5D Castle Theater

Dolphin Cove

Guests with the following conditions

should not experience 5D Castle Theater:

Expectant mothers.

Holding a baby in the arms.

Heart or blood pressure conditions.

Back or neck disorders

Under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Motion sickness or dizziness.

Strobe Lights.

Smoke, Fire and Fog effects.


Motion Seat

Guests should not ride if they have any other

Health condition that could get worse due to the ride.

Welcome to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Are you ready to discover our secrets? Head over to the 5D Castle Theater to see all our wonders on display. With seating for over 1,000, the cinema features one of the largest curved screens in the world, bringing you an exciting sensory experience! Take your place on the dynamic seat and go on an amazing adventure with KaKa. Experience the thrills and spills as you soar into the sky and dive into the ocean! In April 2017, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s 5D Castle Theater won the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement, presented by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).

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