Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Developing the Fire Shutter range is yet another example of innovative product design and development, with four types of fire shutters to cover both commercial and industrial use.

Our shutters were successfully tested to BS476 Part 22 1987 and the latest EN 1634-1 with approval and certification for up to four hours' fire protection.

Commercial Fire Shutter

In the past, choosing a fire shutter has been about selecting the right one for job. Commercial Fire Shutter to enable the aesthetics of the application to be taken into consideration.
Ideal for receptions and serveries, for example, the clean lines and internal motor provide stylish solutions to fire safety demands and regulations.

Industrial Fire Shutter

This fire shutter is designed to provide a heavy duty solution for industry and is a popular option for a wide range of industrial applications.
Safety features of this fire shutter include a speed safe gearbox which provides controlled descent on receipt of a fire signal.

So if you’re looking for proven quality and built-in reliability when it comes to meeting fire safety demands in an industrial environment, the Industrial Fire Shutter fits the bill every time.

Electrial Supply

415v, 3 phase Neutral & Earth
240v, 1 phase

      Optional Extras

    • Auto Reset Solenoid Release
    • FDI/Audio-Visual Warning
    • UPS/Battery Back Up
Fire Shutter Before The Test      Fire Shutter During The Test