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Burlap Sacks - Hessian Sacks - Jute Sacks - Sack Racing Sacks

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Hessian Jute Sacks New and Used

Hessian Burlap Jute - Cloth

Burlap is an ancient Name/Description of Hessian

Jute is another Name commonly used for Hessian or Burlap, but is in fact a lot thicker (13oz) than Hessian/Burlap. Made from the same plant and processed the same way as Hessian/Burlap - which comes in three grades. It is used for making Sacks for Coffee, Rice, Animal Feed, Spices and other dry products.

7oz Hessian/Burlap is a loose weave fabric and mostly used for coal, ore, potatoes and other similarly sized products.

10oz Industrial Hessian/Burlap - is a tight weave fabric and comes in two grades - rough - and refined. The rough fabric is used for sacking, harvesting bales and other applications were appearance is not of importance but a certain density and strength is required.

10oz Refined - fabric is used for Shopping, Drawstring, Tote, Gift, Goodie bags, decor, shoes, hats.....basically wherever appearance matters. Refined Hessian/Burlap is the least dusty of the three grades. The thread used for weaving this fabric is fine and gives the fabric it's neat appearance. It is also used for lamination giving the fabric stability and making it waterproof.

All three grades are natural - eco friendly - renewable - plant derived - biodegradable - fabrics!


7oz Hessian - Burlap - Jute Sacks

Potato - Coal - Ore - Sacks

Hessian, Jute, Burlap, Potato, Grain, Feed, Sand, Grain, Seed, Coffee, Sack, Race, Racing, Potato, Potatoes, Multipurpose, Rice, Sack, Sacks, Bag, Bags

13 oz Jute Burlap Hessian Sacks -

Burlap - Hessian - Sacks 50kg Sack 62x90cms \ 80kg Sack 67x112cm

Jute| 13oz| 50kg| 80kg| Sack| Sacks| Bag| Bags

10oz Industrial Hessian Burlap Jute

Sacks - Burlap Sacks - Jute Sacks - Grain - Seed - Feed Sacks

Hessian, Jute, Burlap, Jute, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 80kg, Potato, Grain, Feed, Sand, Grain, Seed, Coffee, Sack, Race, Racing, Potato, Potatoes, Multipurpose, Rice, Sack, Sacks, Bag, Bags

10oz Industrial Hessian / 13oz Jute

Burlap Sacks - Coffee Bags - Coffee Sacks


13 oz Jute / 10oz Industrial Hessian Burlap Sacks

Grain - Feed - Shipping - Multi purpose Sacks

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Sack| Sacks| Bag| Bags| Multipurpose| Eco| Eco-friendly| Biodegradable

Used 10oz Industrial Hessian - Jute - Burlap

Sack Race Sacks - Sack racing Sacks

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Sack| Racing| Bags| Sacks| Sack| Bag| Eco| Biodegradable

10oz Industrial Hessian - Burlap - Jute Sandbags

international standard sized Sandbags - size has changed to 40x70cm

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Sand| Bags| Sacks| Bag| Bags| Eco| Biodegradable

13oz Jute Sacks

used plain/printed bags are occasionally available


10oz Natural Refined Hessian

Burlap- Jute - Drawstring Gift - Goodie - Seed Bags

Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Drawstring| Seed| Gift| Goodie| Seed| Bags| Bag| Eco| Biodegradable| Eco-friendly

10oz Natural Refined Laminated Hessian

Burlap- Jute - Shopping - Tote - Bags


Hessian| Burlap| Jute| Laminated| Shopping| Tote| Conference| Bags| Bag| Eco| Eco-friendly

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Hessian Bag - Hessian Bags

Hessian Sack - Hessian Sacks

Burlap Bag - Burlap Bags

Burlap Sack - Burlap Sacks

Jute Bag - Jute Bags

Jute Sack - Jute Sacks

Sack Race

Hessian Grain Bag - Hessian Grain Bags

Hessian Grain Sack- Hessian Grain Sacks

Burlap Grain Bag - Burlap Grain Bags

Burlap Grain Sack - Burlap Grain Sacks

JUte Grain Bag - Jute Grain Bags

Jute Grain Sack - Jute Grain Sacks

Hessian Coffee Bag - Hessian Coffee Bags

Hessian Coffee Sack - Hessian Coffee Sacks

Burlap Coffee Bag - Burlap Coffee Bags

Burlap Coffee Sack - Burlap Coffee Sacks

Jute Coffee Bag - Jute Coffee Bags

Jute Coffee Sack - Jute Coffee Sacks

Hessian Feed Bag - Hessian Feed Bags

Hessian Feed Sack Hessian Feed Sacks

Burlap Feed Bag - Burlap Feed Bags

Burlap Feed Sack - Burlap Feed Sacks

Jute Feed Bag - Jute Feed Bags

Jute Feed Sacks - Jute Feed Sacks

Hessian Potato Bag - Hessian Potato Bags

Hessian Potato Sack - Hessian Potato Sacks

Burlap Potato Bag - Burlap Potato Bags

Burlap Potato Sack - Burlap Potato Sacks

Jute Potato Bag - Jute Potato Bags

Jute Potato Sack - Jute Potato Sacks

Hessian Bag 50kg - Hessian Bags 50kg

Hessian Sack 50kg - Hessian Sacks 50kg

Burlap Bag 50kg - Burlap Bags 50kg

Burlap Sack 50kg - Burlap Sacks 50kg

Jute Bag 50kg - Jute Bags 50kg

Jute Sack 50kg - Jute Sacks 50kg

Hessian Bag 80kg - Hessian Bags 80kg

Hessian Sack 80kg - Hessian Sacks 80kg

Burlap Bag 80kg - Burlap Bags 80kg

Burlap Sack 80kg - Burlap Sacks 80kg

Jute Bag 80kg - Jute Bags 80kg

Jute Sack 80kg - Jute Sacks 80kg

Hessian Sand Bag - Hessian Sand Bags

Hessian Sand Sack - Hessian Sand Sacks

Burlap Sand Bag - Burlap Sand Bags

Burlap Sand Sack - Burlap Sand Sacks

Jute Sand Bag - Jute Sand Bags

Jute Sand Sack - Jute Sand Sacks

Hessian Sack Racing Bag - Hessian Sack Racing Bags

Hessian Sack Racing Sack - Hessian Sack Racing Sacks

Burlap Sack Racing Bag - Burlap Sack Racing Bags

Burlap Sack Racing Sack - Burlap Sack Racing Sacks

Jute Sack Racing Bag - Jute Sack Racing Bags

Jute Sack Racing Sack - Jute Sack Racing Sacks

Used Hessian Bag - Used Hessian Bags

Used Hessian Sack - Used Hessian Sacks

Used Burlap Bag - Use Burlap Bags

Used Burlap Sack - Uses Burlap Sack

Used Jute Bag - Used Jute Bags

Used Jute Sack - Used Jute Sacks

New Hessian Bag - New Hessian Bags

New Hessian Sack - New Hessian Sacks

New Burlap Bag - New Burlap Bags

New Burlap Sack - New Burlap Sacks

New Jute Bag - New Jute Bags

New Jute Sack - New Jute Sacks