Beheshti Jeor in Bengla; This is a famous book written by Allama Ashraf Ali Thanovi. Translated to Bengali by Maolana Shamsul Haque Faridpuri R. This is the book of practice of Islamic life. Here you can get the solution for the day to day knowledge of islamic activities. How to get preparation for prayer. How to keep yourself clean. Screenshot_3There are so many Masael (askings) toward Muslim scholars.

In this app we have included TWO Volumes of the book. All are typed in text mode. So the user can get most of the comfort. Also the app is published in Windows Universal type, so you can get it in your mobile, tab and computer at the same time.

The application is very easy to play. We have used less complex programming and usage of it from Microsoft

Hope everybody can get the benefit from this app.