every fucking youtube comment lately is like

“ur so negative”

“your so hateful”

omfg eat a huge bag of dicks like fucking its call passion and a dead pan voice. Like I’m sorry i have opinions on shit that doesn’t involve patting people on the goddamn back all the time. Holy fuck someone whos an artist has an opinion on art wow who wouldve known

I’m stressing out about this fucking school bill, I dont want to ask my mom for money but I think I’m gonna have to ugh god fuck me

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lol tumblr is so embarrassing with the “make all characters fat” thing like fuckin

ur whole goal is supposed to be all body types not all just fat gender neutral pan sexual characters. fuckin no man

Me:listens to linkin park via naruto amvs*

Me:watches gaara vs rock lee fight 4 times

me: why am I not productive

Trying to figure out what prints to make for San Japan

whist working a page a day on my comic

and now summer school

and fucking youtube

kill me ugh

ugh my brother is fukcing annoying me with his pointless drama

like if the bitch cheated on you then break up with her, she clearly doesnt respect you, dont act like some sniveling baby to try to get a piece of shit back. fuckin idiot is killin my buzz

the tablecloth i want is like 40$ but it includes a table skirt so im debating, I shouldnt be spending money I dont have but goddamn

also cant decide on a color ughh

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God I hate my brother so fucking much like fuck him I seriously hope he fucking dies I shouldn’t have to put up with him ugh

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holly brown in : I am not a 3d animator does that even look 3d you stupid fucks