eye' button to turn off the first layer (FOOBAR). Click on the second layer (FOOBAR #1), press Shift+O to activate the 'select by colour' tool, then click on the text to select all the grey parts. Press Ctrl+. to fill this layer with your background colour, white. This layer makes the finished logo look more 3D by adding highlights.
  7. Turn off the first two layers (FOOBAR, FOOBAR #1) and the background layer, then press Ctrl+M to merge all visible layers. Change your foreground colour to dark grey. Press Shift+O, select text, then press Ctrl+, to fill the layer with dark grey.
  8. Turn on the first three layers (FOOBAR, FOOBAR #1, FOOBAR #20) and press Ctrl+M to merge all visible layers. You should now have just one text layer and one background layer.
  9. Press U to activate the 'fuzzy select' tool, click on an empty space right next to the text, then press Ctrl+I to invert selection. With the text selected, click on Edit > Stroke Selection, set line width to 2 pixels, and click 'Stroke'.
  10. Click on Image > Autocrop Image to shave off the excess, press Shift+Ctrl+E to export to PNG, and Steve's your uncle!

Ok, now someone do a pure CSS tutorial.

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