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A soffit is the covering between the outer edges of a roof and the adjacent wall of the house. A fascia plays the role of lending a sense of aesthetics to the roof. However, both these structures do more than just enhancing the attractiveness of the roof - they protect the roof from weather damage. Fascias and soffits keeps out the moisture from seeping into the walls of your home. They help in preventing rot and growth of mould in your house.

If you want to install new fascias and soffits or fix any damage, call the specialists at SMB Services for roofing solutions in Amersham and Chiltern.

Prevent your roof and home from moisture damage

  • All aspects of gutter repair

  • Downspouts and connectors

  • Gutter covers and guards

  • Smooth flow of rain water

  • Unclogging gutter channel

  • Air circulation in the attic with a vented soffit

  • Fascia installation and replacement

  • Protection from weather damage and moisture

  • Gutter installation and roof cleaning services

Guttering services and more for a clean and dry roof

If you want to protect your property from weather damage, don't neglect your gutters, fascias and soffits.

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