City of Sayre Due To Receive Large Settlement

September 4, 2018

By Paragon News Director Paul Joseph –

The City of Sayre is due to receive a hefty settlement as the result of a recently settled district court case.

According to a story in the Beckham County Record, the city’s industrial governing body, the Sayre Industrial Authority, took CoreCivic, formerly known as CCA, the Corrections Corporation of America to court for non-payment of municipal impact fees dating back to November of 2004.

CoreCivic, a company out of Nashville, Tennessee that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers, owns North Fork Correctional Center located on the east side of Sayre. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections now leases the facility from CoreCivic.

The story in the Beckham County Record reports that the two parties reached a settlement whereas the Sayre Industrial Authority, or SIA, would receive a maximum of $975-thousand dollars and an additional $34-thousand a month for 39 consecutive months for the period of April 2018 through June of 2021.

According to an original agreement between the SIA and CCA, the prison company would pay a set amount of telephone system revenues. The original agreement was amended in October of 2007 and was fulfilled by CCA until the loss of a contract between CCA and the California Department of Corrections whose prisoners filled North Fork Correctional. The lack of contract for prisoners closed the prison in 2015 and the facility sat empty until the Oklahoma DOC worked out it’s contract with CCA in May of 2016.

SIA, reportedly, claimed that CCA didn’t re-initiate the phone revenue payments. CCA claimed that the beds weren’t filled with their prisoners. The stand off led to the suit and the recent settlement.

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